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2012 Luxury Yacht Charter Top Trend – Wellness Vacations

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Photograph of two calendars showing the year number only. One says 2011, and the other says 2012.  They are white spiral bound, with black font.

2011 to 2012



Last week, we reported on an increase of newly-built superyachts entering the market, in combination with fewer weeks of yachting vacations being sold.



In the category of yachts from 30 to 50 meters (about 100 to 165 feet), there was a 28 per cent increase in the number of yachts on the charter market in 2010. At the same time, the same market segment saw a reduction of 10.7 per cent in weekly base rates.



A decrease in the number of charter weeks sold worldwide (down 9 percent in 2010, from 2009) and increased competition due to a growing number of new yachts, means owners must look for new ways to attract potential customers.



So what is emerging as the newest marketing trend in 2012 to lure new and repeat clients?



Photo of a massage bed in middle of room with calming photos on the wall

Spa on a superyacht


The largest yachts in the world have accepted the challenge to compete with the world’s best land-based spas. Exercise equipment, once a novelty on yachts and relegated to a small area on deck, has given way to fully-equipped onboard fitness centers and workout rooms. 


Photograph of motoryacht LADY S at anchor. She is a big white boat. She is facing the left side of the photo.

Amels yacht, LADY S


NFL Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, for example, recently purchased the Amels motor yacht LADY S.  Spa type upgrades on the 70 meter yacht include a heated Jacuzzi dip pool with swim jets and in-water exercise bar, Summit-brand deck furniture, a Turkish sauna, and full gym with Woodway treadmills, Techno Multi Cross training platform, a Synchro Excite, and stationary bicycle.

Profile photograph of yacht HIGH POWER III underway. Calm sea, waves lapping underneath yacht as it moves. Rock mountain in the back left side of photo.


The recently-launched 70 meter motor yacht HIGH POWER III provides an entire deck for wellness.  The existence of an true “Spa Deck” shows how unique this Italian-built yacht really is.

A sauna, steam room, and fully-equipped gym are complimented by a private outdoor area with comfortable sunbeds. Adjacent massage and beauty rooms serve as suitable options for total relaxation. Breakfast, light lunches, even barbecues can be enjoyed outside on the spa deck as well, for the outside forward area has been set up with a bar and barbecue.



Look for 2012 to be the year onboard masseuses and wellness crew members offering aromatherapy, meditation, and yoga classes becoming commonplace on many of the world’s newest yachts.



Rent private yacht – Ease your mind and body with a wellness vacation.  Contact the 1-800 Yacht Charter specialists at today.

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As Euro Slides Versus Dollar, Look For Luxury Yacht Charter Value

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Photograph of money from different countries spread across the floor. Both paper bills and coins.

Money from different countries

Reuters is following a downgrade in credit ratings of nine euro zone countries.  They report the euro as likely to post further losses in the coming week.  It dropped on Friday the 13th to its lowest against the U.S. dollar in nearly 17 months. 



With euro sliding, value prices on Caribbean yacht charter vacations will flourish, says Jana Sheeder, President of SailAway Yacht Charters and 1-800 Yacht Charters.

“Many of the yachts we represent for mega yacht charters are owned by European investors.  They set their rates in Euros.  It is a currency that is being battered by the downgraded credit ratings of euro zone countries like France, Spain, and Italy,” says Sheeder.



American travelers look to secure rental vacations on European-owned superyachts. They see their US dollar stretch further than in the past two charter seasons. 

“US-based travelers were on the short end of the stick for quite some time,” says Sheeder.  “As their dollars strengthen, they can upgrade to larger yachts without paying more money. The foreign currency pendulum is definitely swinging in their direction.”



The inventory of luxury vessels for hire is growing.  Couple this with low demand due to the global recession.  These changes put pressure on charter rates.  Charterers rejoice. “The shrinking euro plus excess inventory and low demand is creating tremendous value for United States residents looking to charter in the Caribbean this winter and even in the Mediterranean this summer,” explains Sheeder.

Profile photograph of yacht HIGH POWER III underway. Calm sea, waves lapping underneath yacht as it moves. Rock mountain in the back left side of photo.

High Power III

The 70-meter motor yacht HIGH POWER III (ex-NUMPTIA), for example, recently announced a euro rate reduction, combined with extra free charter days for the remainder of the Caribbean season.  

Sheeder and her advisors believe the tumble is not over. 

The breakdown in talks between Greece and its creditor banks means Greece is on the verge of collapse. This could continue the downtrend in the euro,” states Sheeder. 

