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New Polymer Shows Promise In Oil Spill Clean Up – Go Green Yachting

A new polymer that might help luxury mega yacht charter vessels keep marinas free from leaking oil, could have an even greater impact on major oil spills, like the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
Scientists from Pennsylvania State University (PSU) have come up with something that shows great promise – a polymer that soaks up 40 times its weight in oil.

Polyolefin Oil Superabsorbent Polymer Pennsylvania State University PSU Deepwater Horizon oil spill save the environment
When applied to body of water where an oil spill has occurred, the Polyolefin Oil Superabsorbent Polymer reportedly transforms the floating crude oil into “a soft, solid oil-containing gel.” The PSU scientists claim that one pound (453 grams) of the polymer can soak up around five gallons (19 liters) of oil, without absorbing any water. The gel can subsequently be collected, transported, and refined to recover the trapped oil.
Practical applications are being analyzed for the yachting industry, but the hope of the researchers is the new polymer can also be employed to fight large-scale oil cleanup projects.  Currently, more traditional oil-absorbing materials are employed, such as corn cobs and straw which only absorb about five times their weight in oil.


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