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Adventure Calls Onboard Luxury Yacht Charter in Maldives

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luxury motor yacht charter maldives yacht rental yacht holiday

It’s been said the Maldives are the picture-perfect location for diving, swimming and blissful relaxing, and motoryacht MOECCA is prepared to prove that adage is true.  

charter a luxury yacht MOECCA maldives yacht holiday alquilar yates
The 150′  luxury mega yacht charter vessel plans to call the island archipelago its home, from November, 2011 through March, 2012.

Swim with sharks shark feeding maldives motoryacht moecca luxury yacht
The Maldives offer visitors the chance to enjoy crystal clear water and snow white, sandy beaches.   Located in the Indian Ocean,  the Republic of Maldives is an island nation formed by a double chain of twenty-six (26) atolls. The water temperature is amazingly warm, about 31c (87f), and the opportunities for snorkeling and diving seem endless. There are hundreds of reefs, some in the shallow waters of enclosed lagoons.

motor yacht charter maldives moecca luxury motor yacht megayacht superyacht
MOECCA is a 150′ jet drive vessel offering crewed catamaran charters.  The twin hulls create a very large stable platform at anchor and while cruising. She has a spacious interior volume and a 2150 sq ft (200 sq m) sun deck.

luxury yacht charter motor yacht hire private yacht charter iate yacht rental
Accommodations for 12 passengers are offered in 6 staterooms, each with ensuite bathroom, 20" flat screen TV, and full entertainment systems. Guest may use a 7th cabin as an onboard private office.  High speed WIFI internet is available throughout the yacht.
November – 15 December:  $155,000 USD/ per week plus expenses
15 December – 15 January:  $195,000 USD/ per week plus expenses
15 January – on: $155,000 USD/per week plus expenses


FREE sample itinerary!  Interested in learning more about a Maldives Island cruise? 
Contact our office and we’ll email to you a custom 7-day itinerary for exploring the Maldives onboard motor yacht  MOECCA.

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Battle-in-the-Bay: Sailboat Charter Yacht ANNAGINE Offers St Tropez

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Charter sailboat Annagine sailing yacht charter regatta sailboat race
The 12th Annual Les Voiles de St. Tropez is scheduled for September 24 through October 2, and luxury sailing charter sloop ANNAGINE is offering a special land-and-sea regatta race package.  

Dubbed the, "Battle in the Bay" promotion, up to 10 guests can enjoy the hands-on experience of participating in a world-famous sailing regatta and race, the Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez. 

Priced at €60,000 per week, the package includes the yacht, the addition of 4 extra crew members with racing experience to join the yacht’s regular 3-man crew, and 5 double rooms in the four-star Hotel Sube in Saint Tropez.

If you’ve never participated in a sailing yacht race, this is a rare opportunity to both race and relax in the most famous seaside city in France – St Tropez. 

No European resort has gone through more popularity shifts than seductive St. Tropez. It’s sizzling this season.  Yes, the streets and beaches are crowded, but this former fishing village has a relaxed "anything goes" attitude to which visitors quickly succumb.

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez sail yacht regatta sailboat charter Annagine

Organized by the Societe Nautique of Saint-Tropez, the Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez is an amazing rendezvous of yachts. Almost three thousand sailors will be competing against one another on more than two hundred and fifty extraordinary modern sailing boats alongside the most beautiful, traditional yachts.

Launched in 2010, the classic 33.90 meter sloop sail yacht ANNAGINE is designed and built for comfortable, high performance cruising and is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art technology for successful luxury sailing charter.  The sloop can accommodate 6 to 8 guests in 3 staterooms and offers a cozy entertainment and living areas that display elegance and style in a comfortable, informal atmosphere.

The battle in the bay of Saint-Tropez concludes on October 2nd, with the presentation of the Trophée Rolex – awarded to the regatta’s overall winner of the feature race – The Rolex Cup

With a professional crew onboard, no sailing or racing experience is required.

So climb aboard, enjoy the competition, camaraderie, and excitement of cruising with hundreds of boats on the bay of St Tropez!

For more information, contact SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants HERE.


From the Bahamas to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, there are dozens of regattas for both experienced sailors and casual travelers.  Contact
our vacation specialists HERE to arrange a sailing odyssey of a lifetime.

