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3 to Watch: Luxury Yacht Charter Maven Shares Hottest Yacht Construction Trends for 2017 & Beyond

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With her repeat clients pushing for the newest yachts with unique amenities, Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters, understands the need to keep her finger on the pulse of the latest yachting design trends.



Sheeder shares with us three over-the-top design trends she has noticed on upcoming new builds and recently-launched superyachts.




OKTO superyacht balcony terrace


Balconies are features of upscale villas and resort suites.  The use of balconies (or “terraces”) is the ideal way to integrate interior  and exterior areas.  This amenity has now caught a foothold in superyacht design.  Builders are adding balconies adjacent to interior dining rooms, beach clubs, and most impressively, off of master cabins. 66m ISA motor yacht OKTO, for example, incorporates a private balcony in her full beam master suite.  The hydraulic balcony is  controlled by the guests. Specifically, simply push a button. This is a distinct advantage over earlier generation balconies on older yachts.  They require the assistance of the crew to open and close. The balcony comes with an air curtain to keep the interior spaces cool, while having the balcony open to the ocean.



OKTO aerial running shot showing pool and decks

No, not Jacuzzi-style spa tubs – they are still an important superyacht amenity as well.  We’re talking about cool, fresh water pools, large enough to frolic with the kids on a warm summer day (or swim in place with the aid of current-generating waterjets).

When you’re anchored in a cove near Ibiza on a hot July afternoon, a dip in cool freshwater is a pleasant alternative to the salty, warm ocean.  Great examples of Balearic island yacht charter vessels with pools are 67.5m motor yacht ICON, and 108m Pride Mega Yachts 2018 motor yacht TOMORROW.





Wellness massage room on yacht SOLANDGE

The interest in wellness yacht charter vacations continues to grow, with more and more clients requesting yachts that offer amenities for mind, body, and soul.  Saunas, steam rooms, gymnasiums, quiet yoga areas, as well as onboard nutritionists, beauticians, and massage therapists are a big draw.  Sheeder believes yachts that cater to mindfulness and overall wellness will be in great demand in 2017 and beyond.  Examples are the 85m Lurssen yacht SOLANDGE and  Tankoa yacht SUERTE (69m).


In conclusion, it is time to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.  Let 1-800 Yacht Charters deliver The Superyacht Experience™ to you, your family and friends. Click now. 

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Is It “So Long” to 85m Motor Yacht Solandge?

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Word recently came in that one of the largest private luxury yacht charter vessels in the market was just sold.

The 85 meter (279 foot) spectacular Lurssen motor yacht SOLANDGE has been sold.  The deal closed on March 22, and the new owner has already taken delivery.  The buyer was represented by Moran Yacht and Ship, and terms of the sale have not been released.  She was listed for sale by Moran at an asking price of €155,000,000 (yes, boys and girls, that IS 6 zeros!)

profile of motoryacht solandge



The massive yacht was scheduled to participate in the Palm Beach International Boat Show, March 23 -26, 2017.   Needless to say, the new owner saw no need to put the yacht on display, instead choosing to enjoy his new watertoy.

Launched in 2013, Solandge Lurssen motor yacht features the sleek exterior styling of naval architect Espen Øino, with a rich, rather eclectic interior design by Aileen Rodriguez.



“She is an amazing luxury yacht charter vessel,” says Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters.  “Imagine a floating resort with a gym, spa, saunas, and cinema.  There’s even a DJ booth on the party deck, and a 5.5 meter swimming pool on the aft.  Best of all, this floating spa is private – only you and your family and friends are onboard!”




Yachtsmen and -women the world over want to know — will we be waving goodbye to Lurssen yacht Solandge…or will she remain in the charter fleet???  Is it Adios –  or just Hasta luego?  Do we say Tchau – or just Ate mais, beijo?   Is it Ciao — or Addio?

Often, a new owner will remove the yacht from the private yacht charter marketplace, so he and his family and friends can enjoy her for extended cruising.



“For now, she remains listed for hire, but that could change,” says Sheeder.   “Of course, for the benefit of our clients, we certainly hope she remains in the marketplace.  Only a handful of the world’s largest yachts are available for hire, and motoryacht Solandge stands at or near the top of that elite list.”



