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What to Do in Sardinia – the Top Four Things not to be Missed

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If you are planning a luxury sailing charter, or a week cruising on a motoryacht, Sardinia is truly a cruising paradise, with crystal clear waters and quiet anchorages.

Last week, we introduced our readers to the enchanted island of Sardinia’s location off the coast of Italy.

Today, we take a look at the island, itself, and our top four recommendations for things to do in Sardinia.


Bosa Sardinia motor yacht charter luxury crewed yacht charter vacation yacht holiday
1.  Visit BOSA:  Away from the coast, much of the countryside is mountainous,  but with innumerable charming villages, hotels, restaurants and incredible views.  Along the coast, however, is a special small town worth a visit  – Bosa.  This 12th century town is situated on the west coast, north of Oristano, in a valley on the Temo, the only navigable river in Sardinia. 

The city is overlooked by the Castello Malaspina, which dates to 1112.   To the south of the Castle, on the north bank next to the bridge, is the Bosa Cathedral. This structure was constructed in the fifteenth century. Inside is a splendid interior of marble statues and nineteenth century frescos.  The nearby Bosa Marina Beach is regularly voted the cleanest beach in Italy.

Bosa marina corsica sardinia luxury yacht charter yacht rental mediterranean
Travel Tip – if arriving via a luxury mega yacht charter vessel, the Bosa Marina is just 2 kilometers from the town of Bosa.  While the marina can accommodate yachts up to 50 meters, most of the slips are for smaller yachts so call in advance to secure a reservation during peak summer periods.


Trenino Verde train Sardinia charter a luxury yacht motor yacht charters
2.  Ride the TRENINO VERDE – In the summer, the Trenino Verde tourist train runs from Palau south through the mountains.  It’s a beautiful route that meanders its way slowly through the hills, and a way to see the interior of Sardinia. One of the stops along the way is the small village of Sant’Antonio di Gallura, a true farming village on a hillside overlooking the Diga Liscia lake. The old center of the village is charming, grouped around the piazza and church of Sant’Antonio.  The town has few visitors in the summer, but is very much a typical Gallurese working village.  If you prefer to be surrounded by local residents rather than other tourists, this is the place for you.

Capichera winery Sardinia tour luxury yacht charter vacation yacht holiday
Travel tip –   stop by the Capichera winery
and pick up several bottles of their famous Classico white wines – with dry, rounded and mouthfilling flavors of juicy, aromatic fruit, and a long, lingering finish, rich in tangy minerals.


Nuraghi beehives Sardinia man-made motor yacht charter Corsica

3.  See the NURAGHI:  Looking like man-made beehives, the Nuraghi are stone dwellings dating back to the bronze age, and found nowhere on earth but on Sardinia. The exact use of these structures remains unknown, but scientists speculate they were either used as religious temples, or military strongholds. With over 6000 on the island, the most famous Nuraghe is Nuraxi su Barumini, which has been designated a World Heritage Site
by UNESCO.  Barumini is located at approximately 60 kilometers north of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia.


Sardinia National Park Parco Nazionale Corsica yacht charter
4.  Explore PARCO NAZIONALE dell’ ARCIPELAGO di MADDALENA:  La Maddalena is a national park located in the north of Sardinia. On clear days, you can see the coastline of the French island of Corsica from the most northern island of La Maddalena, Isola Razzoli. Luxury sailing charter guests love this destination as most of the islands in this archipelago can only be reached by boat.  Here, visitors are offered a glimpse of unspoilt nature, stunning views, and the kindness of friendly, local residents.

Scuba dive Sardinia Maddalena dive shops coast archipelago luxury yacht charter
Travel tip – hire a local guide for a hiking excursion.  A handful of residents are trained environmental hiking guides licensed by the national park to lead hiking tours of the islands.   Scuba is another popular adventure in the archipelago and several dive operators have shops on La Maddalena including Area 11 Diver
and Scuba Point.

Dazzling beaches, clear water, ancient fortress cities, and modern port towns make Sardinia a “must” stopover for any Western Mediterranean yachting vacation.


Help us round out our list from a “Top four” to a “Top five”  review of the best Sardinia has to offer.  Tell us your favorite thing to do in Sardinia!  Contact 
the 1-800 YACHT CHARTERS destination team with your travel tips for sightseeing in Sardinia.

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