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Monthly Archives: December 2010

A Sunny Outlook is Guaranteed with New Yacht Solar Beds

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With much of the northeast United States buried under a blizzard of snow, here’s a new superyacht amenity guaranteed to give you a “sunny” outlook!

LMV’s Lasy Solar sun bed self-orientates according to the position of the sun.  How neat is that??


rotating yacht sun bed with misters spritzing water

Imagine you are onboard your Lurssen Yacht Charter somewhere off the coast of Capri.  Your solar-powered sun bed slowly rotates to keep the heat on your body.   What’s that you say – it’s starting to get a little too hot?  No worries – there’s a built-in Mist Breeze cooling system to cool you down!


Of course, total comfort is a must, so the bed is covered in marine-grade luxury leather.

solar-powered circular suntan sunbed with head and pillows lifted up on yacht deck

Thanks to its solar power source, the Lasy Solar sun bed doesn’t need connecting to a yacht’s power supply.

The manufacturer plans to have the product website for Lasy Solar sun beds up and running soon.


Experience the luxury of a private luxury Lürssen yacht like MARTHA ANN or HUNTRESSContact the yacht charter specialists at 1-800 Yacht Charters to plan The Superyacht Experience for you!


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Can Solar Power Revolutionize the Yacht Charter Industry?

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World's Largest Solar Powered Yacht Circumnavigates the Globe
The largest solar-powered boat in the world, MS TÛRANOR, just arrived in Miami, FL, our hometown.
As I gaze at the deck of MS TÛRANOR, covered in solar panels, I wonder how and if the yacht charter industry will embrace solar powered luxury yachts.
On a round-the-globe expedition, the MS TÛRANOR, also know as yacht PLANETSOLAR is a pioneer for sustainable energy technology on water. Unlike any current luxury mega yacht charter vessel,  Catamaran PLANETSOLAR is a 31-meter multlihull topped by a large array of photovoltaic solar panels. Built in 14 months, the biggest solar boat ever built has impressive dimensions and is yet both silent and clean.
Imagine a charter in the sunny Mediterranean, cruising from port to port without burning expensive fuels and oils.
Rather than hearing the constant drone of the engines, and the occasional nauseous odors of diesel fuel, you  slide along like a sailboat – propelled by pollution-free electrical engines.
Eliminating fossil fuel will greatly reduce carbon dioxide CO2 emissions – an important step for an industry that needs to project a greater commitment to protecting our oceans and environment.
The solar catamaran PLANETSOLAR employs the leading-edge technology available on the market. The intention is to demonstrate that by innovative use of existing materials and technology, high-performance solar mobility can be realized today.
Are we witnessing a new era in sustainable energy technology on the seas?

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Chefs On Yachts Dazzle Guests with Amazing Meals

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Our charter consultants have received a lot of comments regarding our recent blog, "Yacht Charter Vacations: How is the Food?" (Thursday, December 16, 2010).  

It seems many readers want to see more menu samples.  That’s understandable – the meals offgered during a Caribbean yacht charter vacation can be truly amazing.

Recently, during the annual Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting, a group of yachting professionals were invited onboard the 57 meter superyacht DIAMOND A (formerly named ULTIMA III) to sample the cuisine of Head Chef Duncan Thomson and Chef Adam Rice. 

Chefs on yacht charter vacations dazzle clients with incredible gourmet meals

Captain Owen Jones welcomed guests onboard with a glasss of champagne, served in the main saloon, and then led a tour of the yacht.  After the tour and a brief review of recent upgrades to the yacht, guests were escorted to the large, round main dining table, which was beautifully set by Chief Stewardess Lana Greenwood and her team.

The first presentation was Seared Spanish Mackerel with Tomato Vinaigrette, Celery Seed, and Micro Celery.  Next came the main course – a Whole Roasted Sea Bass, Endive Braised in Orange Juice, Almonds, Saffron, and Champagne-infused Green Grapes.