Solandge accommodates 12 guests in a 7 elegant stateroom configuration.  Her weekly rate is €1,000,000 plus running expenses.   Her current schedule has her available for hire in the Caribbean through Spring, then in the Mediterranean for the summer.



To view and charter some of the world’s largest yachts, click  Then contact us to discuss, text, or WhatsApp about any yachts that interest you.  Even if you do not want to charter, we are happy to answer any questions about them for you!

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New YIS App Enhances The Superyacht Experience®

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Photograph of the navigation station on superyacht, Solandge. The stations are uplit from the floor, and there is a large oval lighted area over the bridge


A new digital superyacht technology tool for yacht owners and superyacht charter guests is available.  The portal provides real-time access to the yacht’s onboard information systems. Technophile guests can view the vessel’s specs, layout, and weather forecasts.  Surprisingly, they can even track their yacht charter itinerary.



The Yacht Information System (YIS) is an innovative digital tool. It is a YachtCloud design.  Onboard guests can access the portal via the yacht’s televisions via an IPTV channel.  Additionally, guests can access the portal via an app they download onto their smartphones or tablets.




Until recently,  charterers would visit with the captain when they wanted information.  They would go to the command center of the yacht, the captain’s bridge.  Here, they would ask the captain questions.  For example, “What’s the final destination for today’s cruise?”  Or they might ask, “How long will it take us to get to the next port of call?” 

With the YIS portal, clients can get instant answers – from anywhere onboard the yacht!




The technology customizes to meet the specific interests of the charter guests.  Superyachts are massive, and in addition, true wonders of technology.  The inner working of the crew, and the capabilities of the yacht, intrigue many charter guests.  In particular, clients often tell us they would love to visit the yacht’s engine room.  However, some guests feel they are, “in the way” of the engine room crew. They then and forego this visit.  With this app, guests can “observe”  the workings of the engine room from the comfort of their location. For instance, stateroom, the gym, the aft deck, or….

CLICK HERE for a demonstration of YIS.



YIS is one of six luxury technology products by YachtCloud.  The company began to innovate for the superyacht industry in 2014.  We are intrigued by their mission of “delivery” as it parallels our own commitment to creating a unique experience.  Our goal at 1-800 Yacht Charters is to, “Deliver The Superyacht Experience.™”  YachtCloud products are designed to, “Deliver a more immersive luxury experience.”



Other products offered by YachtCloud include OMNIYON.  This is a media control system for superyachts.  Specifically, it’s a user-friendly app that allows charter guests total control of all onboard audio/visual media.  It also serves as an interface for room devices, room controls, and yacht crew service call functions. As an illustration, this one app lets users browse their favorite movies in the yacht’s cinema catalog.  It also allows guests to adjust the yacht’s sky lounge to their ideal temperature.



Some people view technology as a way to sell gadgets.  We believe technology is the gateway for a sustainable yachting future.  Without a doubt, it’s also a fun way to enhance The Superyacht Experience®.



The term and the concept, The Superyacht Experience® is a creation of, and is trademarked by, 1-800 Yacht Charters. Our joy at bringing the industry this concept is overwhelming.  Legacy and Legitimacy.  Tis the season?  No, YIS the season!

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Superyacht Marina Costa Rica To Attract Private Yacht Charter Vessels

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 3-dimensional turquoise update sign with teal and white world globe before the word

UPDATE  October 10, 2019  

It seems the dream of a deep water marina for megayachts in Costa Rica is still that – just a dream. 

Three years ago (2016), our blog (see below) touted the anticipated opening of a new facility to service Costa Rica yacht charter vessels, and other private megayachts. 

 Golfito Marina Village was designed to offer 50 slips. Slips were to include 9 superyacht berths for yachts up to 500 feet.  


  • Fitness Center
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • On-Site Dining



  • Customs & Immigration Assistance
  • Fuel Services On-Site
  • On-Site Provisioning
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Yacht Transport Services Available
  • Laundry Services Nearby


Fast forward to October 2019 – nada, nothing – just a dock with no dockmaster, and no water or electric service…

Onshore, the story is the same – no restaurants or stores.

We reached out to IGY Marinas, the management firm responsible for the operation of the marina.  A spokesperson choosing her words carefully says, “The owners of the property encountered some issues.”   She stays silent on what those issues might be. For example, financial,  environmental, governmental issues.   We do not know.

