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3 Simple Ways to Enjoy Greener Sail Boat Charters

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Green travel habits to reduce carbon footprint and live green

Much attention has been focused on the efforts of the superyacht industry to embrace sustainability and green building practices.  But what about the travelers – the people who rent, for example, a private yacht for a Virgin Islands yacht charter holiday?

How can they contribute to furthering the cause of green, eco-friendly vacations?

It’s not hard, and taking a “green approach” to vacations goes hand-in-hand with being a responsible traveler. With a little effort, charter passengers can help reduce the negative environmental impact on the places they visit.

Green travel begins with the understanding and respect for the cruising destination’s culture and an effort to bring benefit the local economy.

Here’s the best part – you do not have to pay more to go green!   Let’s look at three simple ways to travel greener on your next sailing vacation:

1.  Save Energy
a)  Re-use towels and linens during your charter.  The crews on most yachts constantly scramble to change and clean towels and linens throughout a week-long charter.  After all, they are dedicated to the highest level of customer service.  Simply tell your crew that you are willing to reuse your towels and bed linens more than once or twice during your stay.  It is estimated this simple act can save 5 percent on utilities!

Another simple way to travel greener is to b)  turn off the air conditioning and lights in your cabin when leaving the room.

2.  Reduce Carbon Output
Consider planning a trip that will reduce carbon emissions. Sometimes it is as simple as considering the distance from the arrival airport to your awaiting yacht.  Ask your crew if there is a marina or sandy beach close to the airport.  If there is, you can save the cost of a taxi and the related carbon emissions of the vehicle.

For example, many people arriving for a charter in Tortola, BVI will first fly into St. Thomas, USVI, take a 30 minute taxi to the ferry docks, ride a ferry to Tortola, and take another taxi to a marina – where their yacht and crew await.  As a green alternative, you can fly to Beef Island airport in Tortola, adjacent to a large, sandy beach. Your crew can take a dinghy up to the beach to pick you up, and you can literally walk over from the airport!

3.  Support the Local Economy
You can easily travel greener by learning about the culture, food, and environment of the places you visit. Prior to your charter, ask your crew to cook using native cuisine versus foods and goods that need to be shipped in.  When going ashore to shop and sightsee, buy souvenirs and handmade crafts that benefit the local community over imported goods. Do not purchase souvenirs made from local endangered animals or plants.

To be green on your yacht charter, be sure to support the local economy

Remember, responsible travel habits will reduce the negative environmental impact on the places you visit long after you and your sailing companions have returned home.


Do you have any tips to share on how to travel and cruise by yacht with less of an environmental impact?  Contact us with your suggestions at now.

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Additional Berths for London Olympics Yacht Charters Offered at 2012 Games

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London Olympics 2012 berths available for yacht charter special events

In addition to the The Marina at the London Docklands, SailAway is pleased to announce a limited number of superyacht berths at ExCel London, one of the 2012 Olympic Games venues. These exclusive berths are adjacent to the ExCel Centre in London’s Royal Docks, and provide charterers and their guests with a convenient base for the duration of the Games.

"We were thrilled in February to announce the availability of dockage at The Docklands,"  says Jana Sheeder, President of SailAway Yacht Charters.  "Now we can offer additional accommodations, specifically to the largest yachts, at the Royal Docks.  We understand the adjacent ExCel Centre will host a variety of Olympic events including Boxing, Wrestling, Fencing, Taekwondo, and Table Tennis."

Infrastructure is in place to provide an on-site berth manager, restricted public access, a dedicated parking lot for automobiles and concierge services.

Sheeder expects heavy demand for these prime berths and encourages yacht owners and charter clients to reserve their berths as soon as possible. "In addition to Her Majesty’s Jubilee Flotilla in June, I can’t imagine a more exciting time to bring a superyacht to London!


To join us in London for a London Olympics Yacht Charter next summer, contact our destination experts HERE right now. 

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Designer of Luxury Sailing Charter Vessels Sweeps Superyacht Awards

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Ed Dubois of Dubois Naval Architects

The World Superyacht Awards 2011 turned into a runaway sweep of every major sailing yacht category as Ed Dubois and his team of designers at Dubois Naval Architects, Ltd., took home the coveted Neptune Trophy in five categories, including Sailing Yacht of the Year.

Neptune Trophy Superyacht Award Best Sailboat Best Motor Yacht

Presented by Boat International Media, the
World Superyacht Awards
2011 edition was held this past Saturday, May 5, in London. 