The last course, but definitely not the least, was the dessert: Lemon Tartlette, Bruleed Meringue, Cardamom and Coconut Ice Cream with Pine Nut Praline.

Not only was the food, prepared by chefs Duncan and Adam, delicious, but all present report the quality of the service was outstanding as well! 


Book your own Caribbean odyssey, complete with gourmet meals and breathtaking views.  Click HERE to tell us where and when you want to SailAway!

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Fans of Caribbean Yacht Charter Expected at London International Boat Show

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If you are considering a Caribbean Yacht Charter in 2011, you can get into the superyacht groove by attending the London International Boat Show, January 7 – 16, 2011.

London Boat Show (January 2011) Watersports Action Pool

This is a must-see marine experience for yacht lovers.  All the old show favorites will be there, plus a whole host of improvements.

Come enjoy exclusive new features and attractions, plus more exhibitors, boats, and products than ever before.

Crewed catamaran charters are all the rage these days in the islands, primarily due to the large inventory of watersport toys carried onboard the yachts.

With an emphasis on toys, the centerpiece of the show is an all-new Watersports Action Pool.  Measuring a massive  70m x 24m, this huge pool will host a wide selection of activities including canoeing and kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, wakeboarding,  dinghy sailing, and windsurfing .

Visitors have the opportunity to “have a go” at these activities – free of charge. In addition, visitors will be able to see demos by the experts including wakeboarding and kayaking.

Don’t miss the Sunset Rum Beach Bar situated right next to the pool. It’s the ideal place to chill out and watch the action!


To rent a private yacht, turn to the professionals with 35+ years of experience.  Email today!


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New Strategy to Halt Lionfish Invasion – Eat ‘Em!

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We’ve seen lots of great menus on Caribbean yacht charter vessels in the past, but we’re not sure this next recipe will be a hit with yacht charter chefs:   

Florida marine conservationists have come up with a simple "recipe" for fighting the invading Lionfish that is gobbling up local reef life — EAT them!

With few natural predators, Lionfish have been rapidly expanding in Caribbean and Atlantic waters, voraciously preying on local fish, shrimp, and crab populations across the region and in Florida, which has world-famous coral reefs.

Lionfish invasion - no funds to eradicate them, so fish and eat them

Clients returning from Bahama yacht charters have reported seeing "lots" of the venomous creatures while snorkeling the local reefs. 

The Key Largo-based REEF conservation organization has just released "The Lionfish Cookbook," a collection of 45 recipes which is the group’s latest strategy to counter an invasion of the non-native reddish-brown striped fish in Florida waters. 

With no government funds available to provide bounties or removal programs, conservationists hope to create a commercial demand for the fish. 

"It’s absolutely good eating — a delicacy. It’s delicately-flavored white meat, very buttery," boasts Lad Akins, director of special projects for Reef Environmental Education Foundation. Akins authored the cookbook along with a professional chef, Tricia Ferguson.

Researchers believe the Red Lionfish was introduced into Florida waters during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 when an aquarium broke and at least six fish spilled into Miami’s Biscayne Bay.

The front section of the cookbook, which calls the Lionfish "the Caribbean’s new delicacy," gives useful tips on collecting, handling, and preparing the colorful species, as well as providing expert background on its ecological impact. 

The recipe book can be purchased online at 


Ready to explore the Caribbean? Click here to book Book now with SailAway.

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Oprah Sails Sydney Harbour with Russell Crowe

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 Oprah sails Sydney Harbor with Russell Crowe

On Monday, 
US talk show queen Oprah Winfrey discovered one of our favorite luxury yacht charter destinations as she sailed postcard-perfect Sydney Harbor with Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe.

Winfrey, 56, hit the famous harbor’s glittering waters on board the bareboat charter yacht "Eagle Rock" with Crowe, a Sydney local, tailed by a flotilla of some 20 other yachts.

Oprah and Russell Crowe enjoying conversation while sailing on Sydney Harbor 

Wearing a white cap given to her by Crowe and emblazoned with the logo of his South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team, Oprah beamed as she sat at the stern of the bareboat yacht, talking sport with the "Gladiator" star.

