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Bali Yacht Charter Chef Makes Foodie Tiramasu

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Travel is a way of life for Chef Jorge Valderrama. He holds culinary diplomas from schools in Santiago and Lima, Peru.  His career is punctuated by working and training in diverse destinations. For instance,


  • South America
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore


However, he never forgets he is from Peru.  Jorge has a great interest in Peruvian and Latin American cuisine.

“I feel very identified with Latin American cuisines, and always enjoy sharing the flavors and memories of my past.”                                                                                                                                                                            Jorge Valderrama



Now, Jorge is the chef onboard Bali yacht charter vessel DUNIA BARU. This is a wooden 51 meter motor-sailor built in 2014.  It is designed in the traditional Indonesian Phinisi style.  Accordingly, Phinisi yachts are wide and stable for cruising in comfort.  This wooden superyacht accommodates 14 guests in 7 spacious and well-appointed staterooms.


Photograph of a chef on a wooden sailboat. He is in the galley. He is standing over a frying pan, and is is smiling. He is wearing a beige short-sleeved t-shirt.

Jorge is proud to incorporate locally-sourced Balinese foods into his menus.

“When cooking I always prioritize using the best and freshest product available.  This enables me to create a diverse and creative menu while catering towards guests’ preferences.”



We present his recipe for Bali-inspired Tiramisu, as an illustration of Jorge’s talents.

“This is a simple tiramisu recipe which I’ve modified using some local ingredients from Bali’s markets. The use of palm sugar adds a toffee like flavor which blends very well with the coffee and creamy cheese mix.”




200 gram package lady finger biscuits

2 tbsp. bitter cocoa powder


  • SOAK:

2 cups strong brewed balinese coffee (Balikopi)

Two tablespoons coconut arak

2 tbsp. coconut sugar



1 cup mascarpone cheese

¾ cup cream cheese

½ cup palm sugar, shaved and dissolved in ½ cup of boiling water until thick.



Whisk together mascarpone and cream cheese. Keep whisking and slowly add the thick palm sugar syrup until the mix is smooth. Keep mix in the fridge.



Mix all soak ingredients and keep aside.


Lay down lady fingers on a baking tray until creating an even layer.


Spoon the soak mix on the lady fingers until evenly soaked but not too much to avoid breaking.



A thick layer of the filling

Another layer of lady fingers and repeat the soaking process

The rest of the filling on top


Sprinkle cocao powder on top and keep in the fridge for 3 hours before serving.




Plate and ENJOY!!!



The Superyacht Experience™ (created by 1-800 Yacht Charters) includes wonderful meals, prepared by talented chefs, using fresh, local ingredients wherever possible…

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Summer Discount on Heesen Superyacht IRISHA

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We’re ready to put a summer discount of €30,000 in your pocket.  What do you have to do?  Just go yachting!

The owner of motor yacht IRISHA slashed the weekly charter rate for a great deal.  Save €30,000 right now.  Her rate was €280,000 per week.  Now the rate is €250,000 per week.

This is a temporary discount – so please hurry!


Motoryacht IRISHA underway. She currently offers a summer discount available for yacht charter vacations



The 2018 superyacht is 51 meters. Heesen yachts in Holland built the vessel.  She accommodates 10 guests in 5 staterooms.



First,  the VIP stateroom converts into a full-beam suite.  Second, the “Winter Garden” is an exterior space with interior weather.  It can be heated or cooled.  Third, the main dining table converts to seat 22 guests.  This is perfect for entertaining during Special Events.



Another awesome favorite feature is her large sundeck bar with a TV screen.




The home port for yacht IRISHA is Portisco, Sardinia.  The yacht is licensed as a “Pleasure vessel.” She cruises under the “YET” Scheme (Yacht Engaged in Trade).  YET means charters must start in French waters.  The yacht may cruise and end in French or Italian waters. There are no delivery fees if the charter starts in Bonifacio or Porto Vecchio.



The Principal Charterer must be a non-EU resident.  He or she can be an EU national.  A non-EU address is required on the charter contract. Furthermore, Monaco is fiscally counted as part of the EU. Thus, the Principal Charterer cannot be a Monaco resident.




In summary, your charter must start in French waters.  Additionally, you can start in Monaco or Corsica. Thereafter, you can cruise and disembark in Italian waters.  Finally, the Principal Charterer must be a non-EU resident.



Active families loves luxury yacht charter vacations.  Are you ready to get wet and wild?

There are many toys onboard.  For example, have fun racing on the stand-up jet ski, or 3-person waverunner.  After that, get towed behind the 6.77m Ribeye RIB.  Additional toys include a wakeboard, inflatable ring, and waterskis.




For more information on this superyacht with a summer discount, click



To book your charter and save €30,000, CLICK right now.  No obligation. Let’s get the ball rolling!  Leave Covid-19 and Quarantine in your wake!  Make NEW memories!

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Superyacht Builder Takeover of Perini Navi

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Milano Finanza, Italy’s financial newspaper, reports yacht builder Perini Navi has filed for bankruptcy protection.