Dubois-designed winners included:

● Sailing YACHT of the YEAR – 49.7 meter Fitzroy sloop sail yacht ZEFIRA   

● BEST Sailing Yacht over 45 meters – sail yacht ZEFIRA
Sailing yacht of the year - Dubois design - Zefira

● BEST Sailing Yacht from 30 to 44.99 meters:  Alloy sloop sail yacht IMAGINE

Best sailing yacht from 30 to 44.99 meters - sail yacht IMAGINE

● Judges’ SPECIAL Award:  58.40 meter Alloy sloop sail yacht KOKOMO

Sail yacht KOKOMO - Judge's special award

● Judges’ COMMENDATION:  57.5 meter Royal Huisman ketch sail yacht TWIZZLE

Sail yacht TWIZZLE award winner

Megayacht KOKOMO first came to the attention of our readers in January 2011 when she was named Best Sailing Yacht over 40 meters at the 20th annual International Superyacht Society Design Awards in Fort Lauderdale, FL. At the time, Dubois referred to the Mediterranean yacht charter vessel as, "…quite simply, the most advanced yacht of her type in the world today."

In mid-March, we profiled sail yacht TWIZZLE as our "Yacht of the Week."  She is the first Dubois-designed sailing superyacht to be built at the Royal Huisman Shipyard and at 57.5m, the largest Dubois-designed ketch built to-date.

Founded in 1977, Dubois Naval Architects has been at the center of world yacht design for many years.  The team seems superbly adept at creating yachts well-suited for sail boat charters. Saturday’s clean sweep of all major categories is a testament to the company’s ability to partner great design and excellence in naval architecture.
Other Dubois-designed mega yacht charter vessels include 54.30 meter Alloy sail yacht TIARA, 51.70 meter Alloy sail yacht RED DRAGON, and 37 meter sail Yachting Developments sail yacht, BLISS.


Make 2011 the year you and your family rent a private yacht.  Contact our charter specialists
HERE and enjoy the tranquility of a sailing holiday! 

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Finest Luxury Mega Yacht Charter Vessels Shine at Gala

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World Superyacht Awards - book the yacht charter winners here

Some of the newest and largest yachts for hire stole the show at the six annual World Superyacht Awards  in London, May 7, 2011

Of the sixteen new yachts honored, nine are available for hire in popular vacation destinations around the world.   One charter vessel, the 50 meter yacht EXUMA was even selected as the co-winner of the prestigious, "Motor Yacht of the Year."

Considered the "Oscars of the yacht industry," the evening ceremony took place at London’s historic Guildhall.  The glittering gala was attended by a distinguished guest list of over 500 yacht owners, naval architects, designers and their families and friends.

The coveted silver Neptune trophys were presented to a select few proud owners of the finest sail and motor yachts delivered in 2010.

World Superyacht Awards - Oscars of the yachting industry - book winners here

Jana Sheeder, President of SailAway Yacht Charters beamed as the final award was announced.  "We are so proud to represent for-charter nine of the winning yachts," said Sheeder.  "This is a great testament to the talents and keen eye of our charter department. Our team spends countless hours identifying potential yachts for hire.  We look at nearly one hundred vessels each year, hoping to discover 10 to 20 new yachts that exemplify elegant design and luxurious amenities. It is these yachts – the best of the best – that we present to our clients for their yachting vacations."     

Here is the list of winners, with click-for-brochure charter yachts highlighted in yellow:

BEST DISPLACEMENT MOTOR YACHT – 3,000 Gross Tons (GT) and Above
Winner: Eclipse
Judges’ Special Award: Palladium
Winner: SYCARA V
Judges’ Special Award: Lady Christine
Judges’ Commendation: Pacific 

Winner: EXUMA
Judges’ Commendation: BIG FISH

Winner: Framura 2
Joint Winner: Eclipse
Joint Winner: EXUMA
BEST SAILING YACHT – 45 meters and up
Winner: Zefira
Judges’ Special Award: ATLANTIC
Judges’ Special Award: KOKOMO
Judges’ Commendation: TWIZZLE

BEST SAILING YACHT – 30 meters to 44.99 meters

Judges’ Commendation: Lady B

Winner: Zefira


Isn’t it time you embarked on a cruise on a private yacht?  Contact our destination specialists HERE for a summer getaway.

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Hassle-Free Airport Screening – Our Top Four Travel Tips

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Follow our tips to make airport security checkpoints quick and easy

You’re on your way to the airport, ready to hop a flight to the Caribbean and begin your Virgin Island yacht charter vacation.  Running a little late, you think to yourself, "I hope I don’t get held up in the security screening and end up missing my flight."

If you prepare before you arrive at the airport, you’ll move more quickly through the security process. Follow these four suggestions to make the airport screening process as smooth as possible:

●  AVOID heavy metal.  No, we’re not talking about the Metallica album on your iPod.  Certain clothing and accessories (like metal buttons or metal belt buckles) can set off an alarm on the metal detector and slow you down. Don’t wear clothing or jewelry that contain metal when traveling through security checkpoints.  Pack heavy jewelry and other metal items in your carry-on baggage.

