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Gulet Schooner Launch in Turkey

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Gulet photo of yacht, Regina..


The world of gulet charters in Turkey just took a giant leap into the future with the launch of superyacht REGINA.



Turkey — The 56-meter gulet yacht REGINA was launched on 11th February 2011, in Bodrum.   The vessel was completed in 24 months in Pruva Yachting’s shipyard.  Sea trials and final fitting complete before the summer 2011 season. 


According to 1-800 Yacht Charters President, Jana Sheeder, a new era of sophistication has arrived in the eastern Med. 
For years, some people have felt charters in Turkey were synonymous with old, wooden gulets with few onboard amenities,” says Sheeder.  “With the launch of REGINA, we are proud to herald the arrival of a gulet with megayacht proportions and luxurious appointments.  She’s a modern, high-performance schooner with the creature comforts customers expect on a charter yacht.”



Accommodations are offered for 12 guests in 6 staterooms.  All staterooms have 32 inch flat panel TV’s with satellite connection. They also include Blu-ray disc players and PlayStation3 game controllers.  A centralized remote control system controls both music and televisions for a few locations; for instance, the saloon, aft deck, fore deck, and all interior areas.

Sheeder is excited to share this vessel, one of the newest and largest yachts available for charter with her clients. “This 56 meter gulet presents a new dimension to cruising in the Eastern Mediterranean – the traditional “feel” of a classic gulet, with the modern level of luxury that discerning charterers demand.


Summer 2011 rates for REGINA are €75,000 per week in July and August. She offers €65,000 per week in all other months.  Her rates are plus any local taxes and all running expenses, for example,  food, fuel, bar, and dockage.


In conclusion, we are happy to book yacht REGINA or any other luxury sailing charter vessel in Greece or Turkey for you.  Contact our destination specialists at NOW


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The Best Time To Plan a Greece Yacht Charter Is…

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Photo of a white question mark being held up by a suitcase with arms. Looks realistic. 3D animation that isn't moving, maybe?

Travel Question


“Hi 1-800 Yacht Charters!  My family and I would like to plan a luxury sailing charter in the Greek islands. Can you tell us the best time of year for this trip, and where we should go?  Thank you, Joannie S.”


Ahoy, Joannie!   Thank you for question about the best time to enjoy a sailing vacation in Greece. 
For an accurate answer, let’s turn to someone who really knows Greece like the back of his hand!


We presented your question to Capt. Alexandre J. MATSAKIS. Captain Alex was born and raised in Greece and has been sailing along the Hellenic coast for more than 3 decades.
As you read his response, keep in mind English is not his native language, so please forgive an occasional grammatical slip on his part.


“Greetings from land of the Gods, Joannie!

Most requests for yacht cruises in the Greek islands are for Mykonos and Santorini…   I sail in Greece since 30 years and I live in the center of Cyclades – on Syros island, in front of Mykonos.

My advice is to sail the Cyclades in May, June or October, and to avoid them in July and August because of the frequent strong wind “Meltemi” – able to  spoil the best vacation.
Profile photograph of gulet sailboat IRINA underway. She is sailing toward the right side of the screen. There is a barren mountain behind her.

Motorsailor IRINA

I charter my 75 gross tonnage yacht IRINA for sailing in the Ionian islands in July and August (Ithaca, island of Odysseus, Kephalonia, Skorpios, island of Onassis) with one very nice sea in this period.

My other beautiful yacht ANATOLIE is sailing in the Sporades in July and August (the green islands of the movie “Mamma Mia” with Meryl Streep).  

I do believe that giving the right advises is the best way to avoid problems and keep clients long time (some of them come 3 times on 3 different areas). We need to ensure the happiness of our customers (and that’s a great job :-). 



Example.  Why to send people on one crewed catamaran charters leaving from Athens in July and August?  They will have 2 choices.  The Cyclades with big problems in case of Meltemi.  Or the Saronic islands with no chance to find place with a catamaran in their small harbors (except in Poros if  lucky).  Greece is not Seychelles or Caribbean!

So – we offer Cyclades cruises in May, June, September and October. Believe me, living in Cyclades, if we send our yachts to other very nice areas in July and August, is because there is serious reasons. 

Best regards,
Photograph of smiling face of Captain Alexandre J. MATSAKIS

Captain Alexandre J. MATSAKIS

Capt. Alexandre J. MATSAKIS”


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