Some currency strategists see the euro possibly hitting $1.25 by the end of next week, with a target of between $1.21-$1.22.   The euro plunged to a low of $1.26240, its weakest level since late August 2010, on the EBS trading platform. On Friday the 13th, it last traded at $1.26830, down 1.1 percent on the day. The euro, down slightly on the week, posted its third straight weekly loss, based on EBS data.

“On the bright side,” says Sheeder, the tumbling euro will provide a significant incentive for  Americans to book European-owned yachts at a deeply-discounted price for many months to come.”



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Builder of Catamarans Undeterred by Shipyard Fire

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Aerial photograph of a catamaran sailboat next to a shipyard.

Sunreef Yachts shipyard in Poland



At any rate, fire halted production. This happened at the shipyard of a builder of luxury catamarans.  The company President says it’s business as usual just 5 days later.



The fire on January 19 did not stop production for long.  The catamaran manufacturer started rebuilding lost units within 5 short days. Some yachts under construction were destroyed.  Key molds were saved, however, and the shipyard adapted another production hall right away.  Above all, the molds moved to the new site, and business resumed.

Production was recommenced on January 23rd, and Francis Lapp, President of Sunreef Yachts, is,

“…confident any delays in delivery due to the fire will not exceed 3 months.”

Photograph of a building on fire and two firemen spraying water from separate hoses on it

Fire at Sunreef Yachts shipyard



Interest in crewed catamaran charters has increased dramatically in the past 5 years, thanks in part to the roominess and stability of these multi-hull vessels, as compared to their monohull counterparts. 

Sunreef Yachts is a leading designer and builder of luxury sailing and power catamarans in the 60 to 80 foot range. The company is known for its commitment to building yachts with luxurious accommodations, expansive living spaces, and  innovative designs.



Currently in service as Caribbean yacht charter vessels are Sunreef 62 sailing catamaran CATSY, Sunreef 70 power catamaran DAMRAK II, and Sunreef 70 sail catamaran SEAZEN II.



In conclusion, enjoy the comfort and space of a wide-body catamaran for your next Spring or Easter yacht rental.  Contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters catamaran specialists at for list of available cats in the Caribbean.

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Charter Market Welcomes Superyacht VAVA II

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Profile photograph of solid white superyacht VAVA II. She is facing the left side of the photograph. There is a hill and green grassy area behind her. Looks like New England.

Superyacht VAVA II



This superyacht arrives September 2011.  Important to realize, her proud owner and charter market eagerly await her arrival.  Presenting 2012 motoryacht VAVA II.  She is a product of Pendennis Plus (formerly Devonport Yachts).  The lady is 96 meters in length.  She is one of the largest built in the UK.



To begin with, her name was Devonport Project-55.  She features a Redman Whitely Dixon exterior. Her interiors are Remi Tessier designs.



Sea trials are complete. The yacht soon joins the global charter market.   She has a SOLAS-36 passenger ship regulation build.  The yacht sets a new standard in the charter market. 



Another large-capacity yacht for rent is 36-passenger motor yacht CHRISTINA O (has yacht video).  Additionally, 40-passenger motor yacht LAUREN L can be chartered. Lastly, 26-passenger motor yacht SHERAKHAN is a favorite of large families. 


In conclusion, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at for more info or to rent a yacht TODAY.

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Compact Crewed Catamaran Charters Powercat To Launch in 2012

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Photograph of a red power catamaran underway. Boat has red hull and white superstructure (top). Calm water and a wake trailing behind the boat

Sunreef 60 Powercat


Let’s travel from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean.  Wonderful yachting destinations.  Catamarans built by Sunreef Yachts are dominating the charter industry.  Vessels such as Sunreef 70 sail catamaran BLUE GURU and Sunreef 70 power catamaran DAMRAK II  redefine luxury at sea.



Now, word comes of a new entry into the marketplace by Sunreef.  In particular, the Sunreef 60 power catamaran.  It is a result of a growing demand for compact,  impressive multihull motoryachts.  This yacht has all the features of the popular 70 Sunreef Power.  However,  it has a 27.8 foot (8.5 meter) beam.  This beam width makes her more convenient for crowded marinas.  This is a popular concept for Mediterranean dockage. 

Aerial photograph of a power catamaran with a red hull and a white superstructure. She is headed toward the lower left side of the photo. Her wake behind her is in a u-shape, as if she has driven around

Sunreef 60 Powercat


The first unit of the 60 Sunreef Power has been commissioned by a European owner. To enumerate, it has two double cabins in the forward section, two double cabins in the starboard hull, and one double, one bunk-bed cabin in the port hull. All cabins will have private bathrooms and plenty of storage space.  