What we DO know is the western coast of Costa Rica is still in need of a superyacht facility.

Hopefully, the “issues” at Golfito Marina Village can be worked out.  

To learn the original story, continue reading from here…

Drawing of yellow downward arrow. The head of the arrow is the at left side of the image. It is yellow with dark shadowing around the edges in a gradient pattern. The arrow body continues and curves up and to the right, then it goes back downward. Stylized graphic arrow.

In less than a year, the demand for a marina to accommodate large private luxury yacht charter vessels in Costa Rica becomes a reality.


Golfito Marina Village is a 40-acre development and marina under construction in the ocean-side town of Golfito, Costa Rica.  Completion date is 2017.

Costa Rica Golfito superyacht marina next to a beach which will be used by yacht charter guests





“Our industry has been clamoring for a deep water marina for megayachts in Costa Rica,” states Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters. “The Golfito marina will offer the largest superyacht berths on the entire West Coast of Central America. It exposes the nature-oriented tourism of Costa Rica to a whole new demographic. That demographic is HNWI (high net worth individuals) who prefer the privacy and security of yacht-based accommodations while on vacation.”



Much of the main pier is installed via phase one of construction. In the coming weeks, 52 finger piers’ completion is imminent.  Berths for yachts in the 13-46 meter range are on the schedule. An additional four 100 meter finger piers schedule phase two.

waterfall in Costa Rica where yacht charter guests will visit

“Soon, this facility will be able to accommodate two 100 meter yachts on the main pier. It will also welcome three or four 50 meter vessels on the finger piers,” says Sheeder. “Some of our popular vessels like (Lurssen yacht) SOLANDGE and (Abeking & Rasmussen yacht) AMARYLLIS will offer eco-friendly yacht charters to our clients in the winter and spring. This will be a welcome departure from the repetitive trips many charterers take in the traditional cruising grounds of the Caribbean, like St. Martin and the Virgin Islands.”



In conclusion, select a luxury yacht for your next vacation.  Contact 1-800 Yacht Charters at 1-800-922-4824 , 305-253-7245, or use our online contact form at

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Top 3 Luxury Yacht Charter Amenities in 2018

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The world’s largest yachts continue to grow larger and larger each year.  The ideas of superyacht owners as to what features and amenities will make their, “floating villas” stand out from the crowd also expand.  This demand for over-the-top luxury pushes high-profile yacht designers to continually “reinvent” the ultimate onboard amenities.

No longer is an on-deck Jacuzzi style spa satisfactory. Now, the hot tub must double as a wave-generating swimming pool.  That pool needs a backlit waterfall cascading over the edge of the spa into a smaller reflection pool.  Along a similar innovation path, our company President, Jana Sheeder, recently toured a new build megayacht with designer Evan Marshall.  The Marshall-designed yacht features a sundeck with a sunken-floor lounge area. This area floods with several inches of water. In specific, to create a faux beach atmosphere.  The legs of the chaise lounges sit in the cool water!  Talk about relaxation!

Company President, Jana Sheeder, and our charter team return from the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.  Many manufacturers and designers display their latest innovations and concepts there.  In addition, our Team takes notes of the latest trends that are becoming more popular with superyacht owners and designers.  Here are the top three amenity design trends seen in 2018.




Oversized wet bar on a yacht deck

Sundeck bars are larger now.  Previously, their smaller size made room for the storage of watertoys on deck.  As more yachts keep the tenders and toys in garages, the ability to expand ondeck amenities has seen an increase.  This increase results in large outdoor wetbars, built with luxurious stones, polished finishes, and mood lighting.   The bars are focal points ondeck.  They are places where families and friends gather for extended periods.  These areas are perfect for socializing and enjoying the fresh air and sea views.

