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Lionfish Havoc – Florida Yacht Charter Grounds | Yacht Charter

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In 2010, we took a look at efforts to control the invasion of lionfish in the Florida Keys.   Recent reports paint a disturbing picture – efforts to control the population have not been successful.  

According to Oregon State scientist Stephanie Green, “There is strong evidence that the lionfish is having negative effects on the native population.  We don’t see any signal that anything is controlling lionfish population.”

Photo of a red and white lionfish swimming over a reef in dark green water

The problem is simple – lionfish, native to the western Pacific Ocean, have no natural predators in the
Atlantic Ocean. They live up to 15 years, and one female can produce as many as 2 million eggs in one year.

“Many of our Florida yacht charter clients, as well as many bareboat charterers, are avid divers,” reports Jana Sheeder, President and Owner of 1-800 Yacht Charters. “We are hearing more and more tales of multiple lionfish on the reefs in the Florida Keys, as well as the in the cruising grounds in the nearby Bahamas.”
So far, the only viable option to attempt to control the invasion remains the same – eat them!  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association continues to exotic lionfish continue invading florida yacht charter cruising grounds - ideal remedy is to eat themrecommend aggressive efforts to harvest and consume lionfish.
So, next time you are at your favorite seafood restaurant, instead of ordering an overfished item like tuna, see if lionfish is on the menu! Enjoy a delicious meal AND make a difference!=================

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New Strategy to Halt Lionfish Invasion – Eat ‘Em!

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Lionfish photograph. The fish is swimming toward the left of the screen. The blurred background is coral rock on a bed of sand.

We see great menus on Caribbean yacht charter boats, but we’re not sure this next recipe hits with yacht charter chefs:

Florida marine conservationists have a simple “recipe.”   They say, EAT the lionfish!

With few natural predators, Lionfish rapidly spread throughout the Caribbean and Atlantic waters.  They voraciously prey on local fish, shrimp, and crab populations across the region and in Florida.  Lionfish are a huge risk to world-famous coral reefs of the south.

Bahamas yacht charter clients constantly see these venomous creatures.  

The Key Largo-based REEF conservation organization released “The Lionfish Cookbook.”  It is a  collection of 45 recipes to combat the red lionfish.

With no government funds available to provide bounties or removal programs, conservationists hope to create a commercial demand for the fish.

“It’s absolutely good eating — a delicacy. It’s delicately-flavored white meat, very buttery,” boasts Lad Akins.  He is the director of special projects for the Reef Environmental Education Foundation. Akins authored the cookbook along with professional chef Tricia Ferguson.

Researchers believe that Hurricane Andrew caused Red Lionfish to invade Florida waters in 1992.  During that year, an aquarium broke and at least six fish spilled into Miami’s Biscayne Bay.

The cookbook not only shares useful tips on collecting, handling, and preparing lionfish, but also provides expert background on its ecological impact.


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