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58 Meter Luxury Yacht Charter Vessel Slashes Rates For South Pacific

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Photograph of three young women being shuttled away from a large blue superyacht (background) on a fast speedboat. A handsome, smiling mate wearing white polo shirt and navy baseball cap that matches the yacht colors, is driving the speedboat. There is a wake from the speedboat behind it that extends the width of the large yacht behind it.



Need a little incentive to press on with your plans to enjoy a 7 night Tahiti yacht charter?  Perhaps saving over $100,000 off the regular weekly rate of a 191 foot megayacht might do the trick!



The 58 meter Trinity yacht charter superyacht UNBRIDLED has just announced a major price reduction to entice luxury travelers to come explore the exotic locale of Tahiti and the islands of the South Pacific.



Currently enroute to Tahiti, motor yacht UNBRIDLED has converted her rates from Euro €329,000 per week to USD $300,000 per week for the months of March and April, 2012. 



The currency conversion equates to a price savings in US Dollars of approximately $132,660 – about a 30% discount.




Built in 2009 in the USA by Trinity Yachts, the five stateroom vessel offers accommodations for 10 guests, complimented by a crew of 13. 



She has multiple key features. For instance, 

• A large inventory of watertoys. For example, waverunners, kayaks, a Hobie Cat sailboat, and waterskis

• Luxurious appointments and comfort.  She has a stunning, richly-detailed interior

• Superb cuisine by Chef Jason Meakin

• An impeccable crew. Yacht co-captains are Richard Grissell and Elmar Blaauw




After spending late spring in the south Pacific, Motor yacht UNBRIDLED will continue her world tour.  Premium dates remain available for charters in the Mediterranean in the summer months.



Contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at to reserve prime dates onboard UNBRIDLED.

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Amendment to Italian Yacht Tax Applauded By Luxury Yacht Charter Industry

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Photograph of Portofino, Italy marina. Green mountain in the background. Colorful red, yellow, and orange houses along the shoreline. Classic Portofino photograph. Dark turquoise water in harbor. Multiple sailboats and motoyachts anchored in the harbor.

In January we informed our readers of a new Italian yacht tax signed into law in December 2011.  Effective May 1, 2012, the tax will assess a fee for each day a yacht is in service in Italian waters.

Superyacht industry experts, like Jana Sheeder, President of SailAway Yacht Charters and 1-800 Yacht Charters, and others, urged Italian authorities to analyze the economic impact of the pending legislation.

“Our concern was the quest for increased tax revenue might have a far-reaching effect on both the charter industry, and ancillary businesses that support yachting such as marinas, fuel brokers, shipyards, and tourism offices,”  said Sheeder. “Even if you exclude charter revenues, support-related industries on their own generate  €200,000,000 in annual revenue.”

To their credit – the Italian lawmakers listened…

Photograph of the Italian government. Photo shows 6 levels of seating, as if an orchestra audience, full of men and women in dark-colored suits.

On Tuesday, February 21, the 10th Commission of the Italian Senate for Industry, Commerce, and Tourism passed the Grillo and Cutrufo amendment to the Italian berth tax legislation.  The amendment stipulates the berthing tax will only be applied to Italian citizens who own a vessel, even if the yacht flies a foreign flag.   Foreign citizens who own a boat or Mediterranean yacht charter vessel are exempt from this tax, regardless of their length of stay in Italian waters.

Fulvio Luise, President of Federagenti Yacht Division, expressed his satisfaction:  “The passing of this amendment is an important recognition to the economic impact the yachting industry has in Italy and we look forward to welcoming new and returning megayacht clients to Italian waters this summer.”

Sheeder echoed Luise’s sentiments:

“This amendment will allow Italy to continue to compete on an equal playing field with neighboring countries for the charter sector of the Mediterranean yachting market.  We’re hopeful that the Italian yacht charter market will continue to flourish for many more years.”


To hire a yacht in France, Italy, Spain or elsewhere in the Mediterranean, contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters destination experts at

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Britain’s Richest Woman Takes Delivery of UK’s Largest Luxury Yacht Charter Vessel

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Photograph of the stern quarter profile of a luxury superyacht. Inset photo at top right corner, in a circle, is the face of Britain's richest woman, Kirsty Bertarelli

Vava II and Britain’s Richest Woman



Presenting the largest private luxury yacht built in Britain.  The yacht is delivered to the UK’s wealthiest woman, Kirsty Bertarelli. The yacht’s maiden voyage to the Caribbean began. 



