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Airport Body Scanners – Are They a Risk?

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airport body scanners x-ray image of heavyset woman from the back. She has a handgun hidden in her waistband. The  background is black, and her image is a light blue and is shadowy.

You’ve been looking forward to this day for months.  You’re at the airport, and you are ready to board a flight that will take you to your rented yacht.  You finally proceed to begin your Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation.  As you pass through the new airport body scanner, it crosses your mind that you may be concerned about the radiation and what this exposure could mean for you.
Some researchers agree.


We are very concerned about that being imposed on travelers,” says Dr. Robert Stroud, a  professor of biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).  In a letter sent to the White House, Stroud and his researchers shared their concerns.  “I don’t think we do know what risk we are taking. X-rays are intrinsically ionizing radiation. They damage human tissue,” says Stroud.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Government assure the public that passing through the body scanner is safe. A TSA spokesperson even stated, “We consider it a miniscule amount of radiation.”


The scientists at UCSF  believe that it is time for outside scientists to take a closer look at airport body scanners and their risk.

I do think it is time for an independent investigation that really allows people to understand what the risk is that they take going through the scanner,” says Stroud.


If you have a concern about the exposure to x-rays coming from the body scanner, simply opt for the pat down,” says Sheeder.  “When you are on your way to enjoy a luxury yacht charter in the islands, the last thing you need is more travel-related stress!


In conclusion, do you believe airport body scanners pose a risk to you when you travel?  Please share your comments with us at

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Amevi Luxury Yacht Has Heated Pool

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Amevi superyacht photograph.  Solid white yacht is underway. Heading toward lower center of right side of photo. Waves are lapping at bow and sides of boat.


If you are dreaming of a summer vacation this year, why not rent a private Mediterranean yacht Amevi for a cruise.



Amevi is a very impressive 80m (262.48 ft) luxury motor yacht that is currently available for Mediterranean yacht charters. Built with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure, Amevi also has a very sleek interior design that makes her a sight for sore eyes wherever she docks.


Some of her highlights include the state-of-the-art cinema, heated pool, gymnasium, massage room, pool table, and hair salon.



This incredible superyacht can comfortably accommodate up to twelve guests in suites that are nothing short of royal.



To book your private luxury yacht charter vacation, contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at

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APOGEE Motoryacht Offers Summer Special

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Apogee yacht photograph. Profile photo. Large white yacht. Facing the right side of the picture.


APOGEE is a stunning 62 meter Italian built and designed motor yacht. She is ready to jump-start the 2011 Mediterranean yacht charter season with an exciting new rate! 

Her rate for luxury vacation in the summer is $460,000 per week.  Now thorough April 15, 2011, save $65,000 by reserving her for the rate of $395,000 per week.


APOGEE is a Italian-crafted Codecasa yacht.  For instance, she boasts a classically rich mahogany interior. She has four large luxurious decks for interior and outdoor pleasure. 


A superyacht by any definition, this Italian masterpiece is impressively grand at over 62 meters in length and 11 meters in beam. Accordingly, she offers a vast array of amenities and entertaining areas through out and an elevator connects the levels. With her size she also offers superior cruising and comfort as well as stability when anchored with her zero speed stabilizers. The megayacht has a magnificent sun deck where there is an air-conditioned gymnasium. A highly-trained, professional captain and crew of 16 will create the ultimate yacht charter vacation aboard the finest super yacht built by Codecasa.


Apogee’s classic interior of dark mahogany and exotic marbles offset by sumptuous pale soft furnishings convey a sophisticated style, yet the yacht has the sea going capabilities of a world cruiser.



Motor yacht APOGEE is in super condition and has a highly professional, top notch crew, led by Captain John Fleckenstein. 



This special offer is the best deal in the Mediterranean right now on any 60 meter vessel.

= = = = =


Do not miss this opportunity to book one of the most well respected yachts in the industry today.  CLICK TO BOOK YOUR YACHT CHARTER ABOARD APOGEE NOW.


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Catamaran RAFOLY – Golf and Sail Spain

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Aerial photograph of a golf course green on the ocean. There are 3 sand traps on the green. There is a sailboat anchored in the bay in the distance.

Catamaran Rafoly presents an exciting and fun yacht charter vacation option.  The Blubay 92 catamaran  will cruise the waters of Spain’s Balearic Islands.   Mallorca has some of Europe’s finest championship golf courses.  Mallorca is the largest of the Spanish. 


