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Yacht Charter in Italy – Where Do We Go?

Photograph of Portofino, Italy marina. Green mountain in the background. Colorful red, yellow, and orange houses along the shoreline. Classic Portofino photograph. Dark turquoise water in harbor. Multiple sailboats and motoyachts anchored in the harbor.

THE SUPERYACHT EXPERIENCE™ IN ITALIA There are 2 primary highlights of cruising the Italian Riviera. They are Portofino and The Cinque Terre.  Everyone knows Portofino.  Cinque Terre is well-deserving of praise, as well. Yacht charter Italy as a destination is popular.   WHERE DO WE GO? Tour the five little towns.  Specifically, Riomaggiore, Manarola, and Corniglia. […]

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Bali Yacht Charter Chef Makes Foodie Tiramasu

Photograph of a chef on a wooden sailboat. He is in the galley. He is standing over a frying pan, and is is smiling. He is wearing a beige short-sleeved t-shirt.

MAN IN MOTION Travel is a way of life for Chef Jorge Valderrama. He holds culinary diplomas from schools in Santiago and Lima, Peru.  His career is punctuated by working and training in diverse destinations. For instance,   South America Australia New Zealand Singapore   However, he never forgets he is from Peru.  Jorge has […]

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Superyacht Builder Takeover of Perini Navi

Perini Navi sailboat aerial photograph. Yacht is coming toward the lower left side of the photo. She has 3 sails deployed and full. Her white sails have both vertical and horizontal lines through them, which are reflections from the masts of the yacht.

PERINI NAVI ON THE ROPES Milano Finanza, Italy’s financial newspaper, reports yacht builder Perini Navi has filed for bankruptcy protection. The move is hardly surprising, or unexpected.  The company has negative EBITDA of €25 million.  Debt between banks and suppliers is estimated at €55 million. What is a bit of a surprise?  A buyout might […]

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Summer Discount on Heesen Superyacht IRISHA

Motoryacht IRISHA underway

HOT DEAL We’re ready to put a summer discount of €30,000 in your pocket.  What do you have to do?  Just go yachting! The owner of motor yacht IRISHA slashed the weekly charter rate for a great deal.  Save €30,000 right now.  Her rate was €280,000 per week.  Now the rate is €250,000 per week. […]

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Yachtsman Uses Medical Background To Help Hospital Workers

Photo of a chinese man standing in a hospital corridor. He is looking at the camera. He is wearing blue scrubs. He is wearing a light blue snorkel mask that has been retrofitted as a mask and ventilator to use by first responders for the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

ANCHORS AWEIGH Avid yachtsman Gregory Kutsen is the owner of Mantus Marine.  His company manufactures and sells nautical items.  For instance, boat anchors, boat lights, SCUBA gear, and other products. Mantus Marine products are found on many luxury yacht charter vessels. Kutsen’s goal is to make everyone’s boating experience more enjoyable and safer. “We constantly […]

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Celebrity NFL Owners’ Superyachts

Photograph of a white yacht. It is facing the right side of the photograph. There is a large headshot photo of the yacht owner superimposed over the top portion of the photo and resting on the yacht

KEEPING IT LIGHT From time to time, we like to take a light-hearted look at the world of yachting.  Yacht names inspired by love is always a hoot.  We still chuckle at the comments we get about our salmon skin blog [Yes, some luxury yacht charter vessels DO use salmon skin for upholstery.  NO, it […]

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Covid-19 UPDATE. Yacht Charter Maven Policy

Photograph of Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters

QUESTION “When these difficult times return to normal, our family is interested in booking a yacht charter for late summer in Greece. We’re worried if unforeseen coronna (sp) virus issues could arise we might be forced to cancel, and we don’t want to lose our deposits. Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves?” […]

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Where Are They Now? Below Deck Yachts

Photograph of 9 members of the Below Deck television series. Everyone is standing with their hands on their hips. All are white shorts or skirts and navy blue shirts. The chef in the photo is wearing all black. The words, Below Deck, with a yellow anchor (the Below Deck logo) is above the crew members. The background of the photo is blue sky and white puffy clouds

IN THE BEGINNING Can you imagine a reality-based TV show that chronicles the lives of crew members who live aboard a luxury yacht charter vessel?  The cameras follow the shipmates as they prepare the yacht for the arrival of their charter clients.  Of course, like all intriguing reality shows, there needs to be plenty of […]

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Yacht Kismet Owner Donates $1M – Covid-19

Superyacht KISMET profile - running - facing the right side of the photo

YACHT OWNER DONATION ANNOUNCEMENT The owner of super yacht KISMET, Floridian Shad Khan, announces a donation of $1 million dollars to help Covid-19 relief efforts. As a result, the funds will be given to several northeast Florida organizations.   WHO IS YACHT KISMET OWNER? Khan is an avid yachtsman and owner of the NFL Jacksonville […]

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