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Will Luxury Yacht Charter Market Embrace New Watertoy?

Circraft rudderless watertoy watersports yacht charter hybrid personal watercraft

We’ve all heard the saying, “Up the creek without a paddle,” but what about without a rudder?

A British company is hoping their invention will catch on with boaters and the yachting community — a rudderless saucer-like watertoy called a “Circraft.”    

Round, revolutionary, and radical, the aquatic flying saucer is one part James Bond boat and one part personal watercraft, like a waverunner or jetski.

Aside from its appearance, what makes this new watertoy truly unique is the lack of a rudder for steering.  Directional control comes from the operator leaning to one side or the other – lean left go left, lean right and the Circraft will do the same. 

Want to stop? Simply flip the throttle to neutral and the saucer will glide to a halt (and like a waverunner or jetski, a safety cut-out cord connects the outboard to driver for safety in the event of any mishap).

Powered by a small outboard engine, the Circraft can hit maximum speeds of 40 mph and can carry one to two riders.

Will we see charter vessels like Benetti motor yacht DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER or the highly-popular James Bond motor yacht CASINO ROYALE replace their conventional waverunners with the Circraft?  There are compelling reasons charter vessels may wish to add these water-saucers to their aquasports inventory.  Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters explains:

“Personal watercraft are restricted from use in many destinations;  for example, passengers on a Virgin Islands Yacht Charter are often frustrated to learn the waverunners on their rented yacht may not be used in the British Virgin Islands.  The Circraft is rated as a Category C vessel, similar to a motorized tender, and doesn’t carry the same restrictions that hinder the use of waverunners and jetskis by charter guests.”

luxury yacht charter gadgets watertoy circraft saucer category c personal watercraft

Priced from £5,000 (about $7900) plus tax for the boat with 20hp outboard and customized trailer, they are comparable, if not cheaper, in price to most waverunners.


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