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Best Scuba Diving Spots in South Florida

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Dive South Florida scuba diving snorkel trips hookah dive clubs miami
With the tight economy forcing American boaters to reconsider expensive trips abroad, the appeal of Florida yacht charters has increased dramatically in the past two years.  Perhaps not on par with a Virgin Islands yacht charter, there are still plenty of points of interest while cruising along the South Florida coast, especially for charterers who also enjoy scuba diving.  

While the Florida Keys may be known for their fishing and scuba diving locations, both Broward and Miami-Dade counties have some of the best spots to scuba dive in the nation. From natural reefs to sunken ships, it’s amazing what can be found off the shores of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.   Many of the reefs and wrecks can be found in 60 to 80 feet of water, making South Florida a great choice for both novice and advanced divers.

Here are some of our top picks:

Scuba tug boat Ft Lauderdale wreck diving night diving scuba snuba Tugboat Jay Scutti
Tugboat Jay Scutti (off Ft. Lauderdale)
Sunk in Sept. 1986, this 95 foot tug was seized by the government in a drug smuggling operation. It was bought at auction by a man who renamed it the "Jay Scutti," after his son. The wreck lies in 70 feet of water and is centered between a 45 foot wreck named "Moonshot" and another named "Pride," a 95 foot sailboat.  All three wrecks are tethered together by a cable. Divers can usually explore two of the wrecks in one dive. Lots of fish inhabit the Jay Scutti, and it’s possible to enter the wreck through various openings.

Dive wrecks Florida Miami Broward Ft Lauderdale Ft. snorkeling trips snorkle
Hammerhead Reef (off Ft. Lauderdale)
Located just south of Port Everglades and running to the Dania Pier, this two and a half mile reef is famous for its sharks, rays, and large grouper.  The front portion of the reef is in 60 feet of water, while the back side plunges to 80 feet.  In some spots, the reef rises to nearly 20 feet. Tons of marine life call this reef home and make it a great spot for reef diving.

Miami Beach Wreck Trek dive spots south florida diving scuba tug boat wrecks Belzona Rio
Miami Beach Wreck Trek (off Miami Beach)
It’s pretty impressive how artificial reefs have been created by linking multiple wrecks together via a guide cable. The Miami Beach Wreck Trek is a shallow dive, about 50 to 60 feet of water.  It begins with a pair of army tanks on the southern end. As they swim north, divers encounter several tons of limestone boulders and more wrecks like the "Rio Miami," a 105 foot tug which sits upright in about 65 feet of water.

Also off the Miami Beach coast is a trio of sunken tug boats. The "Belzona Ona," lies in 85 feet of water.  About 75 feet away is the second tug, "Belzona Two," in 60 feet of water. The deepest of the trio, "Belzona Three," is a 100 foot tug at a depth of 85 feet.

Dive barge wreck south florida belcher barge scuba diving dive boats florida
Not far away is the "Belcher Barge #27," a 195 foot steel barge that was sunk in 1985. The barge flipped on its way to the bottom, but experienced divers can penetrate it and swim the ship’s entire length.


Please comment to let us know about your experiences diving these awesome Florida dive sites!

In addition to cruising in south Florida, Bahama yacht charters are great options for closer-to-home getaways.  Contact our local charter guides for more details in Miami, the Florida Keys and nearby Bimini, Bahamas.

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Coast Guard Fines Steven Spielberg Yacht With Gwyneth Paltrow Aboard

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Photograph of Steven Spielberg standing next to Gwyneth Paltrow. He is wearing a black suit with white shirt and black tie. She is wearing a black dress with a silver broach on the left side. They are both smiling. Photo taken before they received Coast Guard fine for yacht coming to close to shore


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow joins Steven Spielberg for a day of boating that ends up costing him.  The Hollywood Director received a small fine from the Italian Coast Guard, as his yacht came too close to the coast and angered beachgoing sunbathers in Sardinia.


According to the Daily Mail, Spielberg’s 280 foot motor yacht, SEVEN SEAS, breached maritime regulations.  Beachgoers were quick to call police and the Coast Guard, who slapped the director of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn  with a 172 Euro fine.



