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Surprisingly, this question often comes up when our clients return from a memorable luxury yacht charter vacation.

Charter clients seem mesmerized by The Superyacht Experience. We’re thrilled!  : )   Indeed, it’s hard to imagine any other vacation on par with yachting.  It’s an experience where the superyacht serves as a platform for an eco-friendly adventure. Most of all, it’s a chance to reconnect with family and friends, embrace diverse cultures, and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.



But is it a “bridge too far” to transition from luxury yacht charter guest to superyacht owner?  Actually, it’s fairly common for charterers to become superyacht owners.

Some people purchase a specific automobile make and model after renting one for a long trip.  They like how the car looks and handles.  Of course, they celebrate how the vehicle whisked them to a new destination, in style and comfort.

Similarly, charterers become enthralled with the creature comforts of a yacht.  Certainly, the idea of arriving in an exotic destination on a floating villa is pretty darn appealing.

From there, the intrigue and hunger continue to grow.  After all, why limit your family’s enjoyment of cruising to just one or two weeks a year?

The yachting lifestyle is addicting!




WE AT 1-800 YACHTCHARTERS CAN HELP YOU CHARTER OR PURCHASE A YACHT!  You win with us because a portion of everything that we earn goes to the charity of your choice!  We know the yachts.  In addition, we know management.  We charter these yachts.  Our company knows Captains and professional crew.  Most important, we know clients!  YOU are important to us.  We LOVE our job.  1-800 Yacht Charters cares about the ocean.  We care about YOU.  Our company works to make a difference every day.  We give back.  We’d love to be on your team!



Let’s take a look at three, popular superyacht charter vessels currently available for hire, and also available for purchase.



We never quite understood the meaning of Quantum of Solace as the title of the James Bond film.  It doesn’t matter – naming superyachts in homage to Bond films is very popular.  There are many James Bond boats as we like to call them. For instance, Octopussy, Skyfall, Casino Royale, and others.

There is even a superyacht named after the 2008 Bond film, Motoryacht QUANTUM OF SOLACE.  The 72.6m superyacht was built in 2012 and refit in 2017.  Here’s our description of the yacht on our charter website.

“Award-winning Proteksan Turquoise motor yacht QUANTUM OF SOLACE is noteworthy for a few reasons. Specifically, her spectacular lines and enormous volume.  Charterers enjoy many entertainment and relaxation areas.  For instance, her salons, bars, decks, and terraces.  She is a Turkish build.  The yacht features both interior and exterior design by H2 Yacht Design.  QUANTUM OF SOLACE accommodates up to 12 guests in seven beautiful cabins.”


Aerial photograph of motoryacht Quantum of Solace. She is headed toward the lower left side of the screen. She is a solid white motoryacht


Her weekly charter rate is €560,000.

Her listed purchase price is $58,000,000.




Finally, a yacht with a name we can understand!  Well…not really.  We cheated and looked up the meaning.  In numerology, the number 11 is considered a master number, and it signifies enlightenment.  If you pair the number with itself, 11.11, it represents a message from the universe to become aware.

Cosmically, we’ve got a ways to go. However, even we’re aware that Benetti yacht 11.11 is stunning.  Here’s a little history from our website on how this yacht came to be.

Benetti yacht 11.11 is a winner from the 2016 World Superyacht Awards.  She is only the second plumb-bowed boat built by the fabled Italian yard.  This beautiful lady was originally commissioned to look like a Russian Czar’s palace.  Her first owner walked away when the yacht was just 40% complete.  A new owner stepped in to transform the yacht into an award-winning monochromatic masterpiece.  What a fortunate owner!  The current trend is to build yachts with hard, minimalistic edges.  This yacht’s main living areas onboard yacht 11.11 offer suppleness and comfort.”


Here is a link to our video by company President, Jana Sheeder, for superyacht 11-11.  Enjoy!


Motoryacht 11-11 at anchor at sunset

The weekly charter rate is €650,000.

The listed purchase price is €59,500,000.




Back in grade school, we were taught Pluto is the ninth planet in the solar system. Now, it’s referred to as a dwarf planet.  It’s ok, Pluto – we‘ll still call you the ninth planet!

