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Myths about Kids on Yacht Charter

kids jumping off of diving board in photo of yacht. Back end of yacht appears in left side of photo.  Parents at the back of the yacht, looking at the kids. 4 children jumping off of yacht's diving board into the water below.  There is a bright red flag at the back of the yacht.


Like most parents, you’ve probably been hesitant to take a family yachting vacation with the kids in tow.  Will my kids get seasick? What if they get bored? Is it safe to have a child on a yacht?

Fear no more. It’s time to plan that Florida yacht charter vacation you’ve been dreaming about.


Our charter specialists will help you take on your two biggest worries, and show you a one-month countdown plan that’ll make any pre-charter anxiety go away:



Myth #1:  My kid will puke while we’re cruising.
Solution – If you’re planning a luxury sailing charter, consider a catamaran (also known as a multihull).  Catamarans are much wider than traditional sailboats, don’t heel (tip) to their sides and are more stable, especially at anchor.


Whether you hire a sailboat or motoryacht, most charters (unlike large cruiseships) take place in calm waters close to shore, and anchor in protected coves and bays.

Also remember – Dramamine is safe for most kids (but check with your doctor), and if your child is prone to motion sickness, pack some plastic bags and wet-wipes.

Myth #2:  My child will get bored on a boat.
Solution – Ask the skipper to limit the amount of time cruising, and instead, focus on discovering anchorages where the children can swim, snorkel, and go ashore to explore.

Most yachts carry extensive recreational and watersports toys, including kayaks, rafts, wakeboards, trampolines, etc.  For onboard activity, many yachts now offer Wii and PlayStation games, in addition to large selections of movies, music, and beach games for use onshore.



It doesn’t matter if you are planning a self-drive bareboat yacht charter, or a London Olympics yacht charter.  When you rent a private yacht for a family holiday, include your children in the planning process.

During the month prior to your vacation, show them pictures of your yacht and the places you are visiting by boat. At bedtime, read them books about traveling.  Tell them about the onboard watertoys, and let them them help choose activities.

On the day before departure, have your child(ren) pick one special toy or blanket that will be a comfort during the trip.

The more involved they are, the less anxiety they will feel.

Also plan to speak with your charter broker as well as the yacht’s skipper, and the head stewardess.  Ask them about kid-friendly amenities.

Some possible questions:

• Will the chef prepare special meals for the children?
• Does the yacht have kid-specific games or movies?
• Do the yacht have a crib?
• Can they crew arrange activities for kids, such as a
movie night, onshore picnics and treasure hunts, etc.?

Most crews have plenty of experience with family-oriented charters.  They will work closely with parents to organize activities that are fun for the entire family.

A note of importance – do NOT expect the crew members to be babysitters.  Their primary focus is the safe operation of the yacht and the comfort of the guests.



It’s time to plan that unique family escape vacation of a lifetime!  Click HERE to contact the yacht vacation specialists at 1-800 Yacht Charters.

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