The move is hardly surprising, or unexpected.  The company has negative EBITDA of €25 million.  Debt between banks and suppliers is estimated at €55 million.

What is a bit of a surprise?  A buyout might be cultivated with rival local yard, Sanlorenzo.



The newspaper states Sanlorenzo seeks a 70% controlling stake in Perini Navi.  To achieve this, the majority shareholder (the Tabacchi family) will dilute their ownership.  Their stake will drop from 74% to 30%



To begin with, a new company will be created.  After that, a cash infusion of €40 million will be needed.  Simultaneously,  Sanlorenzo will inject €30 million, and the Tabacchi family will put up €10 million.




Perini Navi Chairman Edoardo Tabacchi is probably eager to close a deal.  However, there are many hurdles.

First, the Italian courts must formalize the bankruptcy. Second, the deal requires the consent of creditors.  Third, the deal could be challenged as a local monopoly.

Both yards are based in Viareggio.  Local union FIOM Tuscany is concerned about the plan.  In particular, the union questions the impact of such a monopoly within Viareggio.  They want a review of local concessions.



It’s hard to challenge the success of Sanlorenzo.  In 2019, they went public with an IPO.  Year end reports were strong. New motor yacht sales up 39.3% compared to 2018.  EBITDA up 73.4% compared to fiscal 2018.

Even so, can Sanlorenzo succeed in the sailing yacht sector?  Consider Perini Navi is ranked #1 in the top 5 sailing superyacht builders.  Traditionally, in the superyacht market, 5 times as many motoryachts are built as compared to sailing yachts.



Even so, Chairman Massimo Perotti remains positive:

“Sailing yachts are the sustainable future…the wind is completely clean and completely free.”

Perotti might be correct.  According to Boat International,

“(in 2019) We also recorded some welcome news for the sailing sector this year, with the numbers of 24-metre-plus sailing yachts ordered or under construction increasing by 15.7 per cent over last year. The number of projects – 59 – is still way down on the 10-year high of 95 in 2014, but any uptick in interest in sailing is welcome.”



Perini Navi defines private luxury yacht charter for sailors.  For instance, sail yacht SELENE, and sailing vessel PERSEUS 3, and BRAVO’s Below Deck’s sailboat, PARSIFAL III.  Of course, there is also the most famous sail yacht on the planet, the superyacht MALTESE FALCON.


Aerial photo of 3-masted sailboat, Maltese Falcon, underway. Center sail has a black flying falcon logo on it. Hull of yacht is dark against waves lapping at side of yacht. The statue of liberty and Ellis Island is in the backround


Hopefully, the name will live on…



Do you prefer sail or power?  Why?  Please comment below!

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Yachtsman Uses Medical Background To Help Hospital Workers

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Avid yachtsman Gregory Kutsen is the owner of Mantus Marine.  His company manufactures and sells nautical items.  For instance, boat anchors, boat lights, SCUBA gear, and other products. Mantus Marine products are found on many luxury yacht charter vessels.

Kutsen’s goal is to make everyone’s boating experience more enjoyable and safer.

“We constantly look at new ways of solving existing problems.”                               Gregory Kutsen



Apparently, Kutsen’s company mission goes beyond the marine industry.  Greg Kutsen, nautical business owner, is also Dr. Greg Kutsen, MD.  Kutsen is an emergency room physician in Houston Texas.  There’s a critical shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) in his community.  As a result, Kutsen and Mantus Marine are shifting from building anchors.  Now, they convert snorkel masks into PPE medical devices to address the shortage!

Kutsen sees firsthand the importance of medical equipment to protect the hospital workers in Texas.

“I work as an ER Doctor so the shortage and the need for PPE was very clear (amid the COVID-19 pandemic).”  



Mantus Marine has several innovative solutions to address the needs of health care professionals and hospitals.  They use 3D printers to convert snorkel masks into BiPAP ventilator masks. They also design and produce acrylic intubation shields.


Photo of a chinese man standing in a hospital corridor. He is looking at the camera. He is wearing blue scrubs. He is wearing a light blue snorkel mask that has been retrofitted as a mask and ventilator to use by first responders for the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.


The masks and shields are donated to local emergency rooms and ICUs in the Houston area.

Simultaneously, the anchor manufacturer addresses the immediate shortages of PPE in health care systems. A recent media article states

“…(using their connections with) international supply chains…Mantus Marine purchased over 1.5 million surgical masks, 100,000 *KN95 masks, and 70,000 face shields to help supply hospitals across the state, including the Memorial Hermann and Methodist Hospital systems in Houston and regional hospitals and clinics in the Dallas area.”


N95 VS. KN95 Masks

Yes, you read it* correctly in the quote.  Masks donated were KN95 (not N95) masks.  KN95 masks are made in China and have a different fit than N95 masks, among a few other differences.  Both are authorized for use during the Covid-19 pandemic.  For more information about the differences in KN95 and N95, click here.



Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters and her team are proud to acknowledge Dr. Gregory Kutsen and Mantus Marine.   These heroes solve problems and make a difference.  Both on sea and on land.  APPLAUSE AND GRATITUDE.

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