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Sailboat charter: 42 meter Catamaran to Reality TV

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Aerial photograph of catamaran DOUCE FRANCE. There is an island at the back of the photo.  There are two standup paddleboards in use next to her. There is a motorized tender zooming by in front of her, leaving a wake.

Douce France catamaran

Joining a growing list of luxury yacht charter vessels migrating to the Orient for the winter season, the 42 meter performance sailing catamaran DOUCE FRANCE will be available is Southeast Asia this winter.  Destinations will include Malaysia, Myanmar, the Andaman Islands, and most notably Phuket Island in Thailand – the “pit stop” on this week’s installment of the reality TV show, The Amazing Race.


Logo for The Amazing Race reality tv show.

The Amazing Race – reality tv show

Viewers of this week’s installment (episode 4) of the hit CBS reality TV show were treated to a glimpse of the beaches and cruising grounds near Phuket Island, off the coast of Thailand.  Teams struggled with an underwater “detour” to help restore coral reefs, then raced by boat to a tackle a tough climbing challenge on a rocky pinnacle.

After struggling on the rock climb, the teams raced by boat back to a tiny fishing village on Phuket.  The frequent cutaway shots showing the nearby beaches were breathtaking. 

Swaying palms, coral reefs, stunning rock pinnacles, shimmering emerald-colored seas, and charming island villages – these are just some of the attractions that await luxury yacht charter guests onboard sail yacht DOUCE FRANCE.  Captain Pascal and his professional crew have cruised these waters for many seasons and look forward to welcoming guests onboard to explore these stunning locations. 

The superyacht features accommodations for 12 guests in 6 identical cabins.  All are convertible and can display either a queen bed or two twin beds.   For active travelers, there is a great selection of aquasport toys including eight sets of SCUBA diving equipment.


Douce France carries many watersports toys. For instance,

21′ Zeppelin semi-rigid tender
2 Laser Sailing Dinghies
4 Sea Kayaks
Waterskis (adult, slalom, and skis for children & for acrobatics)
2 Donuts (single and double)
1 Flying Manta
Snorkeling equipment
Fishing equipment



Rates begin at 90,000 EUROS per week plus all expenses.



For more information contact the 1-800 Yacht Charters destination specialists at

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Smaller PWC Better Fit for Private Yacht Charter Vessels Under 100 feet?

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Waverunners and jetskis, also known as personal water craft (PWC), have sale issues.  Their sales have been on the decline for several years.  This is in part because PWC have become so gigantic, powerful, expensive and fuel hungry.



The price issue is of lesser concern to the owners of charter yachts.  However, the size and fuel consumption issues do factor.  The decision of whether or not a megayacht will carry one or more of these toys is important.  They are used onboard for the use of the charter guests.


Now, a smaller version is available for superyachts. Not only are they smaller, bu they are lighter and far more fuel-efficient.  This might have an impact on smaller megayachts, particularly in the 80 to 100 foot range.

Sea-Doo Spark raspberry and silver jetski personal watercraft



Sea-Doo “Spark” is approximately half the price, half the weight and half the power of a regular midrange PWC, and burns nearly ten times less fuel than other waverunners.

Storage space is a major concern on yachts in the 80 to 100 foot range. The aft garage on a mid-size megayacht is rather tight – yet carrying an assortment of watertoys is important as many charterers clamor for water-based activities during their time onboard.  Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a Florida yacht charter vacation, in the warm, pristine Florida Keys, without spending time in the ocean, snorkeling, wakeboarding, and riding along on a waverunner.  The Spark is smaller and lighter than other PWC, and it is easier to get in and out of a cramped yacht’s toy garage.


Many vessels forego carrying a large PWC, not just because of the size but also because the typical PWC guzzles LOTS of fuel, requiring the storage of large amounts of gasoline to operate the waverunners. This is both problematic and, for yacht owners and crews concerned about sustainability, an ecological issue.