The yacht’s own golf pro helps guests select courses and make all arrangements during the 6 night charter, and the package includes 3 complimentary green fees. 

In addition to the golf component of the trip, the package also includes airport transfers, all food and beverages (including ship’s bar), and use of the yachts onboard watersports inventory.



Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters and SailAway Yacht Charter Consultants, feels this package will have great appeal to golfers and non-golfers, alike. 

Most golf-oriented vacations focus primarily on the golfer,”  says Sheeder.  “By adding a golf element to a yachting vacation, the non-golfers can have just as much fun as the golfers. We envision a group of 3 or 4 heading to the links, while others in the charter party go for an afternoon sail, or stop and anchor for a swim.”

Sheeder emphasizes that the location is what makes this package special.  “The Balearics are to Spain what the Côte d’Azur is to France.  There are numerous cafes, upscale boutiques, and nightclubs, and plenty of small coves where you can anchor and be away from the crowds.”


Golfers can hone their skills on any of 7 courses:



Launched in 2008, RAFOLY is a 92-foot luxury yacht charter catamaran, with accommodations for up to 8 passengers in 4 staterooms. She is a high class sail mega yacht, elegant and refined, and made for cruising with one’s friends and family on a vacation of a lifetime. 


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Deep Discount for Bahama Crewed Catamaran

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Sparrow photograph. Picture of back of catamaran named Sparrow.  Picture taken at sunset, and the boat name is lit up in blue lights. It is a logo.  The name sparrow has a bird flying off of it.



Tourism ads claim, “It’s Better in the Bahamas.”  The crew and owner of Sunreef 62 sail catamaran SPARROW believe it is true.  They are ready to have you join them there!


To increase interest in Bahama yacht charters, catamaran SPARROW is offering a $2000 discount.  This fare is off of regular rates for any charters in March, 2011 in the Bahamas.

In addition to this, the team at 1-800 Yacht Charters is offering an additional $2000 discount for any charters on Sunreef 62 catamaran SPARROW in the Bahamas in March.

This brings the  total savings to $4000 .  This equates to a discount of nearly 18% off of catamaran Sparrow’s regular rate of $23,000 per week!



Rates in the Bahamas are all-inclusive except for special requests, for instance, wines, champagne, special alcoholic drinks, excessive alcohol consumption.  In addition to this are air fares, transfers airport/yacht/airport, dockage fees if any, use of communications onboard, and crew gratuity. These things are what you expect on any vacation.

Included in your charter price is fuel for 4 hours of engine operations.

Discounted charters must take place in March, 2011 and must be for a minimum of 7 nights.



Just 50 miles from Florida, the Bahamas form an archipelago that extends over 500 miles of the warmest and clearest water in the world.

map of florida and the bahamas and cuba. Satellite image with labels.


The Bahamas offers some of the most gorgeous and sheltered yachting grounds in the world. Islands and cays are interspersed among brilliant white beaches and coves.  Within sight, the Bahamas chain includes Eleuthra, the Abacos, Exuma, Nassau, the Berry Islands, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama, Cat Island, and all of the Bahamian Cays.



Sunreef 62 SPARROW offers a unique experience to her guests. Charterers indulge in the elegance of a yacht and savor the adventures of sailing.  This sailing yacht comfortably accommodates up to 8 adult guests. All 4 staterooms feature ensuite bathrooms.



In conclusion, take advantage of this $4000 discount and come find out for yourself if it truly is Better in the Bahamas!  Click to reserve your adventure onboard catamaran SPARROW now.

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Discounts Galore on Luxury Yacht Charter Vacations

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Photo of girls lying on the back of a motoryacht. They are raising peace signs in the air.What are you planning for your next vacation?

A survey by USA Today found most people rank spending time with friends and family at the top of their wish list, followed by the urge to see new places, and the desire to kick back and relax.

There’s a great vacation option that gives you the chance to do all these things – a crewed luxury mega yacht charter.

Charters offer the exclusivity of yacht ownership, without its costs and responsibility.

There are more yachts available for hire than ever before, and great deals abound – from discounted prices to extra free days.

Take advantage of one of these great destinations and offers:

140′ motor yacht NEVER ENOUGH (12 passengers) – save over $42,000 and enjoy 10 days for the price of 7.  Available all spring.  $100,000 per week, plus expenses.

Amazon River
147′ motor vessel   ARIA  (32 passengers) – $10,000 savings on all 2011 charters. Embark on the voyage of a lifetime, sailing the Earth’s mightiest river – the Amazon.  Reduced rate is $161,280 per week, plus some expenses.

