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Curved Glasses Make People Drink Alcohol Faster?

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Are you getting plastered on beer more often than you should? A group of British researchers think you can blame it on your glass!


According to Dr. Angela Atwood of the University of Bristol’s School of Experimental Psychology, drinking out of a curved glass makes you drink beer faster. She came to this conclusion after testing 160 social drinkers with straight and curved glasses.
Photograph collage of 2 drinking glasses. On the left, it reads, box A,. The glass is straight.  On the right, it reads, Box B.  The glass in that box is curved (thinner at the bottom, and wider at the top).

Straight glass vs. Curved glass and alcohol intake



When drinking beer from a curved glass, the participants seemed to drink their beer twice as fast as from a straight one.


Atwood theorized that this is due to drinkers being unable to tell when the glass is half empty when using a curved glass. This causes people to drink faster, became more inebriated, then have more difficulty judging how full the next glass is.  


The cycle goes on, and the drinkers gets hammered faster than folks drinking their favorite brew from a straight glass.


So, the next time you are at anchor during a Caribbean yacht charter, and your hostess offers you a cold beer in a curved glass, raise a toast to Bristol’s Dr. Atwood as you relax, wasting away in Margaritaville…


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