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Yacht Charter Vessels Add Hidden Beach Decks

Photograph of the back of a yacht. The area is called the Beach Club.  It is deck with chairs, a bar, and teak wood flooring. It is simply an additional room on the yacht.

Beach Club

As a kid, I used to love going to the beach on Key Biscayne in Miami.  The concession stand had the best sno-cones in town, and the long, paved path along the edge of the beach was the perfect place to ride my bicycle.  

Sometimes my dad would rent a public cabana for the day, where we could change into our bathing suits, sit in the shade to escape the sun, or draw the curtains to take a nap – away from the crowds on the beach. 
The concept (and benefits) of a cabana has finally made its way into the world of yachting, as more and more of the world’s largest yachts now feature “Beach Clubs” – small, private decks that fold out or pop open when the yacht is at anchor. 
Located along the sides or aft areas of many new yachts, these beach clubs offer quiet spaces where charter guests can relax, away from the main entertainment spaces of the yacht.  Most feature large oversized chairs, couches, and massage tables, as well as entertainment options such as flat panel televisions and stereos linked to the yacht’s central entertainment system.    
Some of the winter Caribbean yacht charter vessels featuring beach clubs include motor yacht SYCARA V, motor yacht IMAGINE, and motor yacht HARBOUR ISLAND.
In an ever-hectic world, expect to see more and more yachts adding private areas for personal retreat and relaxation onboard.


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  • Michelle Williams

    Great image to showcase what a beach club entails; sounds like pure heaven. Apparently Eddie Jordan’s 155ft superyacht features a beach club also, yes it’s a popular feature of larger yachts, along with jacuzzis, hot tubs and night clubs. Oh to be rich!


    • Jana Sheeder

      Thank you, Michelle! These amazing features on yachts are so incredible. Communications for the yacht charter guests (ipads throughout yachts, and crews using social media applications like Whatsapp to communicate with clients), touch-and-go helipads available for discreet clients, and watertoys that are literally out of this world (like jetpacks for flying above the water…and submarines for zipping below). Never cease to amaze… Thank you for your “rich” comments! So enjoyed!

      Please come back and visit our blog anytime!

      Jana Sheeder
      1-800 Yacht Charters


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