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Destination Caribbean: Where is St Barts?

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Photograph of Jay Z and Beyonce on a boat ride. JayZ is wearing a blue and white horizontally striped short sleeved shirt and white pants. Beyonce is wearing a white tank top and her long hair is down. Jay-Z is waving to the camera. Beyonce is smiling.

Pop superstars Beyonce and Jay Z enjoy a boat ride during a yacht charter



Want to experience a Caribbean yacht charter like a celebrity?  Then look no further than the exclusive island of Saint Barthélemy, better known as St Barts.

Aerial view of the island of St Barts in the Caribbean. There are many sailboats and motoryachts at anchor and in the marina.

Aerial view of beautiful St Barts in the Caribbean


Why is St Barts so popular?  It is always sunny with very little rain. The tiny island has become famous for celebrity sightings. In specific, especially during the year-end holidays. This is where all-night New Year’s Eve yacht hops and parties capture the attention of the global newswires.  


Photograph of Gwen Stefani talking on the telephone while standing at the back of a yacht. She is wearing a long flowing skirt and a bikini top. Her blonde hair is up on top of her head, and she is wearing white sunglasses

Singer Gwen Stefani talks on telephone at the back of yacht



A playground for billionaire superyacht owners and pop culture icons, the scene in St Barts between Christmas and New Years is unlike anywhere else in the world.  From Mariah Carey and Sean “P Diddy” Combs, to Beyonce , Jay Z and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. All have spent time lounging on the sundeck of a multi-million dollar luxury mega yacht charter vessel dockside in the island’s Gustavia marina.


Photograph of motoryacht A from the back. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are leaving the yacht to go to St. Barts. The yacht is facing away in the photograph. You can read the large "A" on the back lower left side of the yacht., in grey script.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore seen leaving unique motor yacht A to go ashore in St Barts



So just where is St Barts, the island paradise dubbed, “Hollywood South?”




The island of St. Barts is popular. Specifically, where is it located?  St. Barts is a tiny island situated in the French West Indies.  Located 17°55’ north and 62°50’ west, just below the Tropic of Cancer, and north of the chain of the Lesser Antilles.  Puerto Rico is 240 km (about 160 miles) to the west. 

Map of the Caribbean. Drawing.

St. Barts – Caribbean map




St. Barts lies 35 km southeast of Saint Martin, separated by the Saint-Barthélemy Channel. It lies northeast of Saba and St Eustatius, and north of St Kitts. Some small satellite islets belong to St. Barts including Île Chevreau, Île Frégate, Île Toc Vers, and Île Tortue. A much bigger islet, Île Fourchue, lies to the north of the island, in the Saint-Barthélemy Channel. Other nearby islets include Coco, the Roques (or little Turtle rocks), and Sugarloaf.  

Seven thousand kilometers separate St Barts from Paris, but it is just 2500 from New York (about a 4 hour flight).



Why not rent a private yacht and join your favorite celebrities this winter for a week in a tropical paradise?  Contact the SailAway and 1-800 Yacht Charters destination professionals at for more information.

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Destination Italy: Where is Sardinia?

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Photograph of Cala Soraja Island of Spargi Sardinia Italy


Sardinia has been on everyone’s radar for the past few weeks.  First, we heard how Steven Spielberg, with Gwyneth Paltrow in tow, ran afoul of the local authorities as the tender to his superyacht, motoryacht SEVEN SEAS cruised too close to island beachgoers.



Then, we reported on the Perini Navi yacht charter fleet preparing for early September’s sailing regatta against the beautiful backdrop of Porto Cervo, Sardinia.



So exactly where is Sardinia and what is the allure that draws so many sailors and visitors?

Map of Sardinia. Colored drawing.

Sardinia is Italy’s second-largest island as well as the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and fascinating history. The nearest land masses are (clockwise from north) the French island of Corsica, the Spanish Balearic Islands, and the Italian Peninsula, Sicily, and Tunisia.

For Atlas lovers, the island of Sardinia is situated between 38° 51′ and 41° 15′ latitude north and 8° 8′ and 9° 50′ east longitude. To the west of Sardinia is the Balearic Sea; to Sardinia’s east is the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Over many centuries the island has survived countless invasions by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Arabs.  Local festivals on the island still reflect the long-lasting impact of those cultures.

Numerous castles, villages, temples and tombs cover the countryside, and with its perfect summer weather, tourists arrive in droves, some via Mediterranean yacht charter vessels, but many more via ferry service from the Italian mainland. In conclusion, where is Sardinia? It is a beautiful superyacht charter destination in the Mediterranean.  It is perfect for The Superyacht Experience(tm) by 1800yachtcharters. 


Have you been to Sardinia?  

For a sample yachting itinerary of the Italian Riviera, including Sardinia, contact our destination specialists at .

