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Would You Charter a Yacht in the Devil’s Triangle?

Are you superstitious? Would you charter a private luxury yacht in the Devil's Triangle?

It’s funny how superstitions and “tales of the unknown” tend to quietly creep into our lives and psyches.

You are going along just fine, oblivious to things that others consider eerie or supernatural.  Suddenly, somebody (or something) plants a seed in your mind, and whammo – you are throwing salt over your shoulder for good luck, or giving a wide berth to the neighbors’ black cat sitting in your driveway!

Case in Point – planning a Bahama yacht charter vacation, or as I now refer to it: chartering a yacht in the Devil’s Triangle.  Queue the creepy music and fog…

I was recently assisting a client in organizing a Lurssen yacht charter on motoryacht SOLEMATES. The gentleman wanted to take his family for a week-long adventure in the Bahamas.  We were chatting on the phone when I heard his teenage son in the background say, “Dude, I’m not down with a week in the Devil’s Triangle…boats go there and people get abducted by aliens and disappear forever!

The boys’ father said,  “Jason, you’re watching too much cable TV.  A little less Ghost Hunters and a little more studying wouldn’t hurt.”  

I remember chuckling to myself, but when I hung up the phone, I began to wonder… is there any credence to this kid’s apprehension???

The Devil’s Triangle is also known as the Bermuda Triangle, an area of the Atlantic Ocean bounded by Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and a point between Miami and Melbourne, Florida, in which numerous watercraft and aircraft are said to have mysteriously disappeared.

Bermuda Triangle - Bahamas - Miami/Melbourne, Florida - Puerto Rico map

The most famous disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle are the ship USS Cyclops lost in March, 1918 and a U.S. Navy aircraft squadron, Flight 19 said to have vanished in a green fog in December, 1945.

Scores of books have been written about the mystery of the triangle, and dozens of websites offer conjecture on who or what is responsible.  Theories abound – from the occult to extraterrestrials. 

Some sites offer a detailed list of planes, ships, and yachts that have vanished.  It does make you wonder – how could so many boats and planes simply disappear? 

Of course, many other books and websites detail how scientists and researchers have debunked the mysteries over the years.  It seems simple explanations, like tropical storms and pilot error, are the probable culprits for the disappearances. 

With science on their side, the U.S. Navy and the yachting industry pay little heed to the myths and legends. Lloyd’s of London, for example, the world’s leading market for specialized insurance, does not charge higher premiums for luxury mega yacht charter vessels transiting this heavily traveled area.

Still, I can’t get the silly notion of aliens in the Bahamas out of my head.  Not Cuban rafters, but little green aliens with antennas on their heads and ray guns in their hands. 

I’m with Jason, dude – I’m not “down” with the Devil’s Triangle.


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