On Friday, March 2, the 90 meter motor yacht VAVA II left.  It went from the Devonport shipyard in Plymouth.  The 314 foot superyacht (priced at £100 million) commissioned for former Miss UK. Gift recipient is 40 year old Kirsty Bertarelli.  Gift giver is her billionaire husband, Ernesto Bertarelli, 46.



What does Bertarelli do?  He is a Swiss pharmaceutical tycoon.  The man is reputedly worth £6.8 billion.  This wealth makes him the 81st richest man in the world.  He is the fifth richest man in the UK.  He had megayacht VAVA II built by Plymouth-based Pendennis Plus (formerly Devonport Yachts).

Photograph of a large white motoryacht at anchor in front of a large grass covered rock. Blue sky with clouds above. Yacht facing left.

Superyacht VAVA II





The “big white boat” has many features. For instance, a fold-down beach club, and a pool. The pool can can be varied in depth to cater for guest preferences.




Superyacht VAVA II was designed by Redman Whitely Dixon, with interior styling by Remi Tessier. The yacht is built to SOLAS-36 passenger ship standards and will set a new standard in the charter market for 2012 and beyond.




Kirsty Bertarelli (formerly Kirsty Roper) won Miss UK in 1988 when she was 17. She now lives in Switzerland.



In conclusion, view the world’s largest yachts available for hire at

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Caribbean Catamaran Draws High Praise

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Drawing of open envelope. There is a letter coming out of it. The paper reads EMAIL. There is a blue arrow coming from behind the envelope, bottom left side, and going around the front base of the envelope, heading to the right. The envelope is tilting toward the top left side of the drawing.

Yacht Charter review by email


“Dear SailAway,

I just wanted to write and let you know what a fabulous time we had on the (sailing catamaran) Secret Oasis!!!

Profile photograph of sailing catamaran, Secret Oasis. The name is on the side of the boat in blue cursive font. The yacht is at anchor. Her sails are down. There is a light blue sail cover over the sail that goes horizontally across the boat.

Secret Oasis yacht charter catamaran

It was everything we had hoped and more. Richard and Adele who were the crew were topnotch. – two of the nicest people any of us had ever met. Their respect for us and the boat was superior. They went out of their way to show us the best of the BVI…beaches, snorkeling, sailing, caving, beach was all great.



The meals were 5-star, accommodations were wonderful, and of course, sailing and traveling from island to island and enjoying the beautiful BVI.

Maybe you can pass this on to the manager or owner of the Secret Oasis: I think they should be aware of the care and respect shown to both the boat and to us.

I cannot imagine two better people to represent the Oasis..We will be back!!

Thanks for your help, SailAway

Diane M”



Thank you to Diane…   We guess the “Secret” is out of the bag, Diane! Thank you for your kind comments about this season’s stars of the crewed catamaran charters market – sail yacht SECRET OASIS, and her crew.




Many people have spent time aboard sail catamaran SECRET OASIS.  Captain Richard Smit and Hostess Adele are amazing. Adele is a cheerful South African First Mate with the same, catchy name as the singer, Adele



Boundless energy and enthusiasm, they make the Energizer Bunny  look like a slow moving hare on Rohypnol.



Richard and Adele operate the 56 foot Voyage catamaran. She is a boat packed with watertoys.  The yacht features a perfect 5-cabin layout for 10 passengers.  Each of the staterooms features a 17-inch TV with built-in DVD and CD player. The rooms also have other things. For instance, vanity and a private bathroom ensuite.



Catamaran sail yacht SECRET OASIS is one of over one dozen crewed catamarans.  SailAway Yacht Charters also represents 31 meter sail yacht IPHARRA, 23 meter sail catamaran KING’S RANSOM, and the 19 meter catamaran, IN THE WIND.



Shouldn’t your next vacation be as much fun as the one enjoyed by Diane M? Contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters specialists at to plan your own yachting holiday!

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How to Bypass Crowded Marinas For London Olympics Yacht Charters

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Graphic of London Olympics 2012 logo. Version has Olympic rings at top, Tower of London, Ferris Wheel, Big Ben, London Bridge drawings in center to match the colors of the rings, and the words, London 2012, with colorful ribbon entwined in letters and numbers


We posted a blog about the high demand for berths in the heart of London during the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games.  We then wondered about convenient alternative locations for superyacht dockage. 





YAY!  There is an excellent port facility away from the crowded downtown London docks. It has good deepwater berths. It is also easy to arrange helicopter access into the heart of London from here.

Portland Port is ready to roll out the red carpet for luxury yacht charter vessels this summer, and might just become this year’s megayacht hotspot, with multiple deep water berths and anchorages available.