One of the most magnificent outdoor bars is located on the sundeck of Lurssen yacht SOLANDGE.  The large curved bar is positioned to the port side and boasts an opaque lighting design that creates a glamorous evening hang-out.   This 85 meter Lürssen superyacht was designed by Espen Øeino and has many other notable design features, including a spectacular superyacht fireplace.






yacht wellness room that looks out on the ocean - wooden floors and glass doors

Fun, unusable rooms are popular on the largest superyachts.  Amenities from superyacht gyms and spas, to cinemas and nightclubs.  These designs around the owner’s passions and what they think will appeal to yacht charter guests.  Designer Tim Heywood reflects on the trend:

“Lifestyle-specific rooms — from casinos to underwater viewing rooms to other ideas such as snow rooms, meditation spaces, art galleries or anything designed to meet an owner’s particular needs — have all featured in my designs. In fact, our first cryotherapy room is in production, and it won’t be the last.”

Interior designers Redman Whiteley Dixon created an amazing wellness area onboard the 63 meter Feadship motor yacht LADY BRITT.  The standout room in this area is the Finnish sauna.  It opens on to the ocean.  #Namaste …  Charter guests can heat up, then take a plunge in the cool ocean. The wellness area features space for massage and hairdressing.  In addition, the gym’s panoramic sliding glass doors open to the large spa pool on the sundeck.



Spa pool in beach club of a luxury sailboat


More designers now relegate tenders and water toys to side-opening garages on superyachts.  These prime aft areas redesign with hydraulic balconies and decks. Further, to serve as open-air beach clubs.  First-generation beach clubs are little more than extended swim platforms with tender garages. These are emptied of their contents to make room for a lounge chair or two.  Newer designs offer bars, lounges, and spa access points.  The best of the new generation clubs serve as all-around waterfront entertaining venues.


Rarely do you find beach clubs on sailboats, yet sail yacht AQUIJO is anything but an ordinary sailboat.  The editors of Boat International magazine described her club area.

“As the world’s largest ketch, she has more than enough room to accommodate a spacious beach club, complete with a hammam [turkish steam bath], sauna, and a spectacular spa pool that is illuminated by a large skylight. As if all that wasn’t impressive enough, the watertight aft doors mean that (sail yacht) Aquijo’s beach club can still be used when she’s sailing along at her brisk top speed of 20 knots.”  Amazing…


Incredible jacuzzis and beach clubs abound on the world’s newest superyachts.  Enjoy reading about yet another spectacular yacht, King Baby, at



In conclusion, your next family adventure is only a mouse-click away.  Let 1-800 Yacht Charters “Deliver the Superyacht Experience™” to you and your family. We welcome you onboard a superyacht packed with amazing comforts and amenities. VISIT to find the best yacht for your escape.  Take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee and 6-star customer service!  We stand by at your service. #gratitude

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Wow Girl – World’s Largest GT Yacht DILBAR Is Fine!

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Every time I lay eyes on Lürssen yacht DILBAR, one word always comes to mind – Wow!

There’s just no other way to put it – she’s a biggie.


Currently moored in her home berth in Antibes along the French Riviera, the 156 meter superyacht cuts a stunning, massive silhouette at night, backlit by her massive array of underwater blue LED lights.

Dilbar large private yacht in Antibes France with underwater lights at night



So just how big is big?  Well, in terms of length, she’s not the largest – that title currently belongs to another Lurssen, the 180 meter motor yacht AZZAM.  Where DILBAR takes the cake is in terms of her volume.  In layman’s terms – she’s a brick house, a la Kim Kardashian (sans the incessant, annoying selfies)!

In terms of gross tonnage, she’s enormous – 15,917 GT, with dimensions measuring 156 meters in length, a stocky 23 meter beam and drawing an incredible 6 meters below the waterline.



Of course, you need all that volume to fit her recordbreaking features, including a 180 cubic meter swimming pool, believed to be the largest on any yacht (certainly larger than on any private luxury yacht charter vessels)…and a 30,000 KW electric diesel power plant, claimed to be the most powerful ever fitted to a superyacht.

Here’s a cool fact – the combined length of the cabling on board stretches 1,100 kilometres, over an impressive 3,800 square meter guest spaces!  How would you like to be the cable guy who gets called when the cable TV is on the fritz???  Yikes!



Turn to 1-800 Yacht Charters to Deliver The Superyacht Experience™ to you and your family on a Lurssen yacht. For instance, 70 meter motor yacht MARTHA ANN or 85 meter SOLANDGE

In conclusion, it’s time for you to relax and enjoy!  For additional information about chartering a private luxury yacht, contact us at

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