"I’m having the time of my life," Winfrey said.

The harbor featured heavily on the megastar’s weekend itinerary, with a glittering waterfront reception Saturday night, complete with fireworks, followed by a Sunday morning climb of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and a visit to Bondi Beach.

Oprah’s whirlwind tour of Australia will be broadcast as a four episode "Ultimate Australian Adventure" in January 2011.

To rent a private yacht in Sydney, Australia, contact a charter specialist at SailAway.

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Popular Charter Destination Belize to Ban Trawling

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The tiny nation of Belize took a giant step today in the global effort to safeguard the oceans by banning all forms of trawling in the country’s waters.

Belize bans trawling in the tiny nation in order to save marine life

For years, Belize, a popular Caribbean yacht charter destination, ignored international calls to ban the destructive fishing gear.  But when the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recently threatened to strip the Belize Barrier Reef of its World Heritage Site status, the government took notice. 

Facing UNESCO sanctions, Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s administration  negotiated the buy-out of the country’s commercial shrimp trawlers and initiated a ban on all future trawling.

Shrimp trawls are notorious for the amount of bycatch they haul in. Thousands of sea turtles, marine mammals, and untargeted fish are caught in shrimp trawlers around the world every year. Meanwhile, bottom trawlers’ weighted nets effectively raze the ocean floor with every pass, destroying sensitive corals and anything else in their way.

Particularly at risk is the Belize Barrier Reef, which is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second largest coral reef system in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The reef is a destination for sailors, divers, and snorkelers around the world.  

Both bareboat and crewed catamaran charters have increased significantly in recent years along the coast of Belize.  While the appeal of a Virgin Islands yacht charter is still strong, seasoned sailors and vacationers seeking less-crowded anchorages have discovered the unspoiled charm of the Belize Barrier Reef.  

With this ban, which goes into effect December 31st, Belize becomes one of the first countries in the world to institute a complete and permanent ban on trawling in all its waters.


To book your own yacht charter odyssey along the Belize Barrier Reef, contact a charter specialist at SailAway.

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Yacht Charter Vacations: How is the Food?

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Gourmet meals aboard private luxury yacht charter vacations

Whether planning a crewed catamaran charter for clients in the Caribbean or a static event on a MIPIM yacht in Nice, France, the question we are most often asked is, "How is the food?"

With over 30 years’ experience in the luxury mega yacht charter industry, we honestly answer that question with a resounding, single word: "Amazing!"

The reason that private yacht charter vacation food is so amazing is quite simple – with so many of the largest yachts in the world competing for a handful of clients, the onboard meals and presentation must rival the fare of the finest 3-star Michelin restaurants.

Imagine – you wake up on your Monaco Grand Prix Yacht in Monte Carlo. A full day of sightseeing and F1 racing awaits you, and you are hungry! You step into the galley and ask the chef what meals he or she has planned for the day.

We posed that scenario to Chef Selina Stansfield onboard the 180′  superyacht MARIE, and she responded with this decadent, Race Day sample menu:

Freshly-baked croissants, pan au raisins and pan au chocolate 
Seasonal fruit platters with summer berries
Warm home-baked muffinsYacht charters -- gourmet meals and five star service
Breakfast Specials
Organic eggwhite omelet with fresh vegetables

Homemade blueberry pancakes with warm Canadian maple syrup
Free range, organic scrambled eggs with bacon

Chocolate chip waffles with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon
Chilled Thai ginger melon soup
Locally-caught Lobster salad with grapefruit and mango salsa
Individual mini key lime pies with coconut ice cream
Salad of balsamic marinated Italian figs with mozzarella di buffalo
Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass, macadamia nut pesto,
asparagus risotto
Slow-baked hazelnut meringues with Valhrona chocolate mousse

If privacy, picturesque settings, and gourmet food sound like your dream vacation,  contact a charter specialist
at SailAway today. Call 1-800-YACHTCHARTER (922-4824) or email  

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