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“Having the Best Time…” on Motor Yacht ‘H – [Video]

motoryacht H benetti aerial view showing jacuzzi on top deck of yacht

  When your clients are accustomed to +70 meter superyachts for their private luxury yacht charter vacations, you should probably think twice about recommending a 40 meter yacht for their next getaway… Unless that 40 meter vessel is motor yacht ‘H with Captain Phil Frost at the helm. About three weeks ago, good friends of […]

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Award-Winning Interior Design Captured In Yacht SEALYON Video

Aerial photo of motoryacht SEALYON underway

Award-Winning Style Back in 2009, when motor yacht SEALYON was first launched (her name at the time was yacht CANDYSCAPE II), we remember saying, “This yacht has, ‘it’“ – that exceptional fusion of glamour, design, and quality. As it turned out, we were not alone in our praise of the Espen Øino-designed superyacht, built by Italy’s […]

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Unique Name/Look Helps Benetti Yacht 11-11 [Video] Stand Out  

GO AHEAD AND ASK… Hardly a week goes by that someone doesn’t ask us one of two common questions about charter yacht 11-11:   What does the name mean?   or…   Why is the bow flat?     WHAT’S IN A NAME? As to the first question, the name has a dual meaning.  Primarily, […]

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Video Of Charter Yacht SuRi In Raja Ampat Islands

Helicopter landing on motoryacht SuRi's deck

OK, we’ll admit it – when Dee Kraley, manager of motor yacht SuRi, first invited us onboard the former oil rig supply boat, we were skeptical. Was it really possible to take an old ship built in 1978 by Halter Marine, cut her in half to extend her overall length from the middle, and transform her […]

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Is a Private Luxury Yacht Charter Vacation Right for You?

Aerial photo of yacht at anchor with an inflatable slide coming down from the top deck. Multiple jetskis and tenders are racing around in the water around the boat. The water is clear and turquoise.

We’ve all seen the images – a silhouette of a sailing yacht, lying at anchor near a secluded beach, the sun setting in the background; or the massive superyachts docked side-by-side in a marina along the Côte d’Azur.  It’s not hard to imagine you and your family inserted in those yachting images, enjoying la belle […]

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Experience Rugged Greenland & Beyond Onboard Yacht LEGEND

Woman in white bikini and arms raised in air standing on snow in front of motoryacht LEGEND

ADVENTURE & LUXURY – HAND IN HAND The hottest trend in yachting will continue this summer, as motor yacht LEGEND joins a growing  fleet of luxury yacht charter vessels forgoing the Mediterranean for extreme Arctic and Northern Europe adventures.     On the heels of a winter expedition to Antarctica, the 77 meter Icon yacht LEGEND […]

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Expect Tax Hike On Your Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Vacation

Doing any boating this spring in the Virgin Islands?  If you are, plan on bringing a few extra bucks with you (or…take a money-saving tip from our company President, Jana Sheeder).   This will be the first spring yachting season since the BVI enacted new legislation in 2017, increasing cruising taxes. Here’s a breakdown of […]

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Future Home For Miami Yacht Show To Better Showcase Luxury Yacht Charter Vessels

Sunset photo of dock of superyachts at Miami Yacht Show with underwater lighting under each yacht

  Wow, this news couldn’t come at a better time… After navigating the congested roads and waterways of Miami Beach the past 4 days at the 2018 Miami Yacht Show, we’re thrilled to announce the show will relocate to the mainland – near downtown Miami, for the 2019 installment of the annual event! Pending state […]

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Miami Yacht Show Gives Yacht Charter Maven Leg Up On The Competition

Jana Sheeder leans on side of Jupiter yacht as it races along Miami skyline at sunset

ADVANTAGE, SHEEDER… There’s an old saying in football – when your team is on offense, “take what the defense gives you.”  In other words, make the most of the opportunities that come your way. No one understands that mentality more than our head honcho – Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters. Every President’s Day […]

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New Croatia Yacht Charter VAT Regulations

Photo of harbor full of anchored sailboat hulls

    BACKGROUND Back in January, 2014, we alerted our clients to new rules regarding a VAT increase imposed on Croatia yacht charter rentals.  At that time, the government increased the VAT rate from 10 % to 13%, to help combat the country’s economic woes. To offset this tax burden, we encouraged our clients to […]

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