Avoiding the naming controversy is the 73.2-meter superyacht PLANET NINE.  Forget outer space – there’s plenty to explore on earth.  This yacht is built for ocean adventure.  Our website notes describe this superyacht as a

“…Long-range high-quality luxury explorer yacht with serious go anywhere sea keeping characteristics, heavy build specification and suitable for sailing in ice conditions in accordance with its class notation. Dynamic positioning and suitability for global cruising. Commercially approved helideck suitable for an Augusta Grande dimensionally or larger helicopter in weight, up to 8 tons, with enclosed below-deck hangar.”



Profile photograph of a motoryacht underway. She has a grey hull and a white superstructure. There is a small ribbed dinghy traveling at her side. The yacht and dinghy are facing the right side of the photograph. There is a helicopter coming in for a landing on the back of the yacht


The weekly charter rate is €650,000.

The listed purchase price is €85,000,000.


Are you ready to charter or purchase a yacht?  Please count on us.  Let’s make a difference together. We created to term and the concept, The Superyacht Experience(tm), so we KNOW yachts, and we KNOW what you want to experience!  Call, text, WhatsApp, snail mail, or email us today!  Put us to work on your behalf!  We stand ready.  

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BEWARE – Illegal Air Charters Are On The Rise

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Many luxury yacht charter guests arrive at their yachting destination via private air charter.   Now, imagine showing up at your local FBO to board your plane. Consequently, only to find there is no crew or jet waiting for you.  Sadly, fraudulent air charter scams are on the rise.  Fortunately, there is now a free resource to help you avoid what could be a miserable start to your Superyacht Experience™.



The business aviation industry has just published a free online guide.  Without a doubt, it helps protect travelers new to air charter. The General Aviation Dry Leasing Guide outlines the laws and regulations related to the leasing of private aircraft.  Moreover, this guide keeps unsuspecting charterers from scams by illegal charter operators.


Photograph of a private jet with a red ferrari next to it. The jet is on the tarmac. The jet door is open, and the stairs are deployed. 2 men are walking up to the jet.



Ryan Waguespack is Senior Vice President. Specifically, of the National Air Transportation Association.  Importantly, he addressed the problem in a recent interview with Robb Report. He said,

“As the holidays approach, travelers are turning to private aviation for its enhanced cleaning protocols and limited exposure to unknowns. It’s vital that these newcomers aren’t placing themselves or their assets at risk from illegal charter activity.”



Many of the scams seem to emanate from Europe.  Scam artists create websites that advertise aircraft available for rent.  Further, with legitimate tail numbers. Unfortunately, after the clients have paid, the websites disappear.  Clients have no flight – and no money.  Obviously, to make matters worse, there is no hope of a refund.


10 Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance




Subsequently, similar scams are taking place here in the USA.  Some charter operators are using aircraft with no FAA Part 135 certification.  What is the certification?  The FAA requires certification to demonstrate that the aircraft and the crew have met stringent safety standards.  Furthermore, legitimate charter operators must have higher levels of insurance coverage.  According to Waguespack. “Operators chartering aircraft illegally may have insurance policies that are not sufficient to cover commercial activities. In the event of an accident, passengers may find their own corporate and estate assets at risk.”



The guide is by trusted air industry associations.  Specifically, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). In addition, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA).  Obviously, both contributed to the guide.



To sum up, let our team help you navigate. In specific, the intricacies of selecting the right size and type of aircraft to whisk you to your yacht.  Handling the little details before your luxury yacht charter is what we do best.   Without a doubt, we take care of YOU.  It’s how we Deliver The Superyacht Experience™ to our clients.  Put our team to work for you!  Call 305-720-7245, email, or contact us through our online information form at

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Dining Etiquette on Yachts | Zigzag Table Manners

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Photo taken from the back entrance of a yacht toward the back of the yacht. The yacht is facing away from a gorgeous Mediterranean cityscape. There is a table in the foreground that is elegantly set. It features blue, white, and beige. It is a large table on the deck of a yacht.


We present educational and fun information. This blog is written by a superyacht Stew (stewardess).  Great tips on dining etiquette on a yacht charter.

