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Luxury Yacht Charter Destinations: How Do You Pronounce…

We often get a little chuckle when prospective luxury yacht charter clients call to discuss possible itineraries for their cruise.  It's certainly understandable, as many destinations, especially in the Caribbean, trace their names and culture back hundreds of years to European explorers and Conquistadors.
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Here's a short list of popular Caribbean as well as Mediterranean yacht charter destinations, and the correct American English pronunciation of their names… 

â–   Cannes (France) – "CAN."   Rhymes with MAN.  The "s" is silent, and, contrary to popular belief, Cannes is NOT pronounced as though it rhymes with the words, "John" or "Lawn."

â–   Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain) –  "ee-BEE-za

â–   Antigua (Caribbean) – "an-TEE-ga"

â–   Nevis (Caribbean) –  "NEE-vis"

â–   Cay (as in, Cat Cay and Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas) – "key"


Can you think of any unique charter destinations with hard-to-pronounce names?  How about Basse-Terre in the Caribbean or the Dodacanese islands in Greece? Contact us at and we'll share your ideas with our readers… 

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