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Unique Waterbike on Luxury Yachts


The superyacht rental market is highly competitive.  Owners look for new aquasport toys to add to their onboard inventory daily.   One of our readers contacted us after a boat show. He saw a unique toy there that he knew we would like.  We think it catches the attention of the charter industry.



The Foiljet MR1 is a new personal watercraft.  It combines the features of a motocross bike and a jetski.  The bike is built on a two hydrofoil platform.  It features a silent, energy efficient electric motor.  his wacky new toy looks to be a surefire recipe for outrageous fun.

Photograph of a person wearing a helmet and riding a hydrofoil water bike on a lake. The bike is lime green. The helmet is silver. The guy looks like he is riding a motorcycle. There is a big wave kicking up behind him.  There is another person riding on a red one in the background.

Foiljet MR1 Hydrofoil Motocross Waterbike Yacht Charter Toy

The design looks like a motocross bike.  Instead of motorcycle wheels, there are thin beams with hydrofoil wings. These are mounted at the ends of the wings, and they can be raised or lowered.  The Foiljet employs a 15 kW (20 hp) electric motor. It is housed at the end of the rear beam.  The motor delivers the electric torque that lifts the craft out of the water.
Since most charter clients prefer the relative safety of playing in shallow water, the Foiljet beams can be raised at the flick of a switch, allowing the rider to stay closer to the water’s surface.

The electric motor runs off a 48V battery that delivers about three hours of full load running.  After that, it’s back to the mothership for lunch and cocktails while the Foiljet battery recharges for another run!
Still in the prototype stage, the designers are hopeful the toy will catch on – especially with eco-friendly yacht owners. Hydrofoils produce relatively no wake and the electric propulsion system is nearly silent. 
While many bays and harbors visited during Mediterranean yacht charter holidays restrict the use of noisy personal watercraft such as waverunners, the developers of the Foiljet MR1 are confident there silent, eco-friendly new toys will be permitted in most waterways.  Are you a superyachting eco-hero?  Isn’t it time you pampered yourself and chartered a yacht that is also good to the planet?


When you rent a private yacht for hire, make sure it is loaded with exciting watertoys for the entire family.  Ask the experts at 1-800 Yacht Charters to share with you a selection of well-equipped charter vessels.

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