As to the incident, Merchant Marine’s Vincenzo Petrella stated,

“We arrived at the scene, and there was a bearded gentleman signing autographs for people on the beach. Holidaymakers called us because the tender was so close to the shore. I recognized him instantly and he came up to me and said ‘I’m Steven Spielberg. How can I help?’ I told him that regulations forbid tenders coming within 300 meters of the shore. I said that I had no other option but to fine him.”

Per Petrella,  the “very apologetic” director offered to pay there, on the spot.  “I explained it had to be paid via a post office account. He took the paperwork and the next day a fax arrived at our office confirming that the fine had been paid” to the merchant navy.

Originally available as a Mediterranean yacht charter vessel, Spielberg yacht Seven Seas has been used exclusively this season by her famous owner, and numerous celebrity guests, like Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted onboard.

Although Seven Seas is not a green yacht, learn more about carbon neutral yachts in our blog post, Ultra Green Yacht to be First Self-Sufficient Zero Carbon Vessel.


Many luxury yacht charter vessels are offering deep discounts to fill their remaining available dates in August.  Take advantage of savings of 25% or more this month.  Contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at today!

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Destination Caribbean – Where is St Thomas?

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St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands USVI

Yesterday, a potential (and first-time) Virgin island yacht charter customer asked, "Where do we fly, to catch the boat?"  As we answer a dozen times a week, we replied, "St. Thomas."

For many years, St. Thomas has been the gateway to the Caribbean, and the embarkation port for thousands of Caribbean yacht charter odysseys.  With a major international airport and a large, protected bay in the capital city, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas is a boater’s paradise.

St Thomas is one of three main islands that comprise the United States Virgin Islands (USVI).  The other two islands are St John and St Croix. 

Map of Caribbean Florida, Bahamas, Virgin Islands

Located in the area of the Caribbean known as the West Indies, St Thomas is 1100 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, USA, and just 35 miles to the east of the island of Puerto Rico. 

Average flight time from Miami to St Thomas is 2 hours and 50 minutes, and from San Juan, Puerto Rico to St Thomas is 30 minutes.

Once onboard a luxury sailing charter vessel in St Thomas, the sailing time to the nearby British Virgin Islands is approximately 2 hours.  Motoryachts can make the trip in less than 1 hour.

sail boat yacht sailboat cruising charter vela luxury sailboat
Click HERE for a selection of the newest yachts available for a St Thomas yacht charter vacation.


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Destination Caribbean: Where is Grand Bahama?

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Dive Bahamas scuba snorkel adventures shark dives living reefs Bahama Yacht Charters

Recently, a customer asked, “Where is St Thomas?” We answered the question in our blog, entitled, “Destination Caribbean:  Where is St. Thomas?.”  Today, we identify the location of another popular destination — one of the most family-friendly islands in the Bahamas — GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND.  

The embarkation point of many Bahama yacht charters, Grand Bahama Island is located in the Caribbean, in the Atlantic Ocean, about 190 miles west of Nassau, 55 miles from South Florida (due east of Fort Lauderdale) and northeast of Cuba. Atlas and map users users will find the island at coordinates 26°39?N 78°19?W. 

Grand Bahama Island map Freeport Lucaya Bahamas GB

Grand Bahama is the fifth largest island in the Bahamas island chain of approximately 700 islands and more than 2,000 cays.  It is in the Eastern Standard Time zone (EST). Daylight Savings Time (DST) is observed in the summer months from March to November, when the time is pushed forward by 1 hour to Eastern Daylight-savings Time (EDT). It shifts back by 1 hour after the summer, and returns to EST.

By air, the island’s international airport, Grand Bahama International Airport (GBIA), is 35 minutes from Miami, 3 hours from New York, 7 hours from Los Angeles, and 9 hours across the pond, from London.

The charms of the island attract visitors from around the world arriving on the largest yacht charter vessels. It seems the deep surrounding waters and the bordering shallow reefs teeming with tropical fish are an irresistible magnet that keeps boaters coming back year after year. The islands premier marina is the full-service 115-slip Port Lucaya Marina

Port Lucaya Marina Grand Bahama Freeport Lucaya megayacht superyacht luxury yacht charter Bahamas

Grand Bahama features miles of beautiful beaches, nature preserves, resort hotels, a major casino, nighttime entertainment, an animal shelter full of the Bahamas’ own breed of dog available for adoption (the potcake), warm, tropical, emerald-green seas, and tons of watersports activities. 

