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Great Reason For a BVI Yacht Charter Today

Aerial photo of Scrub Island Resort Spa and Marina. Photo shows a blue swimming pool amid beige buildings with shiny metal roofs. There is a marina with boats in the background, and mountains on either side of the back of the photo. The ocean water is deep blue. The sky is blue and full of puffy white clouds.

  HURRICANE IRMA HITS THE CARIBBEAN Hurricane Irma struck the British Virgin Islands in early September, 2017. She left destruction. For instance, a trail of battered yachts, debris-filled beaches, and widespread destruction.   STATE OF THE CARIBBEAN Fast forward 2-plus years.  The island chain is once again as popular as ever as a world-class yacht […]

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Q & A With A Luxury Yacht Charter Chef

Profile photograph of motoryacht SOLO underway. She has a grey hull and white superstructure. She is headed toward the right side of the photograph.

  What makes a luxury yacht charter memorable?  It’s hard to find a consensus among charterers.  For some, it’s all about the destination.  Others appreciate the chance to reconnect with family and friends. Yet almost all returning yacht charter clients comment about the Michelin menus and the jaw-dropping talents of their yacht’s onboard chef. Great […]

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Luxury Yacht Charter Greece Popularity Increase

Close up view of blue and white Greek flag. It is a wavy design, as if the flag is waving. The flag has royal blue and white horizontal stripes and a white cross in the top left corner,incorporated within the blue and white stripes.

GREECE – MORE POPULAR THAN EVER Our summer charter season is over.  The result?  Greece is still a top 5 luxury yacht charter destination. In fact, visiting superyacht arrivals are up 10.75% compared to 2018! There was worry a new Greek cruising tax would scare away business.  Nope!  Charter yachts poured into Corfu, Athens, and […]

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Yacht Amarula Sun To Explore Alaska in 2020

Aerial view of inflatable red and white slide deployed from the top deck of the yacht, Amarula Sun. Jet skis tied behind the boat. The vessel is at anchor in calm, green waters.

ALASKA, HERE WE COME North American and international clients are looking for different summer charter destinations (St. Tropez is sooo last season). One charter yacht owner thinks he has the perfect option.   MOTORYACHT AMARULA SUN The owner of the South Florida-based motor yacht AMARULA SUN has plans.  Briefly, he will relocate his 164 foot luxury […]

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SAVE – Yacht Quaranta Reduced Croatia Charter Prices

Photograph of profile of power catamaran at anchor. Sunset reflection on the side of the boat. Photo taken at "the golden hour."

THE DEAL The Adriatic continues to gain in popularity as a summer vacation destination. The owner of an eco-friendly 30 meter charter yacht hopes to capture some of that business. To accomplish this, he is offering reduced prices. Ultimately, a Croatia yacht charter is the perfect summer vacation.   MANAGEMENT REPORTS SALE The owner’s representatives […]

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Feel Like A Kid Again – On Yacht Amarula Sun

Photograph of a girl sliding down the inflatable red and white slide of motoryacht Amarula Sun. The yacht is red and white, and the slide matches.

  REMEMBER WHEN… Do you remember the last time you slid down a slide and laughed with glee?  I’ll bet you were just a kid.  Those those times on the neighborhood playground with friends.  Special times surely etched in your memory.   THOMAS WOLF The late Thomas Wolf  wrote, “You can’t go back home to […]

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Ready to (yacht) ZOOM x3 INTO SUMMER? [video]

Photograph of young man on waverunner racing by the side of motoryacht ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM. The yacht is facing the upper left side of the photo. The waverunner is headed toward the center right side of the photo.

NEW SPECIAL RATES FOR SUMMER 2019 Move over, slow-poke superyachts!  Why putt along, when you can ZOOM? The 50-meter Trinity yacht ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM offers charter guests an excellent combination of speed, style, and versatility. She’s quick and chic – and reputed as one of the fastest U.S. builds of her pedigree.  M/Y ZOOM ZOOM […]

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Yacht Charter | Indonesia To Close Komodo Island

Photograph of two Komodo dragons on top of a hillside overlooking a waterway. The dragons are next to each other, as if they are hugging.

THE SUMMARY In the news.  News headlines from 2019 are in.  The East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) administration plans to close Komodo National Park.  Plans are to stop visitors for one year.  This is to stop people from stealing its famous dragons. The government plans to curb the illegal poaching of the dragons.  They also want […]

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How To Cut Yacht Charter Taxes In Half

Blue box with text inside of it. The text reads VAT on top in bold white letters. It reads ALERT below the word, vat, but the word, alert, is in normal font, not bolded.

THE CHALLENGE Every summer, hundreds of well-heeled travelers migrate to the Western Mediterranean.  They travel there to enjoy a private yacht luxury charter vacation.  Coastal towns like Nice and St Tropez in France participate.  San Remo and Portofino in Italy also host dozens of superyachts. The boats are packed with charterers from around the world.  […]

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Motor Yacht SOLIS Open For Virgin Islands Yacht Charter – Christmas

Photograph of motoryacht SOLIS at quarter profile. Hull is beige. Superstructure is white. Yacht is at anchor.

BAD NEWS / GOOD NEWS The bad news: The popular Mulder yacht SOLIS is now booked for a New Year’s charter. The good news: She is open for Christmas.  Her owner has waived the 10-night minimum rental requirement.  The yacht will accept a 7-night reservation! This 111 foot award-winning yacht is extremely popular.  She accommodates […]

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