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Destination Italy: Where is Sardinia?

Photograph of a secluded cove in Sardinia. View from the top of a rocky cliff, looking down into a cove with turquoise water and beach.

SO WHERE IS SARDINIA?   Sardinia has been on everyone’s radar for the past few weeks.  First, we heard how Steven Spielberg, with Gwyneth Paltrow in tow, ran afoul of the local authorities as the tender to his superyacht, motoryacht SEVEN SEAS cruised too close to island beachgoers.   PERINI NAVI YACHT CHARTER FLEET Then, we reported […]

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Destination Caribbean: Where is St Barts?

Photograph of Jay Z and Beyonce on a boat ride. JayZ is wearing a blue and white horizontally striped short sleeved shirt and white pants. Beyonce is wearing a white tank top and her long hair is down. Jay-Z is waving to the camera. Beyonce is smiling.

BEYONCE AND JAY-Z RENT PRIVATE YACHTS     Want to experience a Caribbean yacht charter like a celebrity?  Then look no further than the exclusive island of Saint Barthélemy, better known as St Barts. BEAUTIFUL ST. BARTS Why is St Barts so popular?  It is always sunny with very little rain. The tiny island has […]

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Lionfish Invasion Strategy – Eat ‘Em!

Lionfish photograph. The fish is swimming toward the left of the screen. The blurred background is coral rock on a bed of sand.

WHAT IS WITH THE LIONFISH INVASION?   THE LIONFISH  We see great menus on Caribbean yacht charter boats.  We are not sure this next recipe hits with yacht charter chefs, however. Florida marine conservationists have a simple “recipe.”   They say, EAT the lionfish!   WHERE ARE LIONFISH  FOUND? With few natural predators, Lionfish rapidly spread throughout the […]

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Floating Office | Working Vacations on Large Yachts

Aerial photograph of a man in a black suit and red tie, floating on a large blue raft in a pool. He is wearing sunglasses, talking on a cellphone, and using a laptop that sits in his lap. There are palm tree branches overhead. The blog is about floating offices on superyachts, so the photo ties into the water theme.

The working vacation: one report estimates that 30% of employees do office work while on vacation. Sure, you can call it an oxymoron, but in reality, many corporate executives mix business with pleasure when spending time away from the office. Increasingly, the largest yachts available for luxury mega yacht charter are being designed with the  business […]

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India’s Affluent Turning To Yacht Ownership

Profile photo of multiple solid white powerboats at anchor. They are staggered, with the one at the bottom of the photograph being furthest to the left of the photo, and the one at the center of the photo being furthest to the right side of the picture. There is a bright blue sky and calm dark blue water

YACHT INDIA Recent reports in the Indian press indicate changes.  Specifically, a new yachting culture has hit Indian shores. Globe-trotting Indians are starting to flaunt express cruisers and speedboats. These are the new symbols of wealth.  In addition, families are renting large yachts for vacations together. THE NEXT LUXURY ITEM Malav Shroff of Mumbai-based Mahindra […]

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Do Yacht Charter Vacations Cast a Spell?

Photograph of a pile of tan colored scrabble board game pieces with black letters and their values superimposed beneath the letters. The letters Q and R appear in the stack. The words, "How Do You Spell That," are overlaid on the photo. This phrase is in orange with white letters outlined in black.

Funny enough, yes, yacht charters typically cast a spell on guests.  They choose yachting as their favorite vacation.  In addition, they repeat the vacation often! As far as spelling?   There are many uncommon terms used in the yacht charter industry.  For instance, purser, bosun, and lazarette.  But why do I need to spell them?   […]

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Profile photograph of a yacht at anchor in a quiet harbor. There are mountains covered in mist in the background. The yacht is facing the right side of the photograph. There is a jetski zipping around in the water at the back of the yacht.

RECENT NEWS COVID 19 update from 1-800 Yacht Charters.  In specific, Italian tax authorities have postponed new laws designed to increase VAT on Italian yacht charter vacations. The postponement appears to be in response to the effect of Covid-19 on tourism. Fortunately, private yacht charter vacations remain exempt from the tax increase until November. Accordingly, […]

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COVID 19 UPDATE: Bahamas Closes Borders to Most US Tourists

Three adults jumping into the water off of the swim platform of yacht CARPE DIEM

RECENT NEWS COVID 19 update from 1-800 Yacht Charters.  The Bahamas have again closed their borders to most USA travelers.  The closure is in response to the spike in Covid-19 cases. Fortunately, private yacht charter vacations are exempt. Accordingly, 1-800 Yacht Charters will continue to Deliver the Superyacht Experience™ to their clients.     PRIME […]

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3 Ways To Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Yacht Charter

Four children jumping off of a diving board at the back of a superyacht while parents look on from the back of the boat

Whether on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or the web, just about everyone has seen ads for luxury yacht charter vacations.  Gourmet meals, white glove service, and Ri¢hie Ri¢h toys are the benchmark of these lavish floating resorts. The essence of The Superyacht Experience™ is a passion for discovery, and a longing to reconnect with family and […]

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