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Floating Office | Working Vacations on Large Yachts

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Aerial photograph of a man in a black suit and red tie, floating on a large blue raft in a pool. He is wearing sunglasses, talking on a cellphone, and using a laptop that sits in his lap. There are palm tree branches overhead.

The working vacation: one report estimates that 30% of employees do office work while on vacation.

Sure, you can call it an oxymoron, but in reality, many corporate executives mix business with pleasure when spending time away from the office.

Increasingly, the largest yachts available for luxury mega yacht charter are being designed with the  business traveler in mind – whether it’s via a small desk to check emails, or a complete media room for meetings and conferences.

The most common design is an area adjacent to the master cabin, which can serve as both an office or a sitting room.

The least common, but starting to appear in more and more superyachts is the dedicated meeting center.  Normally not part of the master suite, these dedicated media spaces are often on a separate deck, with room for conducting business and holding meetings or small conferences.

Whether formal or casual in design, most office spaces onboard yachts feature built-in internet connections, video screens, storage space, and most importantly – privacy.

Let’s look at some modern onboard office areas:

Motoryacht MI SUENO –  the study is part of the owner’s suite and features comfort, privacy, and the latest in technology.

Photograph of the study on private yacht charter boat, AQUILA

Motoryacht SIREN –  situated forward on the yacht’s main deck is the master suite. Attached is a private office which can be converted into a nanny’s stateroom with a double Pullman berth.

Motoryacht TURQUOISE – connected to the owner’s cabin, the office seems small in comparison to other yachts.  What makes the room with desk so charming is the upright piano.

Photograph of owner office on a yacht. It has a piano inside.


Remember to always focus on wellness.  Take a technology break on vacation. You owe it to yourself to rest, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labors!


Plan your next corporate retreat on a private yacht.  Contact  our executive meeting specialists HERE today.

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India’s Affluent Turning To Yacht Ownership

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Profile photo of multiple solid white powerboats at anchor. They are staggered, with the one at the bottom of the photograph being furthest to the left of the photo, and the one at the center of the photo being furthest to the right side of the picture. There is a bright blue sky and calm dark blue water

Yachting in India


Recent reports in the Indian press indicate changes.  Specifically, a new yachting culture has hit Indian shores. Globe-trotting Indians are starting to flaunt express cruisers and speedboats. These are the new symbols of wealth.  In addition, families are renting large yachts for vacations together.


Malav Shroff of Mumbai-based Mahindra Ocean Group comments.  “After you have luxury cars, upmarket living spaces, high-end accessories, and farmhouses, where would you spend your money? Yachts are becoming elements of aspiration for many.”   



Anju Dutta, a sales broker for Marine Solutions says sports cruisers are hot picks. “We have sold 45 Sea Ray sports boats and cruisers in the last year…in places like Goa, Cochin, and Kolkata,” she says. Marine Solutions also gets demand for premium Italian models like the Ferretti 570 motor yacht. More commonly seen in the Mediterranean yacht charter market, such as the Ferretti motor yacht NUMBER OF COWES, interest in both buying and chartering mid-range Ferretti models in India is on the rise.



Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters has been monitoring the increased demand for yachts in India. 

Mumbai is the country’s yacht capital, says Sheeder. “The number of motoryachts in the city has increased form 100 to over 200 in the past three years. The city has over 700km of waterfront exposure and the Maharashtra government has plans to develop multiple marinas.  This is truly an emerging yachting market.”  



Many Indian-owned yachts are used exclusively by the owners. Further, others are now available for charter. Specifically, both in India and in ports around the world.  Vijay Mallya owns the 95-meter motor yacht INDIAN EMPRESSSheeder and her company offer the yacht for hire. Her weekly rate is €600,000 plus expenses. 



In conclusion, book or purchase a motor yacht for your own private luxury yacht charter vacation today. Contact your yacht charter brokers at 1-800 Yacht Charters at 305-720-7245. If you prefer, complete our online inquiry form at .

We will be in touch with you right away to plan The Superyacht Experience™ for you today!

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Lionfish Invasion Strategy – Eat ‘Em!

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Lionfish photograph. The fish is swimming toward the left of the screen. The blurred background is coral rock on a bed of sand.



We see great menus on Caribbean yacht charter boats.  We are not sure this next recipe hits with yacht charter chefs, however.

Florida marine conservationists have a simple “recipe.”   They say, EAT the lionfish!



With few natural predators, Lionfish rapidly spread throughout the Caribbean and Atlantic.  They voraciously prey on many things. For instance, local fish, shrimp, and crab populations across the region and in Florida are targets.  Lionfish are a huge risk to the world-famous coral reefs of the south.

Bahamas yacht charter clients constantly see these venomous creatures.  



The Key Largo-based REEF conservation organization released “The Lionfish Cookbook.”  It is a  collection of 45 recipes to combat the red lionfish.