The Spark is the most fuel efficient PWC on the market, burning just 7.3 liters (1.9 gallons) of fuel per hour on the 60-horsepower model, or 9 liters (2.4 gallons) per hour on the “High Output” model. Compare this to a 250-horsepower Sea-Doo RXT-X model, which swallows 76 liters (20 gallons) per hour, and the Yamaha FX Cruiser requiring 80 liters (21 gallons) per hour.  Carrying a Spark on a charter yacht would require less gasoline to be stored, and leave a far smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

Yes, there is a trade off in top-end speed, but many charterers have little-to-no experience on a PWC, and high speed can be quite dangerous.  In fact, operating a large PWC often requires a special license.  Consider the typical language used on most charter agreements between clients and the owners of the yacht for hire.  There is often a clause that states:

“The use of any personal watercraft (waverunners) is at the operator’s sole risk and is only permitted subject to the operator having the applicable license, if required, and meeting local regulations.
Any liability arising from noncompliance regarding the use of personal watercraft is entirely at the operator’s risk.”

For most charterers, the speed of the Spark should not be an issue, as the Spark can easily hit 80 kilometers per hour (around 50 mph)!

Sea-Doo Spark personal watercraft with man riding and nose of waverunner in the air - fast

It’s too early to tell how the charter industry will react to the Spark.  Owners of mid-size megayachts may choose this new PWC for their toy garages.  They are approximately half the price and half the weight of normal PWC’s.  The Spark delivers 90% of the speed (and fun) of a more expensive PWC.  Hopefully that will be enough to “spark” an interest in eco-friendly yacht owners…



WHAT do you think? Will the Spark catch on with megayacht owners and crews? 

Share your comments with us at , and we’ll send you a complimentary eco-friendly tote bag, courtesy of 1-800 Yacht Charters.

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Superyacht NATORI Launched by Baglietto

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NATORI yacht underway


The stunning 42 meter super yacht NATORI from the renowned Baglietto shipyard was launched February 14th, 2009. The build project was managed by Master Yachts. Baglietto mega yacht NATORI is set to become something. In specific,  one of the most talked about vessels on the Mediterranean yacht charter scene. Further, this coming summer season.

She is the newest and one of the largest yachts.  Specifically, to enter the Mediterranean yacht charter marketplace in 2009.  NATORI boasts a distinctive and avant garde exterior.  Style by Francesco Paszkowski.  She has a beautiful Bannenberg interior.  Her interior is a combination. For instance, Italian cabinetry, and African materials.  This creates a sophisticated and unique décor.


Huge windows throughout her spacious interior create a variety of light, which is complemented by her unsurpassed outdoor deck space which is equal to that normally found on much larger luxury yacht charter vessels. The large bridge deck area has ample space for sun loungers and a shaded dining area for up to 12 guests. There is also a gymnasium on the bridge deck. Her sun deck houses a large pool area, designed by Bannenberg, which incorporates sun lounging space, seating area, and all’aperto (outdoor) dining space.


She accommodates 10 guests in five cabins.  Primarily, the full-width master suite. It has its own private ensuite full-beam his and hers bathroom.  Moreover, on the lower deck, there are two twin cabins.  One of the twins has a Pullman berth.  In addition, two full-beam VIP cabins with double beds exist on lower deck.



Most yacht charter guests want watersports toys.  As many as they can handle.  The megayacht boasts a full array of watersports equipment and likewise, all the latest entertainment systems.


1-800 Yacht Charters represents the Newest and Largest Yachts in the World’s Best Destinations. For more information on this yacht or any luxury charter megayacht, in any destination, contact us today.

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This Season’s Must-Have Luxury Yacht Charter Toy

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Inflatable climbing wall on the side of a white yacht. The wall is white with blue edges, and the handholds are red and blue. There are 2 people climbing up the wall.


Every spring, the charter industry yacht owners gear up for the Mediterranean yacht charter summer season.  They have their crews spruce up the yachts in multiple ways. For instance, fresh paint, new linens and fabrics, and most importantly:  new watertoys.


The competition between watertoy manufacturers is stiff.  All battle to come up with the newest unique aquatoy


Last year, the must have toy was the Water Slide.  More than 100 megayachts commissioning the toy in just one season.


Summer is just around the corner.  Industry insiders think the next “must-have” watertoy just might be an inflatable “Climbing Wall.”