Photograph of Portland Port in the UK

Portland Deepwater Port



There is a special bonus.  Portland Port is host to the Olympic and Paralympics sailing races.

It is situated at the end of a peninsula off the Dorset coast.  This port is an ideal location to enjoy Olympic sailing events. It is also great for escaping the crowded Royal docks near downtown London. Charterers heading for stadium events can avoid the Thames River from here. They can shuttle via helicopter from Dorset into the heart of London.




Jana Sheeder, President of SailAway Yacht Charters and 1-800 Yacht Charters expounds on the advantages of docking in Portland, especially for large sailboats. 

“Because of height restrictions, some large luxury sailing charter vessels are unable to cruise down the Thames.  Portland is an excellent alternative for these sailboats.  Our team will partner with local port authorities to offer the ultimate in luxury packages including helicopter transport to and from Olympic events.”



Portland Port offers multiple deep water berths suitable for vessels over 24m LOA, and also serves as an excellent stop-over destination between popular locations such as Falmouth, the Solent, and the Isle of Wight. The pretty, traditional seaside town of Weymouth is only 15 minutes away by taxi.


Photograph of the sunset shining through the rocks of Stonehenge. The sky is orange, and the grass is rich green.



The prospect of using Portland as a gateway to adventure has Sheeder beaming. 

“Attending the Olympic Games while enjoying a yachting-based vacation will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our clients. By using Portland as a base, charterers will not only have easy access to the Games, but also be at the gateway for exploring nearby sites like Stonehenge, the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bath, and the Jurassic Coast.”



It’s not too late to arrange a yachting holiday this summer in London.  Contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters special events team at for details on planning your London Olympics yacht charter.

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Luxury yacht charters: High Demand For Berths Expected For London Olympics Yacht Charters

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Aerial photograph of London England. The photograph shows multiple waterways where superyachts can be docked for the olympics.

Dockage in London for Olympics


Renting a luxury yacht charter vessel for the London Olympic Games is easy.  Securing a place to dock is a challenge, however.



Event organizers expect a scramble for berths. Dockage along the Thames river and canals is premium.  Some of London’s waterways pass within 100 meters of the Olympic stadium at Stratford.  Last minute space is unlikely to be available. 




Some vessels like the 99 meter legendary Mediterranean yacht charter motor yacht CHRISTINA O have already arrived in London to stake out a berth, nearly five months in advance of the Games.


Photograph of large white yacht with yellow smoke stack, CHRISTINA O, at anchor

Christina O superyacht




Back in May, 2011, we reported on berths being offered at the Royal Docks, adjacent to the ExCel Centre (the venue for Boxing, Wrestling, Fencing, Taekwondo, and Table Tennis).  As of March 1, local authorities report less than half of the 50 premium superyacht berths remain available.



“One thing is certain.” says Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters and SailAway Yacht Charters. “For the month of August, 2012, London will be the luxury mega yacht charter capital of the world.”



The 2012 London Olympic Games take place from July 27 through August 12.  For a list of available yachts and up-to-date dockage information, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters special events coordinators at

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Movie Director Beats Branson Yacht Owner

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A famed Hollywood filmmaker has bested an equally famous celebrity explorer as well as an underdog submariner in a race to be the first explorer of the ocean deadliest trench in half a century.



James Cameron plunged about seven miles to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific ocean, where temperatures near freezing and the bone-crushing pressure is one thousand times greater than that at sea level.

Photograph of James Cameron in a green and black submarine that is sitting on the deck of a boat. He is wearing a black beanie hat and a black short-sleeved t-shirt.  He has a white beard and a huge smile.

James Cameron, submarine, National Geographic



In January, we profiled the epic attempt by three teams of modern-day explorers to reach the ocean’s deepest point – the first attempt in over 50 years. 



Cameron, the director of Avatar, Titanic and The Abyss, was up against British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, owner of the 32 meter (111 foot) luxury yacht charter vessel NECKER BELLE.  The third team was headed by Patrick Lahey.  Lahey and his team, Triton Submarines, were heavy underdogs to their wealthy competitors.



Speaking after the dive, Cameron described the ocean bottom as a “completely alien world” – similar to the surface of the moon. 

It was a “very lunar, very desolate place. Very isolated,” Cameron said.



Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters weighs in on this epic challenge.  She believes in accomplishing bucket list items while on yacht charter.

“How often do you get an opportunity to explore the bottom of the ocean? I don’t mean via reality television shows provide this option. I mean, charter a yacht and take the onboard submarine below the surface of the sea. It’s an amazing experience.”