98′  motor yacht SALU
(8 passengers) – Save 21% for charters in May, June, and September 2011. Was €70,000 per week, plus expenses – now €55,000 per week, plus expenses.

1-800 Yacht Charters offers discounts on CATAMARANSNow through June 30, take 5% off ANY crewed catamaran charters.  Any boat…any dates.

Suggested boats:

65′ catamaran WORLDS END (2011 model; 10 passengers) –  €23,400 per week, plus expenses.

62′  catamaran IN THE WIND (2011 model; 8 passengers) –  $27,000 per week, plus expenses.

50′ catamaran NUTMEG (2008 model; 8 passengers) – $13,000 per week, ALL-INCLUSIVE.


There are MANY more yacht charter specials available at destinations around the globe.  Contact your 1-800 Yacht Charters specialists 
HERE with your desired dates and destination to check for last minute savings.  We’ve got you covered!

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French Vat Impacts Yacht Charter

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Aerial photograph of a superyacht marina.


The cost of enjoying a Mediterranean yacht charter vacation may be going up as new rules, and confusion, regarding taxes on commercial yachts go into effect.



In the past, luxury mega yacht charter vessels in the Mediterranean were often exempt from paying a French Value Added Tax (VAT or sometimes referred to as, TVA) on both the value of the charter and on any fuel and provisioning.   Recently, increased pressure from the European Union to bring French law into line with the rest of the union states has resulted in the European Commission forcing the French Government to amend its rules on exemptions.


Jana Sheeder, a yacht industry maven and President of SailAway Yacht Charters, explains: 
In the past, a yacht used solely for commercial activity would hire a permanent crew and register as a commercial vessel to obtain an exemption from paying the VAT.  Under the new rules, the same activity, crew, and registration rules apply, but there is a catch – the yacht ‘must be used for navigation on the high seas.‘”

It is this new wrinkle that has Sheeder and the yachting industry confused. “So far, the French government have not defined or clarified what is meant by the term, “used for navigation on the high seas.



A manager of a fleet of mega yacht charter vessels in France, who wished to remain anonymous, echoed Sheeder’s concerns.  “At what point does ‘high seas’ come into play?  Ten miles off shore? Twenty miles? No one knows,” the manager said.

It seems the taxing authorities are not certain how to proceed, either.  “We are not aware of any attempts by the French Customs and Excise authorities to enforce this new rule,” says Sheeder.


Photograph of a businessman writing on a piece of paper that says VAT. There are coins next to the piece of paper, and a computer keyboard beside it.For now, it remains a game of wait-and-see. Industry lawyers are closely monitoring this situation, and conferences are planned in London and Monaco in the coming weeks to keep charter professionals up to date. 


Sheeder points out the importance of explaining the new rules to her customers.
While we are not charging the VAT to any of our clients, we are clearly explaining the potential tax liability they may incur, perhaps even after the conclusion of the charter.


Click HERE to request more information or advice on this topic. 


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Go Naked – Top 2 Clothing Optional Caribbean

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Clothing optional bareboat vacation photo of a naked man floating in the water. He has his arms crossed behind his head, and he has a huge smile on his face. His private parts are not visible.



It has been said a great vacation is all about escaping. For many, that means escaping the confines of their homes and the rigors of their work.  For others, it is best achieved by escaping the confines of their clothes.


For vacationers looking for that all-over tan, our yacht charter destination specialists have come up with a the top 2 clothing optional Caribbean destinations, along with 2 fabulous yachts to take you there.



ST. MARTIN – Snow-white beaches and an annual influx of liberal-minded European tourists seems to leave visitors feeling uninhibited in St. Martin. As one recent charter client put it, “Sailing around St. Martin is as close to heaven as you can get without dying! Nudity feels so natural that even first timers have no problem shedding their clothes.



The island’s Orient Beach is one of the most popular and well-attended clothing optional areas in the world. You can even eat in the area’s restaurants totally naked.



Crewed catamaran charters have become a popular way to cruise St. Martin and nearby islands like Anguilla and the Prickly Pear Cays.  Lagoon 620 sailing catamaran CROCODILE DADDY (€ 23,000 per week, plus expenses) features exceptional living space below deck for 8 guests, and a roomy flybridge ideal for sunbathing.