James Econs from Eco Yacht Toys says,
“The Climbing Wall really could be the client request for 2013/14 and the interest in it, even in these last ten days, has blown us away.  We hope to have a few climbing walls on yachts before summer really kicks in – and they’ll all be the talking point of the bay.”


Some may think so much focus on toys is silly. Jana Sheeder , President of 1-800 Yacht Charters sees it differently. 
“In our superyacht industry, the more high-tech gadgets and premium toys you have onboard, the greater your odds are to secure charters from repeat clients,” explains Sheeder.  “Many clients will return each season to the comfortable surroundings of the same destination, but they will expect the yacht they choose to provide fresh entertainment options with each new charter.”


The climbing wall is the world’s first inflatable exercise wall.  It is designed by professional rock climbers, and built by Green Yachts.  It has three different routes. These have three different color schemes.  Each represents a different level of difficulty. First, green for novice climbers.  Second, yellow for intermediate climbers.  Third, red for advanced climbers seeking a challenging and tricky ascent.


The best feature of this new toy?   A tough and hot ascent?  Simply plunge into the sea below for a refreshing break!


Introductory prices for the inflatable climbing wall start at 14,495 Euros.


Skip the crowds in France and Italy, and consider a Croatia yacht charter this summer. 

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Unique Waterbike on Luxury Yachts

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The superyacht rental market is highly competitive.  Owners look for new aquasport toys to add to their onboard inventory daily.   One of our readers contacted us after a boat show. He saw a unique toy there that he knew we would like.  We think it catches the attention of the charter industry.



The Foiljet MR1 is a new personal watercraft.  It combines the features of a motocross bike and a jetski.  The bike is built on a two hydrofoil platform.  It features a silent, energy efficient electric motor.  his wacky new toy looks to be a surefire recipe for outrageous fun.

Photograph of a person wearing a helmet and riding a hydrofoil water bike on a lake. The bike is lime green. The helmet is silver. The guy looks like he is riding a motorcycle. There is a big wave kicking up behind him.  There is another person riding on a red one in the background.

Foiljet MR1 Hydrofoil Motocross Waterbike Yacht Charter Toy

The design looks like a motocross bike.  Instead of motorcycle wheels, there are thin beams with hydrofoil wings. These are mounted at the ends of the wings, and they can be raised or lowered.  The Foiljet employs a 15 kW (20 hp) electric motor. It is housed at the end of the rear beam.  The motor delivers the electric torque that lifts the craft out of the water.
Since most charter clients prefer the relative safety of playing in shallow water, the Foiljet beams can be raised at the flick of a switch, allowing the rider to stay closer to the water’s surface.

The electric motor runs off a 48V battery that delivers about three hours of full load running.  After that, it’s back to the mothership for lunch and cocktails while the Foiljet battery recharges for another run!
Still in the prototype stage, the designers are hopeful the toy will catch on – especially with eco-friendly yacht owners. Hydrofoils produce relatively no wake and the electric propulsion system is nearly silent. 
While many bays and harbors visited during Mediterranean yacht charter holidays restrict the use of noisy personal watercraft such as waverunners, the developers of the Foiljet MR1 are confident there silent, eco-friendly new toys will be permitted in most waterways.  Are you a superyachting eco-hero?  Isn’t it time you pampered yourself and chartered a yacht that is also good to the planet?


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What SUP With Hot Luxury Yacht Charter Toy?

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Aerial photo of a man and woman on separate stand up paddleboards in shallow water. Her paddleboard is yellow and she is at the bottom of the photo. His paddleboard is turquoise, and he is in the middle of the photograph. They are both facing the right side of the picture.  They are in shallow, sandy water, as if they are doing a lesson.

Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP

The other day, our charter department was updating the list of online watertoys for newly launched Mediterranean yacht charter vessel QUARANTA.  The list of aquatoys sent to us by the yacht’s manager detailed all of the usual toys – tender, snorkel gear, wakeboard, etc.   One item, however, caught my attention: SUP.

I fired off a text message to the manager that read, “David, whatz SUP?” 

A few moments later, I received his reply, “Not much…whatz up wit u??”  

Once I composed myself and stopped laughing, I sent him another text reading, “No seriously, what does SUP mean?”

David replied, “Stand Up Paddleboard.”