<< Stew Cues: The Continental divide at the dining table is drawn on a ‘zigzag’

by Alene Keenan (blog style edited by 1800yachtcharters)



When I have had the pleasure of having a meal with the crew while training on board a yacht, I often find non-U.S. crew staring at me while I eat. I understand that they are trying to figure out what I am doing. There are various styles of using cutlery. The European, or Continental, style and the American style are quite different.



In the Continental style, what is picked up with the left hand stays in the left hand, and what is picked up in the right hand stays in the right hand. Etiquette varies between countries as to where the hands go when cutlery is not in use.



In the American style, diners switch the fork from the left to the right hand after cutting, and the left hand rests in the lap. While each style is correct for the culture it belongs to, using your knife and fork in a certain way may innocently cause offense to other diners.



The earliest method of eating was with the hands, of course. Knives came along as one of man’s earliest tools and were used more as weapons for hunting than implements for eating. Spoons probably came next, fashioned from shells, horns, or carved wood, with a stick attached for a longer reach.



In the Middle Ages, cutlery was not provided for dinner guests. Knives and spoons were part of a traveler’s kit that the wealthy used as much to impress as for practical reasons. Most common people still ate with their hands, using dried pieces of bread called “trenchers” to push their food. Some men ate with their personal knives, using two knives to stab and slice their food.



Forks made from twigs were used to remove meat from boiling pots, but the fork as a utensil was not common. God had provided natural utensils – the hands – and it was seen as an insult to use a fork. In 1004, a Greek princess was married to the son of the Doge in Venice. She brought a case of golden forks with her and shocked the guests at the wedding when she used one. Her death from the plague soon after was considered by many to be God’s vengeance.



Catherine de Medici promoted them when she brought forks from Italy for her marriage to the future Henry II. Over time, forks became more common, but they had only two tines and didn’t work very well. Eventually, they became more curved, and third and fourth tines were added for better functionality.



According to a article by David A Fryxell on Dec. 22, 2010, it was a change in the knife that laid forks at every place setting, and forever divided how Europeans and Americans eat. Apparently, the French Cardinal Richelieu had visitors’ knives ground down because the habit of picking the teeth with a knife disgusted him. And in the court of King Louis XIV, pointed knives were banned from the table to prevent dinnertime fights (Game of Thrones, anyone?). Since rounded knives were useless for spearing food, forks replaced them in the left hand.



Fryxell goes on to say that forks were not readily available when these innovative new knives reached the American colonies, so Americans used upside-down spoons to steady food for cutting. Then they would switch the spoon to the right hand, where for most people it would be easier to use it to scoop up food. This style continued to be used even after forks became everyday utensils, prompting Emily Post to name it the “zigzag” style in the 1920s. Voila! At last, there is an explanation for this crazy American behavior that is considered uncouth by many Europeans.



Nowadays forks are on every proper table, and there are many types of specialized forks. We have salad forks, oyster forks, and fish forks. In addition, pastry forks, asparagus forks, and even ice cream forks, to name a few.



In conclusion, the Continental style is thought to be a more graceful way of dining. However, it is best to use whichever style is most comfortable. The golden rule is to be considerate of other diners.  Be consistent.  Do not switch styles back and forth between courses.

Alene Keenan is the former lead instructor of interior courses at Maritime Professional Training in Fort Lauderdale. She shares more than 20 years of experience as a stew in her book, “The Yacht Guru’s Bible: The Service Manual for Every Yacht.” >>

The Superyacht Experience™ includes special educational items.  For instance, proper dining etiquette.  We even share delicious superyacht menus and foods for foodies.  What educational or fun tips about yachting do you want to learn?  Let us know in the comments.  We love the challenge!  Thank you!  And thank you, Alene Keenan, for an informative and very interesting article!  Bon Apetit!

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Happiest of Holidays to our Luxury Yacht Charter Family

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Photos. Palm trees in center of image. Top left is a motoryacht coming into the center. Top right is a sailboat. Bottom right is a motoraycht underway, heading toward the lower left side of the photo. Bottom left photo is a poinsettia plant sitting on the sand with the words Happy Holidays written in script across it.