Plan your own adventure aboard Bahama yacht charters motor yacht MINE GAMES is one of the first charter vessels to carry an onboard submarine as part of the yacht’s watertoy inventoryContact 1-800 Yacht Charters at to schedule your luxury yacht charter.


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Much ADO About Yacht Special

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Aerial photograph of motoryacht ADO underway. It is headed toward the bottom right corner of the picture.  The yacht has a blue hull and white superstructure. There are waves coming off of the left side of the yacht in the photo.

ADO motoryacht


You’ve got to hand it to the team in our marketing department – they are always looking for ways to entice travelers to experience the excitement and adventure of a luxury yacht charter vacation.


Take, for example, Broward motoryacht ADO, a 121′ luxury yacht based in the Mediterranean.  The owner of the yacht offered our charter department a $5000 bonus for any bookings we secure before March 31.  
Our marketing department, however, had other ideas…


Rather than keeping the money for ourselves, our marketing department decided we should GIVE the $5000 away to a customer.  That’s right – give the money away!


After a few moans and groans, our charter department realized this is a great idea – we’ll give the $5000 as an instant rebate to any client who books motoryacht ADO for a week or longer this summer in the Mediterranean.


But wait…there’s even more good news.


Our marketing team decided to reach into their 2012 budget and match motoryacht ADO’s offer by adding an additional $5000 bonus rebate to the deal.
So – for any summer yacht charter of 7 nights or longer booked on Broward motoryacht ADO by March 31, 2012, the customer will receive an instant rebate of $10,000!!!


Built by Broward Yachts, motor yacht ADO has been beautifully maintained with refits every year and has added some upgrades during her most recent refit in 2011. She features spacious reception areas and wide open decks which are the perfect setting for entertaining.


Her top deck is a great feature of the yacht with large sun pads and an eight person Jacuzzi tub. With a wide range of tenders and watertoys, she is a fantastic family yacht with great communal areas making her an ideal charter yacht.


M/Y ADO can accommodate up to 10 guests in five individual staterooms including a master suite with king berth, settee, his-and-hers walk-in closets and a his-and-hers ensuite bathroom, separated by a Jacuzzi tub.  There are two queen staterooms with ensuite bathrooms,  as well as two twin cabins, also with bathrooms ensuite.


The highly professional crew have been together for years and this yacht has a meticulous charter reputation.


The weekly charter rate is $100,000 plus running expenses.  This price drops for SailAway customers down to $90,000/wk after the special $10,000 instant rebate.
Blue Grotto Amalfi Coast Italian Riviera luxury yacht charter vacation mediterranean yacht charter ado
 Come explore Italy’s famous Blue Grotto and the Amalfi Coast, or spend a week away from the tourists in the pristine coastal waters of Croatia.  Your options for exploration and relaxation are endless, onboard motoryacht ADO…


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Must Have Gadget for your Luxury Yacht Charter

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You are going on a luxury yacht charter vacation in a few months, and you want to bring your iPod.  You worry that it may end up in the ocean or that water will damage it, though.  NO WORRIES!


Introducing the AquaTunes, America’s favorite waterproof radio pouch for use onboard yacht charters.  It works with cd players, mp3 players, iPods, and cassette players. It is designed to be used underwater by snorkelers or by any other watersports enthusiast who enjoys listening to music, radio, or books on tape in the water!  (Note:  This is a great gift to give to anyone who is headed on a St. Barts yacht charter or a charter boat in Turkey!) 


Photograph of Aqua Tunes by Aqua Gear

Aqua Tunes

So on your crewed catamaran charter or bareboat sailboat adventure, remember to bring your AquaTunes to enjoy your iPod and iTunes on your private yacht!



To rent your private yacht, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at

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Porto Cervo Hosts Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta

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Photograph of 2 large sailboats with black hulls and black sails racing. They are both close-up photos of the yachts side-by-side.

Loro Piana Sailing Regatta

Twenty-one yachts have registered, including some of the largest luxury sailing charter  vessels for one of the most popular yachting events in the Mediterranean.

The Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta is scheduled for June 4-9, 2012, in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

First launched in 2008 and hosted by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, this signature event opens the annual superyacht calendar and Mediterranean yacht charter season.  An assortment of modern, classic, performance and cruising vessels will be on hand to watch or participate in five days of exhilarating sailing.

Many popular yachts expected to register. For instance, 

56 meter sailing yacht SELENE
57 meter sailing yacht TWIZZLE 

Last year’s overall winner of the Loro Piana Silver Jubilee Cup was HIGHLAND FLING XI.


To reserve a luxurious sailing yacht in the Mediterranean this summer, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at

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