EXUMA CAYS –  300-plus tiny islands, set in a sea of aquamarine and sapphire, form this archipelago, 35 miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas.  With very few residents and hidden coves and bays everywhere, the Exumas are a magnet for clothing optional bareboat yacht charters. One charter guest told us, “It’s a place where you can feel totally comfortable shedding your stress, worries, and cares right along with your clothes. The shallow bays makes swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling a delight.



With so many islands to explore, motoryachts are the suggested mode of transportation for Bahama yacht charters. The 85′ Pacific Mariner yacht SEAS THE MOMENT ($37,000 per week, plus expenses) features a spacious, well-appointed four stateroom arrangement for a party of 8. Watertoys include a brand new 29? Sea Hunter towed tender, two brand new waverunners, and plenty of fishing and snorkeling equipment. After a day of recreation, guests can soak sore muscles in the ondeck Jacuzzi tub.


Is there a THIRD BEST clothing optional Caribbean charter destination???  Did we miss your favorite island getaway?  Click *HERE* to tell us about your favorite Caribbean naturist hot spot and we’ll share it with our readers!  



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Green Star Superyachts Welcomed

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Green Star logo for RINA marine design certificate for environmental excellence.


Sustainability means avoiding depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance.  The push for sustainability in the yacht industry is a result. 

Green yachting in the use of eco-friendly salmon skin upholstery in superyacht interiors, and the first self-sufficient zero carbon vessel are examples.

A design studio is now building hybrid propulsion green luxury yacht charter super yachts.


Guido de Groot Design and Intec Marine are proposing two revolutionary concepts for propulsion; as a result, they tout increased energy efficiency, lower noise, and CO2 emissions in boats.  The Intec Marine hybrid propulsion concept uses electric propulsion; therefore using two generators. An additional smaller engine is used for calm water or at anchor.


Green star design photograph of profile of Intec Marine 90 hybrid yacht underway.


Take for example a Monaco Grand Prix yacht, rented to be dockside for the race.  The boat then goes out  cruising the Côte d’Azur.  At cruising speed, one generator creates power for the two propulsion pods.  It also powers the interior (cabin lights, televisions, galley, etc.). This results in very low noise levels, estimated at 35 dBA.


Aerial photograph of monaco grand prix race track. To the left of the photo are people in the bleachers, track in the middle (no cars on it in picture), and to the right are large yachts docked next to the race track, behind barricades


The batteries enable the yacht to cruise out of the marina at 6 knots.  Simply start the redundant second generator for the yacht to reach maximum speed. The smaller, third generator runs at anchor.




Designers expect a 30% reduction of energy use as compared to a conventional setup. The setup uses three diesel engines continuously running  (two for propulsion and one for interior load).


Yachts featuring Intec Marine hybrid propulsion receive the RINA marine green star design certificate for environmental excellence.


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Gulet Schooner Launch in Turkey

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Gulet photo of yacht, Regina..


The world of gulet charters in Turkey just took a giant leap into the future with the launch of superyacht REGINA.



Turkey — The 56-meter gulet yacht REGINA was launched on 11th February 2011, in Bodrum.   The vessel was completed in 24 months in Pruva Yachting’s shipyard.  Sea trials and final fitting complete before the summer 2011 season. 


According to 1-800 Yacht Charters President, Jana Sheeder, a new era of sophistication has arrived in the eastern Med. 
For years, some people have felt charters in Turkey were synonymous with old, wooden gulets with few onboard amenities,” says Sheeder.  “With the launch of REGINA, we are proud to herald the arrival of a gulet with megayacht proportions and luxurious appointments.  She’s a modern, high-performance schooner with the creature comforts customers expect on a charter yacht.”



Accommodations are offered for 12 guests in 6 staterooms.  All staterooms have 32 inch flat panel TV’s with satellite connection. They also include Blu-ray disc players and PlayStation3 game controllers.  A centralized remote control system controls both music and televisions for a few locations; for instance, the saloon, aft deck, fore deck, and all interior areas.

Sheeder is excited to share this vessel, one of the newest and largest yachts available for charter with her clients. “This 56 meter gulet presents a new dimension to cruising in the Eastern Mediterranean – the traditional “feel” of a classic gulet, with the modern level of luxury that discerning charterers demand.


Summer 2011 rates for REGINA are €75,000 per week in July and August. She offers €65,000 per week in all other months.  Her rates are plus any local taxes and all running expenses, for example,  food, fuel, bar, and dockage.


In conclusion, we are happy to book yacht REGINA or any other luxury sailing charter vessel in Greece or Turkey for you.  Contact our destination specialists at NOW


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