Mediterranean yacht charter guests will find the interior of the main deck will feature the galley and a dining area, while a mezzanine floor located in the midship will feature the internal helm station and lounge, providing access to the forward guest cabins and the flybridge.



A spacious sun deck comprises an external helm station, wet bar, dining area and a roomy sun pad, ideal for outdoor lounging in the sun.  Charter models will have an option to include a Jacuzzi on the flybridge.



She features many beautiful modern and minimalistic touches. For instance, wenge and oak wood contrasts, and cream and white upholstery that has brushed stainless steel details.

The Sunreef 60 mould (mold USA) is already completed and the first unit is due for launch in late May 2012.



When it comes to luxury sailing charter vacations, why rock the boat?  Charter a wide and stable catamaran for your next island holiday.  Contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters catamaran experts at for more details and special catamaran discounts. 


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Family Enjoys Christmas Superyacht Charter

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Profile photograph of motoryacht LADY BEE. She is a solid white powerboat. The water is turquoise. She is facing the center of the left side of the picture.

LADY BEE Motoryacht


Client testimonials are critical for the industry. Superyachts cater to an exclusive clientele, so any feedback that we receive is important to pass along to other clients. We also rate yachts for their feasibility to particular groups and what they expect. For instance, if a crew is bothering the guests, we comment to the crew about remaining invisible.


“Great trip. Motor yacht LADY BEE is a great boat – spacious rooms, great entertainment lounge for kids…

Food/chef was superb – service and tableware was very impressive.

Crew was very helpful, well dressed, polite, however considering this was a 9-person crew, there were times we had to look/find someone for service.

Little disappointed, when no safety instructions, muster points, first aid/fire information was given. We were told to read the manual provided…not really that efficient for children.

Yacht was well equipped with toys, movies, life jackets, lots of good quality towels, great dinnerware/settings – all very impressive.

Very clean, well organized, plenty of snacks, and no shortage of any provisions.

As I am considering another Med/Adriatic sea cruise in Aug 2013, I would certainly charter this boat, if it were in the area!”




Motoryacht Lady Bee is a 142′ Caribbean yacht charter vessel. She accommodates 12 guests in 6 cabins.  This review was not our charter, but sharing the review is important to us. Lady Bee spends time in the winter in the lower Caribbean. After that, she heads to the Bahamas with a home port of Nassau. In other words, Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, here we come!


Weekly charter rate is $110,000, plus all running expenses.



In conclusion, for more details about motoryacht LADY BEE, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at

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Incentives – 70 Meter Superyacht Makes Offers to Spur Charters

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Profile photograph of yacht HIGH POWER III underway. Calm sea, waves lapping underneath yacht as it moves. Rock mountain in the back left side of photo.



More news from High Power III.  She has been continually in the news since her late 2011 launch.  She now offers yacht charter incentives.  The yacht has gained notice for her award-winning chef, Heather Kaniuk.  In addition, her unique and elegant wellness spa deck received notice.



Now comes word the Caribbean yacht charter vessel hopes to lure more US-dollar business, by combining a rate reduction with complimentary extra charter days.

Effective immediately – for each week of charter booked, the customer will receive an additional 2 FREE DAYS OF CHARTER.  Thus, charterers can pay for 7 days and receive two more complimentary days onboard Rossi Navi luxury motor yacht HIGH POWER III (ex-Numptia).



In addition to the free days, the yacht has has another special.  She converted her rates. In specific, from 490,000 EUROS per week to 490,000 US DOLLARS per week.  The effect of the foreign currency conversion results in a real dollar savings of $144,000 per week.   This is the equivalent of a 23% price break.   All rates are plus running expenses.



“This foreign currency conversion will have a special appeal to our US-based clients who have seen the value of the dollar pale in comparison to the Euro for the past 8 years,”  says yacht maven Jana Sheeder, President of SailAway Yacht Charters and 1-800 Yacht Charters. “Not only does this mitigate the loss of purchasing power of the foreign currency translation, but it provides a significant incentive to book this yacht at a deeply-discounted price.”



The Italian-built superyacht accommodates 12 guests. Onboard amenities include an elevator between all decks, fireplace, super inflatable slide, and a massive 3D big screen TV.   High Power III’s unique spa deck offers a fully-equipped gym, steam room, sauna, beauty salon, and massage room, plus forward exterior bar & dining areas on the spa deck to create the ultimate at-sea oasis.  



Come enjoy a wellness vacation aboard motor yacht HIGH POWER III. 
For reservations, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at

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Luxury Lurssen Yacht Headed for Charter

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Profile photograph of superyacht ACE underway. She is headed toward the right side of the photograph.

