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This Season’s Must-Have Luxury Yacht Charter Toy

Every spring, the charter industry yacht owners gear up for the Mediterranean yacht charter summer season by having their crews spruce up the yachts with fresh paint, new linens and fabrics, and most importantly:  new watertoys.
The competition between manufacturers is stiff, as all battle to come up with the newest unique aquatoy
Last year, the must have toy was the Water Slide, with more than 100 megayachts commissioning the toy in just one season.
With summer 2013 just around the corner, industry insiders think the next "must-have" watertoy just might be an inflatable "Climbing Wall."
inflatable climbing wall is the newest luxury yacht charter water sports toy
James Econs from Eco Yacht Toys says, “The Climbing Wall really could be the client request for 2013/14 and the interest in it, even in these last ten days, has blown us away.  We hope to have a few climbing walls on yachts before summer really kicks in – and they’ll all be the talking point of the bay.”

While some may think so much focus on toys seems silly, Jana Sheeder , President of SailAway Yacht Charters sees it differently.  "In our superyacht industry, the more high-tech gadgets and premium toys you have onboard, the greater your odds are to secure charters from repeat clients," explains Sheeder.  "Many clients will return each season to the comfortable surroundings of the same destination, but they will expect the yacht they choose to provide fresh entertainment options with each new charter."
Created by Green Yachts, the climbing wall is the world’s first inflatable exercise wall and has been designed by professional rock climbers.  It has three different routes denoted by three different color schemes, each representing a different level of difficulty – green for novice climbers, yellow for intermediate, and red for advanced climbers seeking a challenging and tricky ascent.
The best feature of this new toy?  If the ascent gets too tough and too hot, the plunge into the sea below will be a refreshing break!
Introductory prices for the inflatable climbing wall start at 14,495 Euros.
Expect to see climbing walls hanging from the sides of megayachts at your favorite ports of call this summer…


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