There are no government funds available to provide bounties or removal programs.  Conservationists hope to therefore create a commercial demand for the fish.

“It’s absolutely good eating — a delicacy. It’s delicately-flavored white meat, very buttery,” boasts Lad Akins.   In fact, he directs special projects for the Reef Environmental Education Foundation.  Akins authored the cookbook. He co-authored with professional chef, Tricia Ferguson.



Hurricane Andrew in 1992 – and as a result, an aquarium.   Researchers believe that Hurricane Andrew caused red Lionfish to invade Florida waters.  Specifically, an aquarium broke.  At least six lionfish spilled into Miami’s Biscayne Bay.  With no known predators, they freely breed and decimate sea creatures and corals.  It seems like such a small thing to happen.  It just goes to show you that 6 fish can destroy the ecology. Please be mindful of releasing exotic species.

The cookbook shares useful tips on collecting, handling, and preparing lionfish.  Furthermore, it provides expert background on its ecological impact.



Are you ready to explore the Caribbean? Want to taste some delicious lionfish menu items?  Click today.  We look forward to planning The Superyacht Experience™ for you!

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The Hot New Trends in Superyacht Fashion 2021

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The Winter/Fall superyacht charter season has arrived. Fortunately, most island destinations have lifted their travel bans.  The luxury superyacht charter fleet is making its way to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.  Indeed, everyone’s favorite rendezvous point, St Barts, is ready for business.  Every hotel, beach club, and resort (except for one) is reopened.  The harbor’s annual superyacht fireworks display on New Year’s Eve promises to be bigger and better than ever.  Yachting fashion trends abound.


So what will well-traveled women be wearing on their yachts this season?  Here’s a clue:  Look for traditional yacht club attire to give way to “Urban resort wear.”


That’s the buzz on the docks as 2020 winds down, and “yachties” start planning their Winter/Fall escapes.




Certainly, we’ve all seen it.  Covid-19 travel restrictions, lockdowns, and working from home have created a fashion, “new normal.”  Significantly, couture and business attire have been cast aside.  Who needs to dress up for a Zoom meeting when casual wear will do?  Blouses, blazers, heck – even resort-casual clothing now feels restrictive and confining.


We’re yearning for freedom…for the opportunity to once again get out and explore.




Look for statement pieces to reflect the fusion of workwear and leisurewear – all inspired by warm-weather destinations.  The islands offer warm waters and gentle breezes year-round.  Fall collections will integrate lightweight and breathable materials. Denim, cotton, and poplin will lead the way. Of course, some synthetics will remain – to add a bit of stretch where needed.  Still, natural, sustainably-sourced materials will be front and center.


Simply put, Urbanwear is effortless and empowering.


Get your passports ready, ladies – the islands and the hottest clothing trends are calling your name…



Here are three examples of this season’s hottest yacht fashions, selected by the fashionistas at 1-800 Yacht Charters.



Perfect for socializing on the sundeck of your yacht.  Tuck in the top and you’re ready for dinner ashore…

Photograph of a dark-haired girl wearing khaki-colored culottes and a white sleeveless top. She is facing the camera. She is wearing white sneakers. She is carrying a beige flat tote bag with a cat drawing on it in her right hand, and she has nothing in her left hand. There is a rattan chair with white cushion on her left side, and there is a wooden table on her right side. There are 2 books on the table, as well as a bud vase with a single thistle-like grey flower stem in it. There is a beige wall behind her. There are paintings propped against the wall on the floor on her right side.




Looking to do a little duty-free shipping along the boardwalk in Philipsburg, St Maarten?  This fresh, island look defines today’s modern yachtswoman.

Photograph of a dark-haired girl standing and facing the camera. She is wearing blue denim jeans and a tropical tank top with green palm leaves on it. She is holding a red purse with beige straps in her left hand. Her right arm is by her side.




You’ve got this, girl! Stay cool and wow the crew as you climb into your yacht’s tender.  It’s a short boat ride from your superyacht to the shoreline in Gustavia, St Barts for a beach picnic and barbeque.

Photograph of an Asian girl in nautical striped short sleeved shirt with white side-pocket shorts. She is facing the camera. The photo includes the top of her head down to her feet. She is wearing white flat sandals. She is holding a white bowler hat with black band in her right hand. Her left hand is on her left hip. She is looking toward the left side of the photograph. There is a rattan chair with white cushion on it beside her on her right side, and a small wooden table on her left side. The table has 2 bud vases on it with flower stems and 1 grey thistle-like flower in each.



In conclusion, are you ready to plan your yacht charter vacation?  Now that you know the latest fashion trends, isn’t it time you pampered yourself and those you love?  Book a private luxury yacht charter vacation today. Contact your yacht charter brokers at 1-800 Yacht Charters at 305-720-7245. If you prefer, complete our online inquiry form at

We will be in touch with you right away to plan The Superyacht Experience™ for you!

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