Lurssen Yacht ACE

For years, the name Lürssen has been synonymous with some of the most luxurious, and certainly the largest yachts available for charter.  Mammoth-sized vessels such as the 70-meter motor yacht MARTHA ANN and the 60-meter motor yacht HUNTRESS (x-SOLEMATES) are testaments to the 130 yr old German shipbuilder’s dedication to craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

The latest launch by the acclaimed builder is no exception.  Lurssen motor yacht ACE has the distinction of being the first superyacht to splash down in 2012.  She measures 87 meters and left the company’s shipyard in Rendsburg on January 9th. The superyacht by Andrew Winch Design is magnificent.  Her exterior is both unique and instantly recognizable.

Aerial photograph of swimming pool and helipad of superyacht ACE. The yacht is heading toward the top of the photograph. There are mountains in the distance. The water is deep blue. The pool has a water feature creating a fountain at the front (bottom of picture) of the pool

Lurssen yacht ACE swimming pool and helipad

This is the unanswered, million-dollar question.  Will motor yacht ACE enter the luxury yacht charter market in 2012?

Stay tuned…



Lürssen yachts currently available for charter include the aforementioned M/Y MARTHA ANN and motoryacht SOLEMATES as well as the 60-meter motor yacht ARKLEY and the 63 meter motor yacht POLAR STARFor more information about the “Lure of Lürssen,” contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters superyacht experts here.

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Luxury Superyacht Offers 15 Per Cent Caribbean Discount

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Profile photograph of superyacht SIREN underway. She is headed toward the right side of the photograph. The yacht has a grey hull with a white superstructure.

Superyacht Siren

Available in the Caribbean from 21 January to 21 February 2012, motor yacht SIREN is offering a special discounted rate to lure charter customers.

With permission of the yacht’s owner, 1-800 Yacht Charters is extending a 15% price break for any 7-night charter between January 21 and February 21, 2012.   The special rate is €400,000 per week, plus running expenses – a savings of €76,000, based on the published rate of €476,000 per week.

One of the largest luxury mega yachts available for hire, this vessel can accommodate 12 guests in 6 suites.

At 73 meters in overall length, this 2008 yacht was built by one of Germany’s most renowned shipyards – Nobiskrug. Motor yacht SIREN is certainly one of the most important mega yachts in the world today. Her design and build quality are second to none. The yacht’s deck spaces are a marvel in terms of style and usability.

Power and Motoryacht Magazine ranks this yacht at #53 on their annual list of the World’s 100 Largest Yachts.

The motoryacht has many key features. For instance,

  1. Minimalist design creates a feeling of balance and harmony
  2. Generous deck spaces provide an inspired platform for outdoor living, including an outdoor cinema
  3. Vast array of water sports equipment
  4. Main stateroom’s private balcony
  5. Full Gym
  6. Ondeck Jacuzzi



For a list of all yachts offering winter and spring discounts, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at today.

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Luxury Yacht Charter Boat Lowers Charter Rates

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Profile photograph of motoryacht SEA FORCE ONE. She has a black hull and a silver superstructure. She is moving fast. She is headed toward the lower right side of the picture.

Sea Force One


She is part art studio and part South Beach nightclub.  Avant-garde motoryacht SEA FORCE ONE reduces her rental rates for the upcoming Mediterranean yacht charter season.



The 54 meter megayacht is now available at the reduced rates of €250,000 per week, plus expenses.  Her rate was €280,000 per week, plus expenses for low season.  Her rate is now €270,000 per week, plus expenses for high season.  It was €300,000 per week, plus expenses for July and August.  She charged the high season rate for special event charters, for instance, MIPIM and the Cannes Film Festival, also.



Admiral Mariotti motor yacht SEA FORCE ONE is a superyacht in the truest sense of the word.  Apart from her shiny black hull, her “wow factor” is over-the-top: fold-out sea terraces, extravagant décor, unique objets d?art, countless watertoys, and extensive entertainment equipment including a disco bar with DJ console and home cinema.


Photograph of main salon seating on yacht Sea Force One. It has trendy lighting that is like a nightclub. The lighting is very purple and blue. It glows over the white couch in the salon. The couch is located in the center of the photo.

Main Salon lighting on Sea Force One



Sophisticated illumination throughout the interior creates a pleasant ambience on board, a la dance clubs like Pearl and Nikki Beach 



The yacht features accommodations for up to 10 guests in five themed cabins with king sized beds.



For special event charters, the yacht can host up to 80 guests for cocktails and up to 30 guests for formal, seated dinners.



Looking for the perfect special event yacht in 2012?  Contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters destination pros at for a complete list of available yachts and rates.

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