It seems stand up paddleboards, or SUP’s are popping up on mega yacht charter vessels everywhere, and just might be the “In” watertoy for 2013. 

Stand up paddle boarding is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. Designed as a way for surfers to paddle longer distances, supporters cite the ease of learning how to use a SUP as a key to its popularity.

“Unlike kiteboarding or windsurfing, novices can learn to use a SUP in as little as an hour of training,”  states Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters. “They are affordable toys that can easily be integrated into both sail boat charters and motor yacht charters.” 

Expect to see more and more charter vessels adding SUP’s to their onboard watertoy inventories…and next time that you hear the phrase, “whatz SUP,” you’ll know!


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Will Luxury Yacht Charter Market Embrace New Watertoy?

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Photograph of a man and woman riding on a white circraft (a round watertoy). In the background, on the left side of the photo, is a huge mansion on a waterway.

Circraft Watertoy



The saying goes, “up the creek without a paddle.”  But what about without a rudder?



A British company is hoping their invention will catch on with boaters. Additionally, the yachting community surely likes the idea.  What is it?  A rudderless saucer-like watertoy called a “Circraft.”    



It is round, revolutionary, and radical.  The aquatic flying saucer is first, part James Bond boat and second, part personal watercraft. It is similar to a waverunner or jetski.



Aside from its appearance, what makes this new watertoy truly unique is the lack of a rudder for steering.  Directional control comes from the operator leaning to one side or the other – lean left go left, lean right and the Circraft will do the same. 



Want to stop? Simply flip the throttle to neutral and the saucer will glide to a halt (and like a waverunner or jetski, a safety cut-out cord connects the outboard to driver for safety in the event of any mishap).



Powered by a small outboard engine, the Circraft can hit maximum speeds of 40 mph and can carry one to two riders.



Will we see charter vessels like Benetti motor yacht DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER or the highly-popular James Bond motor yacht CASINO ROYALE replace their conventional waverunners with the Circraft?  There are compelling reasons charter vessels may wish to add these water-saucers to their aquasports inventory. 



Jana Sheeder, President of 1-800 Yacht Charters explains:

“Personal watercraft are restricted from use in many destinations;  for example, passengers on a Virgin Islands Yacht Charter are often frustrated to learn the waverunners on their rented yacht may not be used in the British Virgin Islands.  The Circraft is rated as a Category C vessel, similar to a motorized tender, and doesn’t carry the same restrictions that hinder the use of waverunners and jetskis by charter guests.”




Priced from £5,000 (about $7900) plus tax for the boat with 20hp outboard and customized trailer, they are comparable, if not cheaper, in price to most waverunners.



Live the James Bond 007 lifestyle of adventure and exploration. Enjoy the pampered life on a private yacht for hire.   In conclusion, contact your brokers at 1-800 Yacht Charters at

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Yacht Charter | Jetson’s Jet Pack Takes Flight

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It was always fun to watch the famous space cartoon, The Jetsons, and imagine what it would be like in the future — transporting in rapidly moving little flying vehicles, getting ready in the morning by hopping on a conveyor belt and being automatically coiffed and dressed, and racing around wearing rocket-powered backpacks.

If you think about it, some of those wild cartoonish theories are seemingly becoming realities!

Flying cars DO now exist, although they are not yet mass produced.

flying hybrid car terrafugia tf-x flying over green trees and grass - blue sky in background

Conveyor belts DO now exist, although they have not been perfected to prepare us in the mornings.

Man in suit - standing - and woman with basket - going opposite directions on moving conveyor belt in airport

…and jetpacks DO now exist, although they were first seen in James Bond 007 movies as gadgets…and they now appear on Mediterranean yacht charter superyachts as the latest and greatest watersports toy!

Back of yacht with inflatable slide set up and person flying over the water with a backpack like James Bond wore in the movie Thunderball  Person on the ocean wearing jetpack and shooting up into the air next to white yacht


Move over, Elroy!    elroy jetson cartoon boy wearing jetpack and flying upward

The future I dreamed of as a child is finally here!

Excuse me, but I have to go feed my dog, Astro…


What futuristic item are you most looking forward to seeing and experiencing?  Please leave us a comment to join Team 1-800 Yacht Charters on this fantastic voyage!

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