At this wonderful time of the year, we at SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants and 1-800 Yacht Charters wish our “yacht charter family” of discriminating clients, superyacht owners, professional crew members, management professionals, vendors, corporate and special event attendees, personal assistants, agents, concierges, and EVERYONE with whom we’ve had the privilege and honor to work and spend time with this year, a very happy holiday season. 


We are eternally grateful to you for your patronage, readership, comments, suggestions, and interest in our offerings.  Whether superyacht charters, renting a private yacht, bareboat charter, or yacht charters in locations such as Greece, the Virgin Islands, St. Barts, or the French or Italian Riviera.  Further, Ibiza, the Bahamas, New England, or anywhere else in the world.  We SINCERELY appreciate you. 



Thank you for being in our lives and for helping us to make a difference in this world. In addition, for being valuable members of Team SailAway, 1-800 Yacht Charters,, and The SailAway Group.  Here’s to a wonderful year and future ahead for all.



*  Happy Holidays  *  Merry Christmas  *  Happy Winter Solstice  *  Happy Kwanzaa  *  Feliz

Navidad  *  Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgivukkah *  Buone Feste   *  Joyeuses Fêtes  *  Hag Sameach  *

Felices Fiestas  *  Trevlig Helg  *  Boas Festas  *  Mutlu Bayramlar  *  Sarbatori Fericite  *

*  Jie Ri Yu Kuai  *  Bones Festes  *  Tanoshii kurisumasu wo  * Ii holide eximnandi  *

*  Forhe Feiertage  *  Prettige feestdagen  *  Hau’oli Lanui  *  Beannachtaí na Féile  *

*  Vesele Praznike  *  Selamat Hari Raya  *  Sretni praznici  *  QISmaS DatIvjaj  *

*  Shinnen omedeto  *  Kurisumasu Omedeto  *   

*  veselykh prazdnikov  *  Gozhqq Keshmish  *  shèngdàn kuàilè  * 

*  Kalá hristúyenna  *  Ya’at’eeh Keshmish  *   Bonu nadale  *   Feliz Natal  *


In conclusion, we are just eternally grateful to you.




Jana L. Sheeder
President and Owner
SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants and
1-800 Yacht Charters
Delivering The Superyacht Experience™ Since 1976 and
Facebook:  Jana Sheeder
Twitter:     yacht_charters
Instagram:  1800yachtcharters
LinkedIn:  Jana Sheeder

Creators of the phrase and concept, The Superyacht Experience™

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Lionfish Invasion Strategy – Eat ‘Em!

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UPDATE:  The ocean still needs help!  Serve up the lionfish!  Save the coral reefs!  Protect our native fish!

Lionfish photograph. The fish is swimming toward the left of the screen. The blurred background is coral rock on a bed of sand.




We see great menus on Caribbean yacht charter boats.  We are not sure this next recipe hits with yacht charter chefs, however.

Florida marine conservationists have a simple “recipe.”   They say, EAT the lionfish!



With few natural predators, Lionfish rapidly spread throughout the Caribbean and Atlantic.  They voraciously prey on many things. For instance, local fish, shrimp, and crab populations across the region and in Florida are targets.  Lionfish are a huge risk to the world-famous coral reefs of the south.

Bahamas yacht charter clients constantly see these venomous creatures.  



The Key Largo-based REEF conservation organization released “The Lionfish Cookbook.”  It is a  collection of 45 recipes to combat the red lionfish.

There are no government funds available to provide bounties or removal programs.  Conservationists hope to therefore create a commercial demand for the fish.

“It’s absolutely good eating — a delicacy. It’s delicately-flavored white meat, very buttery,” boasts Lad Akins.   In fact, he directs special projects for the Reef Environmental Education Foundation.  Akins authored the cookbook. He co-authored with professional chef, Tricia Ferguson.



Hurricane Andrew in 1992 – and as a result, an aquarium.   Researchers believe that Hurricane Andrew caused red Lionfish to invade Florida waters.  Specifically, an aquarium broke.  At least six lionfish spilled into Miami’s Biscayne Bay.  With no known predators, they freely breed and decimate sea creatures and corals.  It seems like such a small thing to happen.  It just goes to show you that 6 fish can destroy the ecology. Please be mindful of releasing exotic species.

