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IFB 2016 (International Festival for Business 2016) is a global marketplace for creating connections and making deals. It brings together thousands of businesses from around the world for three weeks of events, networking and deal-making. A central meeting point for the world’s business community, IFB offers an unrivalled platform for companies to meet their international peers, great business thinkers and entrepreneurs and to explore new export opportunities and grow their global network. Held in Liverpool from 13 June to 1 July 2016, UK, IFB presents a biennial opportunity for businesses of every size to expand their horizons: offering new ideas, opening up new markets and realizing global potential.

This event was so productive in 2014 that 300 million pounds of investments and deals were made at the event in 2014, and 10,000 jobs were created.

IFB 2016 in June will contain such events as the is the World Broadband Alliance’s Wi-Fi Global Congress 2016. It is the world’s leading wi-fi event for the world’s leading telecoms providers, and is a crucial meeting place for individuals and organisations driving carrier wi-fi keeping professionals one step ahead on technology, trends and key players.

The much respected ACCELERATE event also returns in 2016, providing a unique accelerator for growth, motivation and an opportunity to connect businesses. Designed to help businesses think smarter, connect to a wider audience and grow companies, ACCELERATE 2016 brings together high profile, entrepreneurial keynote speakers from different business sectors to inspire delegates wanting to kick-start their business or take current business to the next level. EEF, which represents over 200,000 UK manufacturing businesses, is proposing to deliver a seminar on the “Future of Manufacturing” targeting UK-based manufacturers wanting to gain interest from an international market as it explores the next wave of transformation likely to change UK manufacturing. It will debate the opportunities and challenges that may face manufacturers over the next two decades.

Who attends IFB2016? Business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs from over 90 countries.