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58 Meter St Martin Yacht Charter Vessel Is A Standout

Trinity yacht charterboat profile with watersports toy

MI SUENO CHAT We had an opportunity to chat with Captain Glynn Smith onboard the Trinity yacht charter vessel, motor yacht MI SUENO (FYI – her name is now SKYFALL) recently.  We organized a year-end Caribbean yacht charter for a repeat customer and needed to review itinerary ideas, etc.   CAN-DO SKIPPER It’s always a pleasure to work […]

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Award-Nominated Luxury Yacht Charter Vessel Offers Deep Winter Discounts

Luxury yacht Turquoise at anchor with 2 jetskis playing beside the yacht

TIRED OF WINTER CHILL? Looking to escape the winter chills and head to the Caribbean with the family?  Motoryacht TURQUOISE has a warm offering waiting for you.   DISCOUNT OFFERED How does a whopping 30% discount sound for your next luxury yacht charter vacation?   PRESENTING TURQUOISE The 182 foot (55.4m) motor yacht TURQUOISE has […]

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Did She Really Offer That???

LAMIMA sailboat at the back of a cove with a girl on stand up paddleboard in the foreground

SAY WHA??? What could be better?  Dreaming of a Phuket yacht charter odyssey for a full week?   The answer is a glorious TEN nights in Thailand. Those Thailand nights are aboard a luxury yacht charter vessel for the price of SEVEN nights!   Imagine saving a whopping 30% off your next superyacht experience.  All of […]

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Top 3 Luxury Yacht Charter Amenities in 2018

yacht wellness room that looks out on the ocean - wooden floors and glass doors

FLOATING VILLA AMENITIES The world’s largest yachts continue to grow larger and larger each year.  The ideas of superyacht owners as to what features and amenities will make their, “floating villas” stand out from the crowd also expand.  This demand for over-the-top luxury pushes high-profile yacht designers to continually “reinvent” the ultimate onboard amenities. No […]

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Is a Private Luxury Yacht Charter for You?

Aerial photo of yacht at anchor with an inflatable slide coming down from the top deck. Multiple jetskis and tenders are racing around in the water around the boat. The water is clear and turquoise.

HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? We’ve all seen the images. They include a silhouette of a sailing yacht. Also nearby is a secluded beach.  The sun is setting in the background of all photos.  Massive superyachts are docked side-by-side in a marina along the Côte d’Azur.  Imagine you and your family inserted in the yachting images.  […]

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Reduced Rates Announced For Yacht Carpe Diem For Bahamas Yacht Charter Adventures

Motoryacht Carpe Diem underway - facing right

  MOTOR YACHT SPECIAL RATE Whoo-hoo!  The yacht’s representative contacted us to announce newly reduced rates. These are for the popular 191-foot motor yacht CARPE DIEM.  The rates are for the remainder of the spring in the Bahamas. Her weekly rate reduction is from $395,000 per week to now $375,000 per week. Additionally, the yacht […]

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Experience Rugged Greenland & Beyond Onboard Yacht LEGEND

Woman in white bikini and arms raised in air standing on snow in front of motoryacht LEGEND

ADVENTURE & LUXURY – HAND IN HAND The hottest trend in yachting continues this summer.  Motor yacht LEGEND joins a growing fleet of luxury yacht charter vessels forgoing the Mediterranean. She heads to the extreme Arctic and Northern Europe for amazing adventures.       ANTARCTICA A winter expedition in Antarctica relocates Icon yacht LEGEND to northern […]

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Award-Winning Interior Design Captured In Yacht SEALYON Video

Aerial photo of motoryacht SEALYON underway

Award-Winning Style Motor yacht SEALYON first launched in 2009 . Her name at the time was yacht CANDYSCAPE II.  We remember saying, “This yacht has, ‘it.“  IT refers to that exceptional fusion of glamour, design, and quality.  For instance, many sing the praises of the Espen Øino-designed superyacht.  She is built by Italy’s Viareggio Super Yachts.  The […]

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Yacht Charter | Indonesia To Close Komodo Island

Photograph of two Komodo dragons on top of a hillside overlooking a waterway. The dragons are next to each other, as if they are hugging.

THE SUMMARY News headlines from 2019 are in.  The East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) administration has plans.  Importantly, they intend to close Komodo National Park.   They plan to stop visitors for one year.  This is to stop people from stealing their famous dragons.  The government specifically needs to curb the illegal poaching of dragons.  They also […]

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