The cookbook shares useful tips on collecting, handling, and preparing lionfish.  Furthermore, it provides expert background on its ecological impact.



Are you ready to explore the Caribbean? Want to taste some delicious lionfish menu items?  Click today.  We look forward to planning The Superyacht Experience™ for you!

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Miami Superyacht Charter Marina Rebrands

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Photograph of marina full of large yachts. There are tall buildings in the background. The sky is bright blue with puffy clouds.


Miami’s premier superyacht marina, Island Gardens Deep Harbour, is under new management. The “upgrade” in management, in our opinion, is long overdue.



The new name for the Miami Superyacht Marina is Yacht Haven Grande Miami at Island Gardens.  The marina opened in 2016 and is the annual home of the SuperYacht Miami Show each February.



Island Global Yachting (also known as IGY Marinas) will operate the rebranded Miami marina.  This destination offers 50 superyacht berths – for yachts up to a maximum length of 550ft.  In-slip fueling is available. High-power electrical service is also available.



The marina is located on Watson Island.  The island is ideally located between Miami Beach to the east and downtown Miami to the westIndeed, the views of the Miami skyline are postcard-perfect.  The proximity to trendy area hotspots is unbeatable. This deep-water marina is always our first choice for our Miami yacht charter clients.  Nevertheless, the marina was less than ideal for the yacht crews as they awaited the arrival of our charter guests.  Specifically, the marina lacked a captain and crew lounge.  Furthermore, customs and immigration assistance was sketchy at best.



IGY has resolved these issues.  There is now a crew lounge, as well as a conference room.  Additionally, concierge services are available including valet and laundry/dry cleaning.  On-site dining is also available.   In fact, the newly re-opened dock-side café, aptly named, “The Deck” is described by Forbes as “Miami’s Hottest New Restaurant.”



We’re excited to take advantage of the new services and amenities.  Apprehension gives way to anticipation, as we await the upcoming Superyacht Miami show (February 2021).  We are unsure as to whether the show will go on or be well-attended in 2021.  In specific, Covid, the pandemic, the Coronavirus changed the landscape of events.  What’s exciting about the show? As an example, in the past, we transported prospective clients to the show via yacht tenders.  The car parking lot was poorly maintained.  We found it simpler, cleaner, more in tune with the theme, AND more fun to arrive via boat.  Arrival by car is once again an option, with IGY concierge services in place.


Many of the Miami superyacht charter vessels we represent attend this yacht show.  In fact, February weather is ideal for our company President Jana Sheeder to shoot yacht inspection videos of our favorite superyachts [such as Benetti yacht 11.11 and Lurssen yacht Martha Ann.]

We’re excited to welcome IGY Marinas to Miami.  Moreover, we look forward to commencing more Miami superyacht charter vacations from this rebranded location.



In conclusion, book a superyacht with us for your own private luxury yacht charter vacation today!  Contact your yacht charter brokers at 1-800 Yacht Charters at 305-720-7245. If you prefer, complete our online inquiry form at .

We will be in touch with you right away to plan The Superyacht Experience™ for you!

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The Hot New Trends in Superyacht Fashion 2021

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The Winter/Fall superyacht charter season has arrived. Fortunately, most island destinations have lifted their travel bans.  The luxury superyacht charter fleet is making its way to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  Indeed, everyone’s favorite rendezvous point, St Barts, is ready for business.  Every hotel, beach club, and resort (except for one) is reopened.  The harbor’s annual superyacht fireworks display on New Year’s Eve promises to be bigger and better than ever.  Yachting fashion trends abound.


So what will well-traveled women be wearing on their yachts this season?  Here’s a clue:  Look for traditional yacht club attire to give way to “Urban resort wear.”


That’s the buzz on the docks as 2020 winds down, and “yachties” start planning their Winter/Fall escapes.




Certainly, we’ve all seen it.  Covid-19 travel restrictions, lockdowns, and working from home have created a fashion, “new normal.”  Significantly, couture and business attire have been cast aside.  Who needs to dress up for a Zoom meeting when casual wear will do?  Blouses, blazers, heck – even resort-casual clothing now feels restrictive and confining.