●  PACK your coats.  All coats and jackets that you are carrying must go through the X-ray machine for inspection.  If you choose to wear an outer coat or jacket at the screening checkpoint, you will need to either pack it in your carry-on baggage or put it in one of the X-ray bins.

●  WEAR shoes without laces.  You are required to remove your shoes before you pass through the metal detector. This includes all types of footwear, even sandals. Avoid the need to leave the security line to sit and untie laced shoes (like heavy Timberland boots when headed to cold country). Wear shoes that you can easily and quickly slip on and off.

●  DECLUTTER your carry-on bag.  This lets the security agents get a clear, uncomplicated X-ray image of your bag.  Try to limit liquids in carry-on bags to what you need for the duration of the flight, especially if you are taking a crewed luxury sailing charter or mega yacht charter.  The crew on your vessel will have plenty of onboard provisions, such as shampoo, liquid soaps, etc.   If you must take liquids, pack them in your checked baggage – you’ll get through security faster. 


Let’s make this a "Top FIVE" list – help us come up with one more tip for hassle-free airport screening.   Click HERE to give u
s your best suggestion for avoiding delays at airport security checkpoints and we’ll share your tip with our readers.  

Related Article:  Do Airport Body Scanners Pose A Risk to Travelers?

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Is a Perini Navi Yacht Charter in Your Future?

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Perini Navi luxury yacht charter sail boat MALTESE FALCON private charteryacht

In April, we shared a blog with our readers about the key reasons to consider a sailing yacht for their next yachting holiday.  Several customers called to agree with our assessment that sailboats offer a tranquil, more relaxing experience than a cruise on a motorized mega yacht. 

In an interesting twist – just as there are "brand" aficionados with power vessels – like folks who only seek a Benetti yacht charter – it turns out the sail yacht enthusiasts have a favorite manufacturer as well:  Perini Navi.

The Perini Navi Group builds superyachts under two specific brand names: Perini Navi for the sail boat division, and Picchiotti for the motor yacht division. Founded in 1983, Perini Navi Group has operations in five market sectors:

– Large sailing yachts that range from 40 to 60 meters
– Large sailing yachts over 60 meters and custom projects
– A racing line of sailing yachts
– A fast cruising line of sailing yachts
– Picchiotti motor yachts from the Vitruvius® series

It is in Viareggio, Italy, where the world’s premier brand of sail yacht projects are draw, developed and constructed.

From master Italian craftsmen, to the use of the finest materials and amenities, these sailing vessels have garnered critical acclaim, and a dedicated following of repeat charter customers.
Over a dozen yachts by this storied manufacture are available in the luxury sailing charter marketplace.  Among the standout vessels are sail yacht MALTESE FALCON, sail yacht MELEK, sail yacht SALUTE, and sail yacht PANTHALASSA.  


Do you have a favorite brand of sailing yacht?  Contact us HERE and tell us which manufacturer you like and why their yachts are the best for charter.


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Italian Superyacht Slashes Rate 4 Grand Prix

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Photograph of motoryacht OLA running. Yacht is heading to the left bottom corner of the screen. There are rocky hillsides in the background, as well as a tiny yacht anchored in the background.


Italian-built superyacht OLAH revved everyone’s engines recently. The owner announced a 25% price reduction AND a secured trackside berth for the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix.

The 47.5 meter yacht originally offered a 5-day race package for Euro € 159,000.  She then reduced that price to Euro € 120,000 for 5 nights, including the berth.  All running expenses, such as fuel, food, and bar, are extra.


The 2005 Italian megayacht is a regular fixture on the summer Mediterranean yacht charter circuit.  She has Walter Franchini Design, with a light and elegant interior by Cristiano Gatto Design.  Yacht OLAH (x-KOLAHA) accommodates up to 10 guests. She can host up to 40 guests while in port for race watching and corporate cocktail receptions.


Yacht charters are one of the most popular ways of experiencing special events like the Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, Mipim, or Fashion Weeks. 


At this late date, it is critical to have a secured superyacht berth,” states Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters and SailAway Yacht Charters

“Yachts without secured berths will be anchored in the bay, far from the race and the related onshore activities.


When it comes to events, no one is better at last-minute reservations than the destination specialists at 1-800 Yacht Charters.   Get in the race and contact the special events charter desk at today!

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Making a Splash – Hottest New Swimsuits for Summer 2011

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Yacht charter swimsuit fashions appear on runways worldwide

The summer Mediterranean yacht charter season is just around the corner, and we all have our hearts set on warm weather and sunny beaches.  Whether you’re planning a bareboat charter or a crewed catamaran charter, the swimsuit hunt has begun, and it’s time to check out the fashion runways for some stylish inspiration.

Let’s take a look at the hottest swimwear trends of the season. All photos by Imax Tree.

