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Petsitter information needed for yacht charter

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petsitter photograph of 5 dogs and cats sitting in a row.
Ahhh….you are going on a St. Barts and St. Martin yacht charter over the holidays on one of the largest yachts in the fleet.  Only a few weeks before you’ll be relaxing on the deck of your yacht while being served tropical drinks and exotic appetizers.  Because this is a fun trip for a group of girls from college, your two dogs will stay at home, and you need to make sure that they are taken care of while you’re away.  No problem!  

Here is information to leave for your petsitter as you ready to journey aboard your private yacht.


Veterinary Information

Your petsitter will need your veterinarian’s name, address, phone number and office hours. If your veterinarian does not handle off-hours emergencies, be sure to also include the same information for the closest veterinary emergency clinic. If you subscribe to pet insurance for your pets, make sure the policy packets are together with your dogs’ health records, in the event emergency care is needed in your absence.

Letter of Authorization for Emergency Veterinary Treatment

Write up a simple “To Whom It May Concern” letter authorizing your petsitter by name to seek emergency care for your dogs. Also either leave signed blank checks (write “for veterinary care only” in the check memo), or make arrangements in advance with your veterinarian, either by leaving a credit card authorization, or by asking them to bill you upon your return. Understand that not all veterinarians will agree to the latter; a lot depends on your previous relationship with them.

Your Itinerary and Cell Phone Number

Encourage your pet sitter to call you if she has any questions about your dogs’ care in your absence, and particularly if she sees something amiss healthwise. Your 1800yachtcharter broker is available  24 hours a day for your calls, texts, or emails, and your broker will also furnish you with communication information for your yacht so that you can leave it with your petsitter.


A List of Your Dogs’ Medications

If your pets are on daily medications, it is imperative that you have your pet sitter come to your home before your trip, so that s/he can practice giving your dogs their daily medications. If you have any doubts at all about your petsitter ability or dedication to giving these medications, it would be wise to consider boarding your cat at a veterinary clinic, instead, during your St. Martin yacht charter.


A List of Your Dogs’ Food — and instructions for their feeding

Make sure your pet sitter also understands the importance of providing fresh, clear water for your dogs at all times. An automatic water dispenser is the best way of ensuring fresh water for pets while you’re away on your St. Martin yacht charter or sail boat charters.

A List of Your Pets’ Information

Microchip numbers
Rabies tag numbers
Immunization records
Medical histories
Phobias (like thunder), and how you deal with it when away from home (i.e., turn on radio or television for them) 


Getting Your Home Ready

Stock up on everything the pet sitter will need (i.e., food, medication, treats)

Have all toys, treats, food, medications, and cleaning equipment set out so that the pet sitter will have everything close at hand

MICROCHIP INFORMATION IS CURRENT!  (Most of the pets who end up at animal shelters are not wearing collars or tags and are not microchipped. Those that ARE wearing tags and are microchipped have inaccurate information on file, and their families are never found.)

Have a neighbor, relative, or friend who knows your pets well on standby just in case pet sitter needs advice or needs to drop your pets by for any reason. Write down that information for the pet sitter and keep it with the pets’ food, etc.

As long as you provide enough information for your pet sitter, then there should be no problems. Have a WONDERFUL yacht charter vacation – your pet sitter will make sure that your pets enjoy their home vacation, too!

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