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Profile photograph of a yacht at anchor in a quiet harbor. There are mountains covered in mist in the background. The yacht is facing the right side of the photograph. There is a jetski zipping around in the water at the back of the yacht.

RECENT NEWS COVID 19 update from 1-800 Yacht Charters.  In specific, Italian tax authorities have postponed new laws designed to increase VAT on Italian yacht charter vacations. The postponement appears to be in response to the effect of Covid-19 on tourism. Fortunately, private yacht charter vacations remain exempt from the tax increase until November. Accordingly, […]

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COVID 19 UPDATE: Bahamas Closes Borders to Most US Tourists

Three adults jumping into the water off of the swim platform of yacht CARPE DIEM

RECENT NEWS COVID 19 update from 1-800 Yacht Charters.  The Bahamas have again closed their borders to most USA travelers.  The closure is in response to the spike in Covid-19 cases. Fortunately, private yacht charter vacations are exempt. Accordingly, 1-800 Yacht Charters will continue to Deliver the Superyacht Experience™ to their clients.     PRIME […]

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3 Ways To Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Yacht Charter

Four children jumping off of a diving board at the back of a superyacht while parents look on from the back of the boat

Whether on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or the web, just about everyone has seen ads for luxury yacht charter vacations.  Gourmet meals, white glove service, and Ri¢hie Ri¢h toys are the benchmark of these lavish floating resorts. The essence of The Superyacht Experience™ is a passion for discovery, and a longing to reconnect with family and […]

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New England Yacht Charter – What To Do

Photograph of a marina in Kennebunkport, ME. There is 1 small boat anchored in the calm water. The water looks like glass. Perfect reflection. The marina is surrounded by cute little buildings. One has a big lobster painted on the side in red.

SEPTEMBER ROCKS!  I like September. It is my birth month. College and pro football kick off (Go Miami Hurricanes!).  New episode of my favorite TV shows hit the airwaves. It’s also my favorite time to go boating.  Specifically, New England yacht charter vacations. Late summer means slightly cooler temperatures and fewer crowds. In specific, at the […]

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BELOW DECK cancelled? TV Show Cancellations

Photograph of the back of the sailboat underway. The photo shows part of the name of the sailboat. It says PARSIFAL. The waves are lapping at the bottom of the sailboat as it seemingly sails along. Yacht is featured on bravo television series, Below Deck

HEADS UP! TV IS CHANGING The list of television shows canceled has been released by the networks.  Is Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht on that list?   MANY SHOWS CANCELED No one knows exact reasons for the cancellation of particular shows.  In specific, decreased viewship, lack of political correctness, unpopular storylines?   NOT-SO-GOOD […]

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Dining Etiquette on Yachts | Zigzag Table Manners

Photo taken from the back entrance of a yacht toward the back of the yacht. The yacht is facing away from a gorgeous Mediterranean cityscape. There is a table in the foreground that is elegantly set. It features blue, white, and beige. It is a large table on the deck of a yacht.

DINING ETIQUETTE ON YACHTS We present educational and fun information. This blog is written by a superyacht Stew (stewardess).  Great tips on dining etiquette on yacht charter. << Stew Cues: The Continental divide at the dining table is drawn on a ‘zigzag’ by Alene Keenan (blog style edited by 1800yachtcharters)   STEW EXPERIENCE When I have […]

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Yacht Charter in Italy – Where Do We Go?

Photograph of Portofino, Italy marina. Green mountain in the background. Colorful red, yellow, and orange houses along the shoreline. Classic Portofino photograph. Dark turquoise water in harbor. Multiple sailboats and motoyachts anchored in the harbor.

THE SUPERYACHT EXPERIENCE™ IN ITALIA There are 2 primary highlights of cruising the Italian Riviera. They are Portofino and The Cinque Terre.  Everyone knows Portofino.  Cinque Terre is well-deserving of praise, as well. Yacht charter Italy as a destination is popular.   WHERE DO WE GO? Tour the five little towns.  Specifically, Riomaggiore, Manarola, and Corniglia. […]

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Bali Yacht Charter Chef Makes Foodie Tiramasu

Photograph of a chef on a wooden sailboat. He is in the galley. He is standing over a frying pan, and is is smiling. He is wearing a beige short-sleeved t-shirt.

MAN IN MOTION Travel is a way of life for Chef Jorge Valderrama. He holds culinary diplomas from schools in Santiago and Lima, Peru.  His career is punctuated by working and training in diverse destinations. For instance,   South America Australia New Zealand Singapore   However, he never forgets he is from Peru.  Jorge has […]

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Superyacht Builder Takeover of Perini Navi

Perini Navi sailboat aerial photograph. Yacht is coming toward the lower left side of the photo. She has 3 sails deployed and full. Her white sails have both vertical and horizontal lines through them, which are reflections from the masts of the yacht.

PERINI NAVI ON THE ROPES Milano Finanza, Italy’s financial newspaper, reports yacht builder Perini Navi has filed for bankruptcy protection. The move is hardly surprising, or unexpected.  The company has negative EBITDA of €25 million.  Debt between banks and suppliers is estimated at €55 million. What is a bit of a surprise?  A buyout might […]

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Summer Discount on Heesen Superyacht IRISHA

Motoryacht IRISHA underway

HOT DEAL We’re ready to put a summer discount of €30,000 in your pocket.  What do you have to do?  Just go yachting! The owner of motor yacht IRISHA slashed the weekly charter rate for a great deal.  Save €30,000 right now.  Her rate was €280,000 per week.  Now the rate is €250,000 per week. […]

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