Swimsuits adorn runways in preparation to yacht charter vacations
Sexy Cut Outs:  The cut outs we often see on cocktail dresses and evening gowns have found their way into this season’s swimwear. Roksanda Ilincic
went for a dramatic look with a black strapless piece while Emanuel Ungaro took a feminine approach to the cut out style with a floral one-piece. Emilio Pucci joined the revealing trend with a graphic print suit.
Go for the Gold: Not a fan of vibrant colors?  You can still shine with the nude and gold trend of the season.  Elie Tahari created a shimmering brocade one-piece corset, along with a gold lamé bikini. Salvatore Ferragamo debuted a classic nude bikini with suede overcoat for a subtle but chic look. #fashion
Retro chic swimsuits are in style for mega yacht charters
Retro Chic:  Picture a lovely lady, circa 1968, lounging on the deck of a Monaco Grand Prix yacht, or Jackie Onassis and her friends lounging onboard the famous motor yacht Christina O.  Those images set the tone for the latest in retro swimsuits. High waists, balconette tops, and gingham highlight the 50’s and 60’s trend that has touched the swimwear scene.

Moschino’s black and white bustier bikini with high-waisted bottoms exemplified the throwback look. Elie Taharai created a textured top with matching hot shorts, while Rochas went with an exaggerated design to highlight feminine style.


Splash in to summer and rent a private yacht for the vacation of a lifetime.  Contact
our destination team HERE today!

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New Marina in Cyprus set to Welcome Yacht Rally Participants

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Karpaz Gate Marina in Northern Cyprus for Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally - book here

As the island of Cyprus continues to gain popularity as a Mediterranean yacht charter destination, Karpaz Gate Marina (KGM), a new luxury marina in northern Cyprus is scheduled to open in early June, 2011.
In anticipation of the official opening, Sea-Alliance Group, the marina’s management team, has announced that they will be welcoming yachts participating in the upcoming Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally (EMYR).
EMYR is an annual event, attracting 55 to 60 sailing yachts, travelling around the major ports of call in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The yacht owners and participating luxury sailing charter customers will be the very first visitors to use the marina, which is 90% complete at this time.  During the stopover at KGM, crew and guests will enjoy exclusive access to the facilities.  Berthing will be provided free of charge.  The marina is also arranging an evening of entertainment, including a welcoming party with local dignitaries.

Karpaz Gate Marina
is the first luxury marina built in Cyprus, and a component of the new Karpaz Bay Resort (KBR). Located on the stunning Karpaz Peninsula in the north-eastern tip of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Karpaz Gate Marina has 300 berths, including 12 berths for superyachts up to a maximum of 55 metres in length.

KGM should become an attractive destination for day and weekend trips, and where both large and small boats, and long- and short-term visitors, will be equally welcome. The management team has recently announced the opening of a beach club, scheduled to open in late 2011.

The resort will also include a children’s playground, a gym, restaurants, hotel, and a food and provisioning market.  Onsite services will include a yacht brokerage, ship chandlery, sailing school, and a SCUBA diving center.


To charter a yacht in the Eastern Mediterranean, contact our destination experts HERE.

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Newest Perini Navi Yacht Charter Vessel Named Motoryacht of the Year

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Motor yacht EXUMA yacht charter in French Polynesia
We first introduced our readers and clients to motor yacht EXUMA in mid-March.  At the time, we were a bit skeptical a company known for building  luxury sailing charter vessels (the Perini Navi Group) would tackle a project to build a 50 meter motoryacht. 
Any remaining skepticism has been replaced with jubilation as the Picchiotti built motor yacht EXUMA has been awarded Motoryacht of the Year at the World Superyacht Awards 2011.  The 50 meter yacht was also named Best Displacement Motoryacht under 500 gross tons.

Exuma mega yacht Perini Navi award-winning motoryacht
The sixth annual international ceremony was held last week, May 7th, in London’s Guildhall.  The Perini Navi yacht EXUMA was co-designated the winner along with the 162.5 meter yacht ECLIPSE, built by Blohm and Voss, styled by Terence Disdale Design, and owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.
The Perini Navi yacht EXUMA was designed by naval architect Philippe Briand. As we reported in March, the vessel is “unparalleled in terms of interior space design and deck organization. There are large spaces dedicated to ensuring privacy among guests, and plenty of room to store the yacht’s sizable watertoy equipment inventory.
Hovercraft water sports toy aboard megayacht EXUMA
Unique onboard toys include a Hovercraft, underwater Seabob scooter, an electric moped, and an Amphibian jeep.
Are you looking for a unique cruising destination?   As an alternative to a Mediterranean yacht charter holiday, EXUMA is offered for hire this summer in French Polynesia. Click HERE to contact our destination experts to reserve a week or more in paradise. 

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