A NEAT FACT:  When Christopher Columbus visited the island in 1492, he called it Gran Bajamar – ‘Great Shallows,‘ from which the name Grand Bahama was derived;  however, the name of the island’s capital city, Freeport / Lucaya, is probably better known to the world today than the name of the island, itself.  


Come explore the Bahamas on some of the newest yachts
available for charter HERE.

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Just to say we had a fabulous, wonderful, brilliant time on motoryacht NATORI.

The luxury mega yacht charter boat was lovely, the crew fabulous, food tooooo yummy, and once again, we had a perfect family holiday.

Overall impressions were – FIRST CLASS.
Professionalism of officers, deck crew, stewardess, chef – first, first class
Food quality and presentation – first class
Entertainment – first class
Watersports – first class

Only thing to single out once again was how completely wonderful the crew were. Absolutely brilliant. One really great touch was that during the charter, the crew took photos too and the First Officer spent hours putting them together onto a CD with music as a momento. Really, really special touch!

Itinerary and places we visited were faberoony…even the stinky mud bath on the volcano.

Name: Client review

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Family fun on Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter Vacation

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"I wanted to thank you and your crew for the wonderful charter we had on board The Serenity. The yacht is of course absolutely beautiful, the food was spectacular but the service is what impressed us most.

We were so very thrilled with the level of attention your crew gave to us and our guests. To travel with children from the ages of 10 to 21 and find activities that everyone enjoys is certainly difficult, but you and your crew managed it effortlessly. The kids are still raving about the trip and anxious to do it again.

Please thank your crew for making this one of our most memorable vacations. You will be our first call when we’re ready to book our next charter.


(Editor’s note – Bahama and Florida yacht charters Lazzara motor yacht SERENITY offers accommodations for 10 guests in 5 cabins.

She features an open flybridge arrangement with an integrated hard top offering plenty of shade, tables for dining al fresco, and a large Jacuzzi for plenty of relaxation. Her interior is comprised of a light pecan finish, comfortable modern furniture, and a beautiful wood floor throughout the salon.

A unique custom feature of this yacht is her chair lift that assists guests with difficulties in getting from the main salon deck to the stateroom level.

All of these assets, combined with a friendly, outgoing, and adventurous charter crew, make SERENITY the perfect choice for your next yachting holiday.

They say, "It’s Better in the Bahamas." Find out for yourself, and contact us HERE right away to book your perfect yacht charter holiday!

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Float on a Cloud – Croatia Yacht Charter Vessel Offers 100,000 Discount

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Croatia yacht charter Greece yacht charter motor yacht CLOUD 9 megayacht superyacht

Looking for a last minute European getaway before the kids head back to school?  If you are, one of the most popular Mediterranean yacht charter vessels is offering a deep discount to woo your interest.

From August 15th, motor yacht CLOUD 9 is offering 14 days for the price of 12 – a savings of over €100,000.  To further entice you, the yacht will waive all delivery fees for a cruise in Croatia and/or Greece.

Stylish and exceptionally comfortable with 5-star cuisine, CMN line 60 yacht CLOUD 9 boasts a huge Owner’s suite, a VIP stateroom with a balcony, as well as a gymnasium and plenty of watertoys. 

Oh – we almost forgot, the yacht just installed a brand new waterslide!
Waterslide motor yacht Cloud 9 Greece yacht charters Croatia yacht charter inflatable water slide watertoy

Scottish-born Captain, Colin Boyle, has created a special, scenic sample itinerary for a charter commencing in Split and concluding 14 nights later in Zante!  Take a look at the first three days of this Eastern Mediterranean adventure:

Join CLOUD 9 in Split – a 20 minute drive from the international airport.  Immediate departure for a nearby anchorage to swim and relax. Remain at anchor overnight.