We’re yearning for freedom…for the opportunity to once again get out and explore.




Look for statement pieces to reflect the fusion of workwear and leisurewear – all inspired by warm-weather destinations.  The islands offer warm waters and gentle breezes year-round.  Fall collections will integrate lightweight and breathable materials. Denim, cotton, and poplin will lead the way. Of course, some synthetics will remain – to add a bit of stretch where needed.  Still, natural, sustainably-sourced materials will be front and center.


Simply put, Urbanwear is effortless and empowering.


Get your passports ready, ladies – the islands and the hottest clothing trends are calling your name…



Here are three examples of this season’s hottest yacht fashions, selected by the fashionistas at 1-800 Yacht Charters.



Perfect for socializing on the sundeck of your yacht.  Tuck in the top and you’re ready for dinner ashore…

Photograph of a dark-haired girl wearing khaki-colored culottes and a white sleeveless top. She is facing the camera. She is wearing white sneakers. She is carrying a beige flat tote bag with a cat drawing on it in her right hand, and she has nothing in her left hand. There is a rattan chair with white cushion on her left side, and there is a wooden table on her right side. There are 2 books on the table, as well as a bud vase with a single thistle-like grey flower stem in it. There is a beige wall behind her. There are paintings propped against the wall on the floor on her right side.




Looking to do a little duty-free shipping along the boardwalk in Philipsburg, St Maarten?  This fresh, island look defines today’s modern yachtswoman.

Photograph of a dark-haired girl standing and facing the camera. She is wearing blue denim jeans and a tropical tank top with green palm leaves on it. She is holding a red purse with beige straps in her left hand. Her right arm is by her side.




You’ve got this, girl! Stay cool and wow the crew as you climb into your yacht’s tender.  It’s a short boat ride from your superyacht to the shoreline in Gustavia, St Barts for a beach picnic and barbeque.

Photograph of an Asian girl in nautical striped short sleeved shirt with white side-pocket shorts. She is facing the camera. The photo includes the top of her head down to her feet. She is wearing white flat sandals. She is holding a white bowler hat with black band in her right hand. Her left hand is on her left hip. She is looking toward the left side of the photograph. There is a rattan chair with white cushion on it beside her on her right side, and a small wooden table on her left side. The table has 2 bud vases on it with flower stems and 1 grey thistle-like flower in each.



In conclusion, are you ready to plan your yacht charter vacation?  Now that you know the latest fashion trends, isn’t it time you pampered yourself and those you love?  Book a private luxury yacht charter vacation today. Contact your yacht charter brokers at 1-800 Yacht Charters at 305-720-7245. If you prefer, complete our online inquiry form at

We will be in touch with you right away to plan The Superyacht Experience™ for you!

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What is Included in a Yacht Charter?

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The popularity of private luxury yacht charter vacations continues to rise.  One reason?   The desire of travelers to minimize Covid-19 exposure while on vacation.  Indeed, charter yacht holidays are considered among the safest vacation options.  When you are on a private yacht, only your family and your crew are present.  Important to note:  the crew is tested for the virus prior to your arrival].  Compare chartering to staying in a hotel.  Certainly, you and your family can potentially come into contact with many employees and guests in a hotel or upscale resort.


Perhaps you are considering your first vacation on a charter yacht.  Luxury certainly awaits you – but what else can you expect?  Specifically, what is included when you rent a yacht?


Aerial photo of yacht at anchor with an inflatable slide coming down from the top deck. Multiple jetskis and tenders are racing around in the water around the boat. The water is clear and turquoise.



Let’s begin with a small distinction – and an assumption.  For this blog, we are referring to “crewed”  (with crew) charter yachts. Alternately, some travelers rent a bareboat.  What is the distinction?




A bareboat is a boat you operate on your own. For example, in the same way that you rent a car, you rent a boat and operate it yourself.  Of course, this assumes you are qualified to operate a boat – and have a cruising resume to prove it!



In this blog, we are focusing on “crewed” yachts.  A crewed yacht simply means you are the onboard guests – not the operators.  A crewed yacht is a yacht with a crew.  A talented staff of professional mariners handles all aspects of operations – from navigating to cooking and cleaning.