Split Croatia Dalmatian Coast yacht charter Eastern Mediterranean croatia yacht charters

Hvar – truly one of the highlights of Croatia. The city has an extraordinary history and a great social atmosphere. The tiny harbor fills quickly with anchored yachts and we must arrive at noon. We’ll dinghy our guests ashore where they will find vineyards, lavender fields, walks and clean beaches. For the evening, Hvar offers great cafes and restaurants – and the best in Croatian wine.  The bars and cafes remain open late into the night.
Hvar yacht charter Croatia Eastern Mediterranean Croatian wine clean beaches

Depart Hvar for a passage to Korcula, the home of Marco Polo. Once at anchor, the protected bay is the perfect place for a day of watersports and swimming.  After dinner, we’ll dinghy ashore to walk the ancient streets to window shop and listen to the street musicians.
Croatia yacht charter Korcula Marco Polo street musicians Eastern Mediterranean yacht charter


An early morning passage brings us to the Mljet National park, a peaceful, and beautiful anchorage.  Here, we’ll find steep, rocky slopes covered with dense pine forests that hide a 12th century monastery built on a small island in the middle of a lake.  That’s right, an island on an island! The lake is generally 4 degrees warmer than the sea, and a good place to swim. Hiking, guided tours and bike rentals are also available.
Croatia yacht charter national park waterfall mljet national park eastern mediterranean island in an island

All that in the first 4 days – imagine what adventures might be in store for the next 10 days???!


Would you like to charter this gorgeous lady?  Contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at right away!

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Horse Racing Sea Legends – Famous Race Horses Immortalized as Luxury Superyachts

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Horse racing - yachts named after racehorses

Horse racing.  For centuries it has been known as, “The Sport of Kings.”  An obsession, bordering on an addiction, of both royalty and aristocracy to breed horses to excel in speed and endurance.

Today, modern day royal families and billionaire capitalists keep alive the grand tradition of owning and racing horses.  Some horse owners also own luxury yachts, and a few have chosen to name their yachts in honor of their prized steeds.

Here’s a look back at three extraordinary equine athletes and their namesake luxury yachts:

Thunder Gulch racehorse and motoryacht Thunder Gulch TJ Esperanza
Thoroughbred Thunder Gulch left the starting gate at 25-1 odds in 1995 and went on to win the
Kentucky Derby. Born in 1992, the champion American racehorse was ridden by Hall of Fame jockey, Gary Stevens, and trained by legendary horseman D. Wayne Lukas.  Thunder Gulch would go on to win the 1995 Belmont Stakes, the Florida Derby, and several more prestigious races.

Motor yacht Thunder Gulch was “born” in 1999.  The 164′ Mediterranean yacht charter vessel features accommodations for 10 guests in 5 staterooms.  Recently sold and renamed TJ ESPERANZA, the ex Thunder Gulch is available for charter at a weekly rate of $250,000 plus running expenses.


Hurricane Run racehorse and motoryacht megayacht Hurricane Run yacht charter
Irish speedster Hurricane Run, launched an illustrious career with wins at the 2005 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe Lucien Barriere, and the
Irish Derby, and would go on to be named the European Horse Of The Year at the 2005 Cartier Racing Awards.

Motor yacht Hurricane Run was launched in late January 2009.  Built at the famed Feadship Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw yard in the Netherlands, the 53.50 meter Mediterranean yacht charter megayacht offers accommodations for up to 12 guests in six cabins.  Rental rates start at $315,000 per week, plus expenses.


Mi Sueno racehorse photo in lower right inset of photo of motor yacht Mi Sueno named after the filly
In 2009, leading US juvenile filly Mi Sueno saw her promising career cut short by a condylar fracture of her off-fore cannonbone.  Winner of the Grade 1 Darley Debutante at Del Mar, she was retired as a broodmare by trainer Eric Guillot.  The daughter of Pulpit, she also won the Grade 3 Sorrento Stakes at Del Mar before beating Grade 1 winner Blind Luck in the Debutante.

Launched in 2010, at an impressive 190 ft, motoryacht Mi Sueno is a standout in every respect.  Her amenities include WiFi and Kaleidescape central movie/music server throughout. She’s also equipped with a 2-person, wheelchair-accessible elevator.


When it comes to the ultimate vacation, stop horsing around and rent a private yacht with professional crew, watertoys, and every amenity imaginable.  Contact our destination specialists at 

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