The price of a crewed yacht for hire includes the yacht, the crew, and the use of onboard amenities and water toys.  However, there are more items that may or may not be included.

To understand what else is included in a charter vacation, we must begin with an important distinction:  Is the price quoted “all-inclusive” or “plus expenses?”


Most all-inclusive charters include your meals and basic beverages (sodas, water, and non-premium alcohol).  Furthermore, they also include the fuel needed to operate the yacht, as well as any dockage fees.  Normally, local taxes and requisite government cruising permits are included as well.

Please note – some “all-inclusive” yachts do not cover the local taxes and cruising permits.  Make sure to read the fine print before signing your charter agreement.


As a general rule of thumb, all-inclusive charters are commonly available on smaller (40 to 80 foot) sailing yachts based in the Caribbean.  Some smaller motor yachts also offer all-inclusive pricing in the Caribbean.  All-inclusive pricing is uncommon in the Western Mediterranean (Spain, Italy, France, etc.).  Yachts in the Eastern Mediterranean (primarily Greece) offer a hybrid version of all-inclusive pricing.  Specifically, food and basic beverages are included, but fuel and dockage are not.


SEE the Top Three Reasons Celebrities Love Yacht Charters




Many all-inclusive yachts offer extra services for an additional fee. For example, the yacht you are considering for your vacation might be all-inclusive, yet charge a separate fee for the use of onboard SCUBA diving equipment.



“Special requests” can also add to the total price of an all-inclusive yacht charter. As outlined above, beverages and non-premium alcohol are normally included.   However, requests for specific premium brands and/or vintage wines and champagnes will be charged to you as an additional expense.


Most larger yachts for hire opt for an a-la-carte approach to what is included in the charter fee. Yes, the charter rate includes the yacht and crew and the use of amenities and toys.  The similarity to an all-inclusive charter ends there.

Large yachts, both in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean employ “plus expenses” pricing.  The concept is quite simple and straight forward.  All expenses related to the operation of the yacht during the charter are the responsibility of the charterer.



Certain expenses are commonly referred to as “running expenses.”  They include but are not limited to, food, all beverages, fuel, dockage, and any applicable taxes and cruising permits.




At this point, you might be wondering, “How can I budget for these running expenses, since I won’t know the total expenditures until the conclusion of the charter?”  It’s a great question.  To avoid confusion and possible embarrassment, yachts that operate “plus expenses” collect a deposit from the charterer before the trip begins.  This deposit is referred to as an “Advance Provisioning Allowance” or  “APA.”  Most yachts require an APA deposit equal to 30-35% of the charter fee.  Historically, yacht captains have calculated a typical charter incurs about 30% more than the actual charter fee in running expenses.



Captains use the APA funds they have on hand to pay for the running expenses throughout the tip.  For example, they use the funds to pay for fuel, and for dockage.


STEP ABOARD a Superyacht with Yacht Maven, Jana Sheeder




A Captain keeps a detailed log of all expenditures during the charter. At the end of the charter, the Captain presents a detailed expense report to the lead charter guest.  Any remaining funds are returned to the charterer.



Sometimes, there is a shortage. In this case, the charterer owes additional funds to the captain before departing the yacht.   Of course, you are probably thinking, “What if I don’t have enough funds on hand to cover the shortage?”   No worries!  Captains monitor the expenses throughout the charter. If they sense there might be a shortage, they will come to the lead charter guests and explain the situation.  If necessary, most charter guests simply wire additional funds into the yacht’s APA account.



In the event of an APA overage, the lead client decides the distribution.  Funds either return to the client or, as if often the case, the monies apply to a crew gratuity.



Whether you opt for an all-inclusive yacht or select a yacht that is plus expenses, one thing is always the same. In specific, The Experience. 1-800 Yacht Charters – exceeding expectations is the way we do business.  Our luxury yacht charter vacations deliver the highest level of service.  Private.  Discreet.  Confidential.  Elegant.  This top service, coupled with a fabulous destination, in a Covid-protected environment, delivers to you The Superyacht Experience™ every time.

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